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~ REVIEW: Let Me Love You by Amy Davies ~

81Luj-PbR4L._SL1500_SynopsisAfter starting a new job Natalia Slone also known as Tally has to deal with life, love and a new career. After meeting Hollywood’s hottest TV star James Wilde, her life shifts and Tally is forced to deal with past events before she can move on with her life.Purchase Links

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christie review 3 and a half stars


Let Me Love You is the rocky love story between a young woman who has been so hurt in the past that she may never be able to love again and an up and coming Hollywood movie star. Tally is an incredibly talented photographer who meets Hollywood heartthrob, James Wilde, very briefly at a bar she has gone to with her friends. She doesn’t even know who he is! They meet again when she gets a new job with the firm where James is a client. Their relationship takes off very quickly from here. But, it isn’t smooth sailing by any means. She is still dealing with the aftermath of a dark, devastating relationship with her ex that involved physical and sexual violence. She really likes James and wants to be with him, but her dark past keeps her from completely giving herself to Wilde. She has to decide whether to let go of the past and trust the love James has for her or let her past win.

The relationship between James and Tally was so frustrating at times. It was so hot and cold! She had so many trust issues not to mention the mixed communication between the two of them. But, I really was rooting for these two. Tally deserved so much happiness, and she had it right before her eyes, but she would get scared and push James away! James would beg her, “Just let me love you!” I was begging, Tally, please just let James love you! I would get frustrated at James when I thought he was giving up too easily!!! HOWEVER, I remembered what a horrible ordeal Tally had experienced. Readers will realize this from the very first page. She was a survivor and had to fight daily to have some happiness. She was blessed with an awesome family, best friend, and later, James, who helped her with that. I did like the fact that the author could make me feel such emotions while reading the book.

Let Me Love You is not your typical run of the mill romance where girl meets boy, falls in love, and lives happily ever after. It was a very realistic love in which the characters had to fight for their relationship. Love isn’t always easy, and you appreciate more at times when you do have to work for a great relationship. The author did a good job of dealing with the issues of physical and sexual violence. She helped me see that when you experience that type of thing happiness is possible, and you don’t have to remain the victim. You can become the victor! The sweet epilogue is the icing on top of the cake!