~ REVIEW: Her Love Ran Crimson by Zoey Foster ~

81Ao+NoWR8L._SL1500_Synopsis***Disclaimer***May not be suitable for readers under 16 due to strong language, violence, and adult situations.

Maddie has been through more tragedy than most people would ever see in their life. She has given up on living, and only living to breathe. With nobody on her side, she has been marked as the cause of her motherโ€™s death and lives with this guilt every day. She is close to giving up until she sets her eyes on the one person who doesnโ€™t look at her with disgust.

Jase is the new guy in school, he was transferred to a new school after moving out of his fatherโ€™s house into his mothers. But Jase knows about Maddie and knows about her past. He thinks he can keep this a secret. When the truth comes out will they be able to survive their worlds being turned upside down? Will their connection be strong enough to make it through? Purchase Links


michele review 4 and a half stars

I’ve received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.

Maddison is just trying to make it through her horrible life until graduation day. As soon as that day comes, she’s leaving the town she’s had to call home for far to long. She’s going to make a fresh start for herself, anything would be better as long as her step-father Frank isn’t around.

Ever since her mother was killed and her innocence was stolen from her, Maddison’s (Maddie) life has been a living hell. All of her friends have turned against her, and now she is pretty much alone. The only person that talks to her is her step-father, and that’s only when he tells her to do his runs. She is counting down the days until she’s 18 so she can finally be free. But after she meets Jase, she starts to feel a little differently.

Jase was someone unexpected, someone she doesn’t really want to let in. However she can’t seem to stop herself. He is so understanding and does everything he can to make her feel special. It does help that he is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Soon she starts to trust him enough to share her story with him, and she is just hoping that doesn’t bite her in the ass later on.

Then she finds out something so unexpected about Jase and now she KNOWS she can’t trust anyone. She is more determined then ever to get out of this place and no one is going to stop her.

As things start to unfold and some unexpected events happen, will Maddison be able to stay alive long enough to finally get free of her step-father. Or will the person from her worst nightmares finally get a hold of her an never let go?

Will she ever be able to forgive Jase and let him back in? Will Maddison ever get to have her happy ending?

This book was impossible to put down. Zoey creates such a thrilling and heart wrenching story, you’re left wondering if Maddison will ever get her happily ever after. After everything she’s had to go through, you sure hope so. Zoey Foster does such a fantastic job connecting you to all of the characters and you feel like you know them (even the shady ones). I can’t wait to read more from Zoey Foster!

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