~ SERIES REVIEW: North and South Volumes 1,2,3 By Brenna Chase ~


I received an ARC copy in exchange for and honest review.
Brenna Chase does a fantastic job of mixing up some spice in a classic, without ruining the book. The erotic scenes that Brenna adds to the story make it feel livelier I think.

With out giving too much away, you start off with meeting Margaret, and all the changes she has to experience in such a short amount of time. I feel that Margaret isn’t fully understood in the story, and that draws me to her, to figure out more about her. She is a strong woman who will put on a facade to make sure the people around her aren’t able see how much she is falling apart inside. Even her parents are dependent on her, they ask her to make the hard choices, and keep saddening secrets. But everyone around her thinks she is full of herself, they don’t really see the pain that is inside.

North-South2Soon she meets John Thorton after a move to a new city with her family, and oh is she instantly attracted to him. He is tall, dark and handsome and oozes sex. However, Margaret and John seem to think they hate each other, and this only builds to the passion between them I think.

While John and Margaret think they share the same hatred, what they don’t know is, is that they BOTH can’t stop thinking about the other. Even through all of their supposed hatred, they have very steamy dreams about each other, and this only adds fuel to the fire. It was interesting to read about the way they acted towards each other after one of those dreams.

Margaret and John have many obstacles in their way, before they finally realize that what’s in front of them isn’t something they should be fighting. They have to overcome lies and what may feel like betrayal, but are they willing to look past all of that and give in to what they feel for each other?

North-South3You’re taken through a journey with Margaret while she struggles with her sexual maturity during the 19th century. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to read the classics, even if they have some added spice. Brenna Chase does a great job of adding some passion without taking away from the book, and I was so glad I got a chance to read this classic brought back to life.

You can buy these volumes at Amazon and B & N

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