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~ Bad for You by Abbi Glines Review ~

81Cj6nZfslL._SL1500_SynopsisInnocence isn’t meant for the addictive…The next sultry affair in the New York Times bestselling Sea Breeze Collection by Abbi Glines is unstoppably steamy.

Addiction is part of Krit Corbin’s nature—and women have always been his favorite obsession. But that’s the life of a lead singer in a band. He can have any woman he wants—anywhere, anytime. Well, except for one.

Blythe Denton is used to being alone. The minister’s family who raised her never accepted her as their own, and the cruel minister’s wife made sure Blythe understood just how unworthy she was of love. So when she finally gets the chance to live by herself, Blythe takes it and moves into an apartment building with a loud upstairs neighbor who keeps throwing parties all night long.

It’s during one such party when Krit opens the door to find his new neighbor standing there. Blythe wants him to turn down the music, but he convinces her to stay. She’s nothing like the women who parade in and out of his apartment, but Krit can’t resist her—her brown hair, cute glasses, and sexy innocence is too much for him to ignore.

Determined to win Blythe over, Krit Corbin may have just found his biggest addiction yet.

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christie review5 star a

I like every other woman in Sea Breeze am in love with Krit Corbin! For the longest time, it was all about Rush for me, the smoking, sexy hero in Abbi’s Rosemary Beach Series. Not any longer!!!!! It’s all Krit for me!!! I have read all of her books in the Sea Breeze series, and I have to say this one has to be my favorite.

I am so glad Krit got his own book. He has always been a minor character in the other books, although he had a bigger role in the last book. I knew it would take a special woman to tame him, and I was right. Blythe was just the woman he needed. The book is truly bad boy meets innocent and pure girl, but it was so much more! Blythe has come from a horrible past; she was so mistreated by the family who raised her in SC. She has moved to Sea Breeze to start a new life. Not long after her arrival, she meets her new neighbor, Krit. He intrigues her just like she intrigues him. But, Krit knows Blythe isn’t his type…she’s innocent. Try as he might, he just can’t stay away from her, and she can’t stay away from him although she knows it would be for the best. She knows a bad boy when she sees one. As Krit realizes the feelings he has for Blythe are different from anything he has ever experienced, will he run and break her heart, or will he stay and give love a chance finally?

Krit and Blythe are my favorite couple from the series so far. They seem so different from each other on the surface, but underneath they really aren’t so different after all. Both have issues with parents and abuse in their pasts. When they are together, they just bring out the best in each other. Blythe allows readers to see the tender, caring side of Krit. Krit allows the readers to see the playful and sometimes naughty side of Blythe. Of course, I got to see how the rest of the crew are doing in Sea Breeze which is another one of my favorite things about the series. It’s like catching up with old friends!

There hasn’t been a book I have read by Abbi Glines so far that I haven’t loved. However, every book she writes seems to get better. Her characters are written with more depth with each new book. If you haven’t read the series, you really ought to give it a try. Lots of romance, lots of hot sex! But, there is sweetness to her love stories too. I love the town and the cast of characters she has created. They stay with me long after I have finished the last page!

Abou the author

When I’m being forced up a mountainside with a backpack weighing me down, terrified of meeting a bear around the next corner or when I’m being hauled out into choppy waters holding on for dear life afraid I’ll be pitched over at any moment, I wonder why, exactly, I married my crazy husband. Then again having an adventurous if somewhat insane spouse has been the best muse a writer could ask for. My debut novel, Breathe – a YA contemporary romance, was released May,17, 2011 by Wild Child Publishing and it’s thanks to one of those spur of the moment boat trips that sparked the idea for Breathe. I’ve been writing all my life but it wasn’t until I tried my hand at YA fiction that I found my groove. Apparently I never really grew up, which may explain my marriage to a dare devil. I’ve recently signed the contract on my first YA paranormal titled Existence to be released this Christmas. On October 21, I will be releasing The Vincent Boys – an older YA romance with an edgier feel. It will be available in digital format on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can find me on Twitter @abbiglines I have a slight addiction….

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