~ REVIEW: Dawn at Last by Lawrence Grodecki ~



The Witness Protection Program could learn a few things from Donna Belauche. They couldn’t help her so she took flight on her own, escaping an adventure gone wrong . . . an erotic romance with only one thing missing . . . the romance! It turned out to be like a board game and she was the prized piece among the most privileged on the other side of the continent. 

She’s still hiding from Montreal – Victoria was supposed to be a quiet place. Her new identity takes its toll, and twelve years later, at the age of 37, she doesn’t know who she really is anymore. Worse, she has no idea what’s really bothering her, only that she feels bound and impatient

She may as well take a vow of celibacy, though recently a client named Ben has intrigued her, but not in any physical way. Thankfully, at least she still has some urges, though she refuses to fully indulge. Instead she has become the ringmaster in a game of her own. 

Then change is thrust upon her and the past and present crash head on, almost driving her to madness. Her only real friends are Pierre and Charles – two business partners – but each of them have their secrets, though none are as exotic as Donna’s private mystery. 
As her life unravels – as she awakens – the door to love opens, but someone forgot to tell her that sometimes it’s a revolving one! In the end though, the minds that swirl drift into the hearts that purr, and at last love settles in.Purchase Links


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michele review3 Stars


I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. 

I will start off by saying this isn’t a book I wouldn’t normally read.
Lawrence Grodecki does a good job of interweaving many characters throughout this story, and making it pretty easy to understand. Some of the plot confused me a little, but wasn’t to bad. He does a good job of connecting you with the characters without all the sex scenes most romances have now a days. Lawrence gets deep into the different variations of relationship dilemmas that people may face in real life, it’s not filled with unattainable things. He leaves you wondering about the way things are perceived. Delightful book, that keeps you entertained.
There were some grammatical issues that I noticed throughout the book (repeated sentences ect.) It would be a good book to try if you have some free time.