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~ Rescue Breathing (The Breathe Series Book 1) by Zoe Norman Review ~

81Jhj+hLpiL._SL1500_SynopsisWARNING: This novel contains explicit language and sexual situations. It is intended for a mature reader.

When Manhattan Psychologist Olivia Burke receives an invitation to present her research on trauma in servicemen in Seattle, she is determined to turn the business trip into the start of healing her own traumatized heart.

FDNY Firefighter Owen Maxwell is an unapologetic playboy who spends his days saving lives and his nights breaking hearts. He puts his life on the line every day and is skeptical about doing the same with his heart. But when he meets Olivia, the girl with the shattered spirit–sparks fly.

They share a hot weekend in Seattle and discover that they want to share so much more.

Both Olivia and Owen are in need of help mending their hearts. What remains to be seen is if they can do that for each other, or if they are so damaged they go up in smoke.

Rescue Breathing is the journey of two lost souls, trying to breathe new life into each other without losing themselves along the way.

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daniell review5 star a

Olivia is a smart, beautiful sophisticated psychologist in NYC, working on ways to help servicemen, such as firemen, police officers and military suffering PTSD.  She is still emotionally recovering from finding out her douche-bag ex-boyfriend is married with kids.  Her best friend talks her into attending a conference in Seattle to get away for a few days and maybe indulge in a fling to take her mind off the ex. 

Owen is a hot and sexy NYC firefighter with an elite rescue company.  He works hard and plays even harder.  After breaking it off with his cheating fiancé, he has sworn off relationships of any kind.  He is headed to Seattle for a weekend of debauchery to celebrate his best friend’s pending nuptials. 

Olivia happens to be hanging out in the airport bar for a pre-flight drink, when Owen walks in and he can’t help but notice the beautiful woman sitting alone and decides to join her.  After sharing a bit of conversation, they realize they are headed to the same destination and their hotels are in fact across the street from each other and agree to meet up in Seattle. The couple separately board the plane and fate intervenes again when they are seated side by side.

After a 6 hour flight and a steamy make out session in the tiny bathroom, Owen and Olivia are ready to explore a sex-filled weekend fling. But what happens when it’s time to return home to NYC? Will Owen and Olivia, with their history of bad relationships, take a chance for something real?

I loved this book!!! Owen and Olivia have instant chemistry and the banter is so entertaining! They both have fantastic supportive friends that I loved as well. The feelings and situations that these characters find themselves in are so relatable to the reader which is another thing I enjoyed. The book is written from both Owen and Olivia’s point of view which gives the reader great insight into both their minds. Although there is a book 2, this book does not end in a cliffhanger. Definitely recommend this book to everyone, especially those who have a thing for sexy firemen!

Abou the authorZoe Norman is the brainchild of Stephanie K. and Heidi H., two women with one very important thing in common–their love of good erotic romance novels. After a year of writing fanfiction and developing a swoon-worthy friendship from across the country, the decision was made to write their own novel.

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