~ REVIEW: Secret Moves by Miranda P. Charles ~

18760394SynopsisFor Kristen McCann, her best friend’s wedding brought out desires she couldn’t ignore. No, it wasn’t a boyfriend she was after–her needs were too immediate for that. After a year of recovering from a disastrous relationship, all she craved was a good, hot, short fling.

When Trey Andrews learned that the beautiful bridesmaid at his friend’s wedding considered him, then scratched him out as a possible one-night stand, he just had to change her mind. As a dyed-in-the-wool bachelor, someone as attractive and fun-intentioned as Kris was perfect for him.

But Kris had a bad habit of falling for playboys, and Trey’s past was enough to put him off relationships forever. How could they grab the chance at a liberating future when painful experiences and memories of betrayal stood in their path?
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michele review 4 stars


I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.

Kris was coming to Sydney to house sit while her friends were away on their honeymoon. while she was there she was planning on having some causal flings to help her get over the rut she’s been in. What she ended up getting was not something she ever expected.

Trey Andrews is a well known playboy and happy with that tile. He has absolutely no interest in starting a relationship with anyone. He’s learned the hard way that women are really just after his money. But when he hears that Kris is looking for a fling partner, he’s really interested. She’s hot and sexy and he just knows that they’ll be good in bed together. However, as they start to spend more time together he’s starting to feel things he’s not comfortable with. Is he falling in love?

Trey and Kris have a fantastic time together and start to really care for each other. Kris even starts to look for a job in Sydney to stay closer to Trey, but when he sees things that aren’t really there, he starts to pull away.

Will Trey be able to get past his reservations and actually listen to what Kris has to say? Or will he ruin everything thing because he doesn’t want to take a chance at getting hurt, even though he’s already is?

I really enjoyed Trey and Kris’ story! I loved reading about their journey while falling in love, something they never anticipated. They are perfect for each other, and I’m glad that they got their happily ever after. I can’t wait see what happens next with Adam and Sam, I hope those to get their HEA as well!

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