~ REVIEW: Weak Without Him by Lyra Parish ~



“Love is an emotion that will destroy you if you let it. It can ruin your life or create a new one. Jealousy isn’t much different.”

Jennifer Downs treads in dangerous waters.
Finnley Felton is unaware.
With the help of Lady Luck, they will make it through. 
Or will they? 

Texas is nothing compared to Vegas but among the bright lights and busy streets, Jennifer discovers who she is. Her life has changed, and for better or worse, she continues to live like tomorrow will never come. 

Sabotage. Hatred. Betrayal.

Although love is beautiful and kind, it comes with consequences.

Jennifer finds herself fighting. Fighting for her rights, for love, for Finnley, and for her life. 

Hearts may be broken. 
Lives will change.
But the ultimate question remains: can love win all?Purchase Links


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michele review 4 stars


I will also apologize how all over the place this review is, but that’s kind of how the book left me when I was finished.

I will start off by saying; I really HATED Finnley in the first book. Even though he is sexy as sin, he absolutely pissed me off; and if he was real, I’d probably kick him in the balls. But after reading this book, he has definitely grown on me. 

I really liked how in this book, you got to see through Finnley’s eyes. I think that’s what helped the most to understand how he worked. You also got to see a completely different side of him that we never saw in the first book. 

This story starts off where Weak with Him left off (so if you haven’t read that one yet, you need to). Now here I was still pretty pissed at Finnley, and it carried over with how he treated Jennifer after their hot night of explosive sex. After pretty much being told that she was Finnley’s “greatest kept secret” Jennifer decided she was out of there. Well wouldn’t you be if the man you were falling for didn’t want anyone to know that you were together?

But as always Jennifer falls back into FInnley’s arms after he comes after to and tries to start again.

Throughout the book, you pretty much are taken on the emotional roller coaster that is Jennifer Downs. She is in love with Finnnley (but doesn’t realize it) and isn’t sure what to do with her feelings. However after a series of incidents she finally realizes that no matter what, she can’t live without Finnley. He is the air that she breathes, and with out that, she is weak. 

Finnley.. Awwww Finnley, I like you sooo much better after this book! You really don’t know how much he holds back until you actually get to see his POV. And what he does for Jennifer at the end, totally proves that he isn’t the total ass I thought he was. 

Towards the end of the story there is a huge WTF moment. At first, you wonder: “why did she do this? It doesn’t make any sense with what’s going on in the story” But after you think about what job Finnley holds and look back into what happened before this point, it makes sense (Sorry guys, I not sure exactly sure what to say about that without giving to much away). At this point you get to see how much of a bad boy Finnley really is (and this makes him even hotter).. 

After everything that they have to go through, do Finnley and Jennifer finally break down each other walls so that they can be together? Or do they keep playing the cat and mouse game that could end up totally ruining their relationship forever?

I will say, I’m pretty excited to see what happens next with Finnley and Jennifer in No Longer Weak! 

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