~ REVIEW: Contagious by Emily Goodwin ~

41gincLoMPLSynopsis**Due to mature content, graphic violence, and sexual situations, this book is recommended for mature readers only**

“I wasn’t afraid of death. If I died, it would be over. My worst fear wasn’t of dying, it was of living. Living, while everyone around me had their flesh savagely torn from their bodies to be shoved into the festering and ever-hungry mouths of zombies. It terrified me, right down to my very core, to be alive while the rest of the world was dead.”

In the midst of the Second Great Depression, twenty-five year old Orissa Penwell doesn’t think things can get any worse. She couldn’t be more wrong. A virus breaks out across the country, leaving the infected crazed, aggressive and very hungry. Orissa will do anything-no matter if it’s right or wrong- to save the ones she loves. But when she discovers that most of the world is infected or dead, she must decided if those lives are worth saving at all.


Michele's Review 5 starsI seriously LOVED this book!! From start to finish Emily Goodwin is able to keep you sucked into the story. Even when it ends, you’re begging for more! This was my very first zombie book I ever read, and I was so glad I read it!

The characters she creates are amazing! She does such a fantastic job of connecting you to those characters weather they have big parts or small parts. I’m not going to lie, there were parts where I had tears in my eyes and other times where I was cheering on the characters.

Orissa Penwell is one bad ass chick! She’s had it rough growing up and it seems to be most helpful when the world is going to shit. When Orissa realizes that the world is nothing like it used to be is when she wakes up in the hospital basement. This is where she finds out that the world has been taken over by “monsters” and that they are waiting for someone to come and rescue them. Since Orissa isn’t the type of woman to just sit around and wait, she decides to take action, but when she walks out of the basement, she never expected everything to be this bad.

Once they finally make it to some type of safety out of the hospital, Orissa has been unofficially elected as the leader. Now she’s in charge of all these people and she isn’t sure how to handle it. She does whatever she can to make everyone safe, and sometimes she puts her own life in danger doing it. She also now has to try to avoid the one hot Irish doctor, Padaric, while dealing with all of this as well, it seems he’s starting to have some feelings for Orissa that she doesn’t reciprocate.

After an unfortunately short stay at her grandfather’s farm in Kentucky, they are back on the run from the zombies. However, one day they are lucky enough to run into Hayden Underwood and his crew. They find out from Hayden that there is actually a quarantine set up for survivors. Now that she isn’t the only one who knows how to protect and survive, Orissa is more than happy to follow these men anywhere. It doesn’t hurt that Hayden Underwood is one hot Marine.

After they get to the quarantine, Orissa’s life gets a little more exciting. After Hayden and his men vouch for Orissa, she is promoted to an A1 and isn’t stuck in the boring and mundane life in the quarantine. She gets to go out on missions to help collect things for the group and maybe grab a thing or two for herself and her friends.

During her time there, Orissa and Hayden start to connect on a level she hasn’t really ever connected with anyone else. She might have started to have some feelings for Hayden, but she is constantly pushing them to the side. I mean what point is there when they could die tomorrow? But after what happens next, she may regret her decision to not tell him how she really feels.

I will tell you this right now. This book does have a major cliffhanger (well it was for me, it left me screaming at my kindle NOOOOOOO). You’re left wondering “What the fuck just happened? OMG what’s going to happen next?”

I absolutely love Emily’s writing! She does such a fantastic job of sucking you into a story and connecting you to the characters, so that it almost feels like you know them. I’ve read other books from Emily and loved them too, but I have to say this series is going to be one of my favorites from her. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next!

About the AuthorEmily resides in Indiana with her husband,ferrets,horses and their beloved dog, a German Shepherd named Vader. Emily has a degree in psychology, likes anything paranormal, listens to too much 80’s rock and loves going on crazy adventures with her friends.

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