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~ REVIEW: Then Came Alexandria by E.L. Todd ~


After a horrific accident working as a nurse in the emergency room, Alexandra becomes reclusive to the world around her. Unable to be speak or function, she pushes away her boyfriend, Paul, of two years. Her distance causes him to spend time with someone else…the betrayal causes her to pack her bags and leave everything behind. She doesn’t know what comfort she’ll find in Savannah, Georgia, but she flees anyway.


After inheriting the most lucrative cotton field in the south, Blaise has to become a man early in life. He spends his nights with different girls, knowing they are after his money and his special abilities in the bedroom, but he makes a serious mistake with Danielle. Now she lives with him and he guards a secret that he promises to keep…even though that secret is destroying his life. When Alexandra comes into town, her smile and compassion evident, Blaise wants her, and not just in a physical way. Unable to keep his distance, he falls for her, not knowing how long he can keep his secret…

**This full-length novel is the first in the Southern Love Series. It is NOT a stand alone novel.**

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Christie's ReviewUntitled2

I was really excited to read this book for several reasons. The beautiful cover grabbed my attention, and I loved the synopsis. In addition, I am a Southern girl so I love almost anything written about the South. I especially love Savannah, Georgia which was the setting for Then Came Alexandra. While I enjoyed the book overall, there were things that I didn’t like.

I won’t give you a whole lot of information because I don’t want to give away any spoilers. At first glance, anyone would think Alexandra had a wonderful life…a great job and a wonderful boyfriend. But, things are not always as great as they appear. Alexandra flees her job in NY and her boyfriend returning to her aunt in Savannah, Georgia where she hopes to start a new life. She doesn’t let anyone know what she is running from. She is content with her life there until she meets her aunt’s neighbor, Blaise. He is a sexy cotton farmer who helps her aunt out periodically. When the two first meet, their chemistry is off the charts. But, Blaise is hiding an explosive secret himself. How will their past lives and secrets affect their future?

The writer did a great job of creating suspense and mystery to keep the story moving. I found myself flipping through the pages to see how their secrets would affect their budding relationship. However, I wasn’t a big fan of Alexandra. I thought she was too rigid and judgmental. If someone hurt her, she completely wrote them off. She wouldn’t let them try to explain their situation, and she wouldn’t take any responsibility for the part she played in her past. Although, I will say I started coming around to her side in the end when she matured a bit and did take some responsibility and made amends. I liked Blaise more, but I wanted to throttle him. He was too good!!!! No man would put up with the crap that was shoveled at him. He was TOO responsible. He did what he was supposed to, and he should have moved on. At first, I felt like the friendship and romance with Alexandra and Blaise moved at a realistic pace, but all of a sudden, it was going at breakneck speed which felt too rushed. In turn, the ending felt rushed to me as well. I know a lot of reviewers were upset about the cliffhanger, but that didn’t really bother me as much as the rushed feel of the second half of the book.

Overall, the book was good, but I think the pacing could have been better as well as the character development. Would I recommend this book? Yes. Will I continue to read the series? Yes. Despite the things I didn’t like, I am looking forward to seeing how the situation between Alexandra and Blaise plays itself out. I really want a HEA for this couple! What I have read about the other books in the series, it won’t be an easy road for them!

About the Author7235860My journey to this profession was slightly unorthodox. I received my bachelor’s degree in biological sciences, worked as an award-winning researcher, and worked various jobs to pay the bills. While I enjoyed every moment of this adventure, it wasn’t my passion. I’ve been writing since I was a young girl and have read anything that I can get my hands on. When people ask me what my favorite book is, I always respond, “All of them.”

After I showed my work to my closest friends and gained their confidence, I realized that this is something I could commit my life to, something that I love. I never imagined–dreamed–that I could make a living as a writer. This is the greatest profession that I ever could have asked for, and I am so thankful for the support from everyone in my life. How many other jobs let you work in your pajamas?

I’m very grateful that I’ve had success with my various series. The Forever and Always Series is very close to my heart. I realize all the characters are fictitious, but in reality, they are real people living in my mind…as creepy as that sounds.

The Hawaiian Crush Series, The Essence Series, The Soul Saga, and the Southern Love Series are all also extensions of who I am, just played out in word. It’s the greatest job in the world to explore different places and people and actually get to write about it. What makes it even better is when people love reading it.

When I receive fan mail through email, my website, or on Goodreads, I’m extremely flattered and humbled that people take the time out of their lives to compliment my work. I appreciate all the love and support. Without it, I would be nothing. I really would.

With an infinite number of ideas in my mind, I will continue to write as long as people wish. I’m just grateful I have such a wonderful audience.

People have asked me personal questions about my life. I’m flattered that people show any interest, especially since I’m not very interesting, but here are a few things you may not know about me:

I’m a lefty. But I also write upside down (not on the computer.) I’m pretty weird…

I hate strawberries but love them in my oatmeal.

I have an unusual obsession with dogs, cats, and all pets, but I don’t own one…yet. Let’s see what the hubby says.

I worked in a lab for a long time then became a high school science teacher. I loved my job very much, and adored my students. But writing is my dream job, and I was fortunate enough to pursue it.

My closest friends are the people I met in high school, but I’ve made even closer connections with peers from college. And now I’m fortunate enough to have some amazing author friends.

I love sweets. I love sweets. It’s a sickness….

My favorite band (currently) is Mumford and Sons. I’ve placed a few of their lyrics in my novels because they are totally awesome.

Connected by the Sea (Hawaiian Crush #1) has some factual knowledge as a basis. Years ago, when my boyfriend took me to the aquarium, we stared at the seahorses for a long time. That’s when he locked his pinky with mine and said, “Seahorses mate for life. Will you be mine?” Super cute! I know!

Only for You was originally called MegaShake. For those of you who’ve read it, you’ll understand why.

And I don’t share milk products with people…that’s also something I incorporated into my books.

That’s all I can think of…but that may have been too much information.

Thanks for all the support. You totally rule!

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