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~ REVIEW: Believe by SL Jayne ~



Rylee first met Matt in The Promise, for them it was just the beginning. 

Rylee Blake is broken. She has little faith, no trust in people and doesn’t believe in herself. Having grown up in a home with a verbally abusive stepfather and a mother suffering from depression, an 8 year old Rylee has her heart shattered completely, hearing the words that no child should ever hear, “You ruined your Moms life”. 

Rylee realizes that this isn’t a home, this is just a shell of a house that she needs to get far away from. She makes a pinky promise with her childhood friend Ava, that as soon as they’re old enough that they’re moving away from this town and as far away as possible from her stepfather. 

Years later moving to California with Ava is exactly the fresh start Rylee is so desperately looking forward to. Rediscovering her freedom, fun, independence and most importantly a chance to find herself again. When Ava first told her to believe, have fun, always have faith, and most importantly believe in love, Rylee never thought it would happen. She has never believed in love or that she was worthy of being loved. Fate or destiny were words best left between the pages of a fairy tale. 

And men, well they just mess with your head, that is until she met Matt Morgan, the hot tattooed guy whose bad boy image screams trouble. She never expected to have a connection with him that ran deeper than friendship. She never planned to fall for him but she also never expected him to have issues of his own….. 

Matt has grown up needing to protect, defend and control his temper. 

Rylee has grown up feeling owned, useless and unworthy. 

Will their differences collide or will they teach each other to believe?

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4 Stars

Believe by S.L. Jayne is the second in the Faith and Friendship series. This is Rylee and Matt’s story, but you need to read the first book, The Promise, as it gives a lot of background information about the two characters and how they meet.

The story opens where the last book left off. Rylee and her friend, Ava, are still living together in their apartment. Rylee and Matt have both had very painful pasts that affect the way they look at relationships, so they have settled for being friends. However, Matt has always made it clear to her if she ever changes her mind and wants to be more than friends, he is more than willing to try. Rylee does begin to realize that she has feelings for him. This was pretty obvious from the last book. But, will she be able to let go of past issues and give Matt a chance to prove himself worthy of her?

While a good portion of the book is about Rylee and Matt, it’s also about family and friendship. As with the first book, I really liked that. Rylee is still trying to deal with past issues and reconnect with her mother. I loved the relationship between mother and daughter. Matt’s family also makes an appearance as well. It was really nice to read a book in which there were strong, loving relationships between parents and children. Of course, Ava and Ryan are a big part of the book as well. I love the friendship that Rylee and Ava have. In this book, we get to see Rylee be there for her friend as Ava has been there for Rylee.

It’s a beautiful, sweet story about “confidence, trust, and belief.” Matt uses those three words when describing his relationship with Rylee, and I think they perfectly describe the whole meaning of the book for me. I love books that leave you with warmness and happiness after finishing the last page. I am looking forward to her next book in the series.  



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