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~ REVIEW: Cain’s Salvation by Sarah O’Rourke ~

91QTD4a8DiL._SL1500_SynopsisWhen Dr. Cain Turner’s life was literally blown apart in a small province of Afghanistan, it was only the hope and memories of one woman that propelled him forward. But there were more demons to face.

In the small country hamlet of Paradise, Tennessee…Faith waits. Surrounded by her loving sisters, Faith McKinnon had faced her own demons, having thought that the love of her life had deserted her.

But fate…and a few meddling McKinnon sisters…conspired to bring the two star-crossed lovers together again.

NOTE: Romantica — this is a romance with erotica in certain sections!! Purchase Links

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daniell review 4 stars

4 Stars!!! This book is about two main characters, Cain and Faith, and their lives in the town of Paradise. They have known each other for years but only been together for a year and are newly engaged when Cain is called up from the National Guard to go to Afghanistan. Before he leaves, Cain asks Faith to marry him and she accepts. During Cain’s time in Afghanistan, he sees so much trauma and devastation, that he feels he is no longer the man that Faith loves and deserves and sends her a Dear Jane letter breaking things off. Faith is heartbroken and tries to understand why this happened. She lives with her 3 sisters and niece and runs the family-owned bar/restaurant. When Cain returns to Paradise, he is a broken man returning from war and suffering from PTSD. After one of Faith’s sisters, Honor, talks Cain into coming to work at the bar, Cain decides that he wants Faith back and is willing to do whatever it takes to prove his love for Faith. Faith still loves Cain but is scared to trust that he won’t hurt her again. Can Faith believe in Cain again? Can Cain work through his PTSD and find happiness again? Faith’s sisters, Harmony, Patience and Honor, have strong personalities in this book and I truly hope each one gets their own book. This is not only a sweet love story but the author, Sarah O’Rourke, knows how to spice things up in a book with some hot, sweaty sex! I really enjoyed this book and would recommend to others! I am looking forward to reading more about Faith’s sisters!