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~ REVIEW: Holiday Hijinks By Roxy Queen ~

19143383SynopsisSanta, secrets and sex. Those are the three things that make up Ruthie’s holiday plans.Well, minus the sex.

Ruthie’s conservative parents would never approve of her nine-year age difference with her boyfriend, Carter, or understand their relationship is based primarily on sex, fun and more sex. This Christmas 19-year-old Carter needs a home for the holiday, so they hatch a plan to trick her family. This means a moratorium on sex while they’re in her parent’s house, which would work if these two could ever keep their hands off one another or if they could come to an agreement on exactly what this relationship means to each of them. Is it sex or love? Maybe a little of both?

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I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Holiday Hijinks is novella that continues Ruthie and Carter’s story from Taboo. The couple are hot and heavy and enjoying dating openly while attending college. However, all that changes when Ruthie decides to take Carter home with her during the Christmas holidays but not as her boyfriend but as her nephew, Josh’s “friend” from college.  She knows there is NO WAY in hell her parents will accept Carter! He’s a democrat, and her parents are conservatives. Oh, and they probably won’t be very accepting of the fact that she is twenty-eight, and he is nineteen. So, they decide to lie to Ruthie’s family. Nothing could go wrong, right? They should be able to pull this off except the two can’t seem to go an hour without having mad, passionate sex. How long will she be able to keep her hormones in check, and how is she going to fool her big sister, Tara? When you add in other crazy family members, a boy crazy 16-year old niece, and an ex, you know disaster is just waiting around the corner!
When I read the synopsis for Holiday Hijinks, I thought it was just going to be a book filled with just sex, sex, sex! While there was a lot of hot sex scenes (the bathroom, the Christmas party), there was more to it as well. It was a story about family, acceptance, and finding love in places you least expect it. I LOVED Ruthie’s family, especially Tara. Everyone needs a big sister like her. She loved Ruthie no matter what and wanted the best for her. I loved the way she ogled Carter and talked about his wingspan and wanting to “tap that” if she wasn’t married not knowing that Ruthie was doing exactly that! Her parents were great as well.  I really thought it was going to be the stereotypical story of conservative, out-of-touch parents who were judgmental, but I was pleasantly surprised. They were really fair people who only wanted her to be happy. And, OMG, Carter, was every woman’s dream!!!! Not only was his body to die for, but his heart was even more attractive! He was truly the whole package. At times, I wanted to slap Ruthie across the face at not realizing what she had right in front of her face. One thing about this book that I found interesting was that I thought the author switched the male and female roles. Ruthie acted more like a male; she was more afraid of commitment and wouldn’t admit to their relationship. Carter was more open about his love and was willing to put everything out in the open. He wasn’t ashamed of it; he was proud of it.
Holiday Hijinks was a breath of fresh air for me in the romance genre. I wasn’t sure about the idea of an older woman with a younger man, but I loved it! What’s acceptable for a man is acceptable for a woman. The story just proves age is just a number. If only all men were as mature and sure of themselves as Carter was!!! If you are in the mood for a quick, hot romance with added humor, this is the book you should read next. I am hoping this isn’t the last I see Ruthie and Carter. I want to see what’s next for them. I don’t think their story is anywhere near finished.