~ REVIEW: Mirror (Luke Series #1) By Cassia Leo ~

81ZBegVVtvL._SL1500_SynopsisAt twenty-eight, Luke Maxwell is the hottest eligible bachelor in America and the billionaire CEO of Maxwell Computers. When Brina Kingston is hired by Luke’s competitor as a corporate spy, Brina successfully works her way into a position as Luke Maxwell’s new executive assistant. What Brina doesn’t expect is to find herself in a compromising position in his bed.

Brina thinks she has the savvy to see past Luke’s cunning intellect and extract the trade secrets she was hired to acquire. But she soon finds herself falling for his charms and risking the most important assignment of her career and, possibly, the greatest love of her life.

This is the first installment in the LUKE series. Purchase Links

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michele review 4 stars


Even though it’s a short read, Cassia Leo still does a fantastic job hooking you into the story. You have Brina who is trying to infiltrate information from the sexy Luke for the company she works for. The only thing is though, will she be able to go through it? She has some very hot sex with the man, and he seems to know her darkest secrets, and even though she has only known him for a short while, she’s decided she doesn’t want to betray him.
I can’t wait to read more from this mini-series.

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