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~ You’ll Think of Me by Lucia Franco Review ~

81yHy3V2JaL._SL1500_SynopsisLuke Jackson.

With his thick southern drawl and seductive charm, Luke is the country boy everyone adores. He has his future mapped out, but his plans with Olivia are suddenly derailed when she makes a decision that blindsides him, changing the path they both envisioned.

As Luke struggles to keep everything in check during a difficult time in his life, he must put his trust in the one person who broke it to begin with. The last time they saw each other, Olivia busted his heart wide open, turning him into the man he is today.

When Olivia returns to her roots, just like Luke said she would, he is shocked for more reasons than one. Nine years have passed since they’ve seen each other, and when their roads collide unexpectedly, Luke can only push his worry and misgivings away for so long.

Things are different now—they are strangers—and the rope that once bound Olivia’s heart to South Fork, Georgia is pulling her back in, forcing her to remember how it used to be all those years ago.

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daniell review5 star a

Amazing Debut Novel by Lucia Franco!

Olivia and her boyfriend of 4 years, Luke, have just graduated from college and are trying to figure out the future.  Olivia dreams of going to medical school in New York.  Luke dreams of staying in small town Georgia with Olivia by his side.  When Olivia is accepted into one of the best medical programs in New York, she has to make the very tough decision to leave Luke and all she has ever known to go on this journey alone.

Fast forward 9 years and Olivia is now a successful neurologist and has decided to move to Savannah, Georgia, about an hour away from her hometown.  Olivia has missed Georgia and has, of course, thought of Luke over the years. Especially since the boy who loved to play guitar and sing sweet songs in her ear, has made it as a country music singer and she hears him sing every day on the radio now.

One day, while seeing patients, Olivia meets a hot, Southern gentleman named Nate that she has to treat since she is filing in for the other doctor in her practice.  There is an instant connection but Olivia feels it would be unethical to act on this.  After Nate agrees to find a new doctor, Olivia gives in to Nate’s repeated requests for a date.  Now, for the first time in 9 years, Olivia wants to try to open herself up to the possibility of loving someone again. 

However, a new patient of Olivia’s is none other than Luke’s mom and now Luke is back in the picture due to his mom’s health. Luke has moved forward with his life but has never forgotten the love he shared with Olivia. Now that she is back in Georgia, he can’t stop thinking about her. Now Olivia is torn between Nate and her first love, Luke.  Which man will Olivia choose? The one that has made her feel things she hasn’t felt in nearly a decade or her first love that she has never forgotten?

I loved this book!! I really enjoyed being able to see how things were between Olivia and Luke when they were younger.  It really helped understand their connection to each other.  Both Nate and Luke were totally hot, alpha males and I couldn’t help but love them both.  I’ve read and enjoyed a lot of rock star books but it was nice to have a change up with a Country music singer.  I am now a fan of Lucia Franco and look forward to reading more from her in the future! I definitely recommend this book to everyone, especially those that enjoy the 2nd chance romances!

Abou the authorLucia currently resides in South Florida with her brainy husband and wild kids who drive her up a wall. There’s never a dull moment in her hectic world, but Lucia wouldn’t change a thing. Luckily she has a strong man to stand by her side and combat the craziness with her. YOU’LL THINK OF ME is not her first book, but it’s the first one she’s completed and likes. The others will come at a later date.

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