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~ Oceans Collide by M.A. DeOlmos Review ~

715c1dRNMeL._SL1500_SynopsisFor years, Livie Acosta has lived in a sheltered bubble, avoiding people, along with any aspect of life that requires one to show emotion. Not to mention her decision to stay close to her mother has her leaving the comfort of her own home nearly on a nightly basis to save her mother time and time again. It takes the sudden death of her mother to force Livie out into the world in search for a new purpose. Upon this forced quest she immediately meets one of two souls that are going to rock her world into a new dimension. Lawrence Hawthorne knows pain, grief, and emotions period, all too well. Despite his carefree nature and easy going personality he also harbors some tough demons that immediately draw him to Livie. It doesn’t take long to recognize the deeply seeded pain that resides in her own soul and that leads Lawrence to call on his right hand man for help in protecting her.
As soon as Ocean Hawthorne steps onto the scene, Livie’s world… the void world she’s known since forever changes in a way that threatens to expose her secret. The Hawthorne cousins, vow to protect her from her self-destructive qualities amidst the angst, pain, and trials they all individually go through. Desperately they hold onto each other for support and as love and passion blossom it threatens to destroy the weak foundation of solitude that Livie has strived so hard to achieve. Will the intrusion of two beautiful and tortured souls finally be enough to induce the strength Livie needs to fight her demons, or will their love and devotion finally push her far enough to make the deepest cut she’d ever been forced to make?

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christie review3 and a half stars

The beautiful cover and the synopsis of Oceans Collide caught my attention. It appeared that the story would involve damaged individuals with painful pasts and lots of angst, and it didn’t disappoint. It was a rollercoaster of emotions.

Livie is a young woman trying to make a change in her life that hopefully will be happier than her past. Her past is quite dark and painful, and she has a secret way of dealing with those emotions. She soon meets Law after getting a job at his new martial arts gym. The two of them form quite a deep bond and friendship, and that’s all it appears to be is a friendship which both of them need. Law’s cousin, Ocean, moves back to help Law deal with some family business and to be a partner in the new gym. It quickly becomes apparent that there is something deep and sexual developing between Livie and Ocean…this is not a love triangle! As I said before, Law and Livie are just friends, and that does not change throughout the story.

There were aspects I really liked about the book, and then there were some things that I thought would have made it better. I LOVED the characters. There were many layers to each character. For example, Livie was a tough chick! She has been trained to defend herself and make no mistake she is more than capable of taking on anyone! Yet, underneath, she is so vulnerable and fragile, especially in dealing with her past. Ocean is your typical alpha male who is an MMA fighter. He is vulnerable and fragile underneath as well. I thought the title of the book was perfect. Because when these two meet, it’s like two oceans meeting. They are both beautiful souls, yet there is so much turbulence that the two of them could end up drowning each other. The only drawback to the book was so much action in such little time. It’s so rapid that it’s hard to wrap your mind around all the things that happen. There is also a cliffhanger, but cliffhangers don’t really bother me. Plus, the second book is out, so you don’t have to wait!

I enjoyed Oceans Collide, and I liked that it was told from different POVs. So, I knew what each character was thinking. I am looking forward to reading the second book. It is already downloaded on my Kindle. I can’t wait to see the even deeper levels of Livie, Law, and Ocean.

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