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~ REVIEW: Drops of Rain (Hale Brothers Series Book 1) by Kathryn Andrews ~


91mAxwI-EZL._SL1500_Synopsis**This book is for anyone who loves a good romance and it is intended for those who are 16 years of age and older.**

Ali Rain
Sometimes I think to myself, “How did I get here?” Then the pain hits and I remember…it’s because she’s gone. I now live in a new town, go to a new school, and I’m supposed to be moving on with my new life. Only, I no longer know who I am anymore. Dancing is all I have left and every day I feel completely alone. Silence has become the theme song to my life. She said to find some joy and light, but I don’t know how. Mostly, I feel surrounded in darkness…that is until I meet him.

Drew Hale
I have only one goal, in 298 days I’m going to drive away from this small beach town and never return. People are always watching me closely, too close, and I’m tired of wearing a mask. I need to be free. Swimming is my ticket out of here and I remind myself daily to fly under the radar, stick to my routine, and under no circumstances let anything distract me. I’m not as perfect as they think, most days I am drowning in guilt. I’m not sure I will ever be able to escape the feelings of shame, worthlessness, and just being unwanted…that is until I meet her.

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daniell review5 star aAli has been counting the days since she lost her mother, wondering when her pain will ease. Ali uses dancing to help her cope and to keep her and her mother’s dream of Juilliard alive. Her father has relocated them from Colorado to Florida for her Senior year of high school and he is ignoring her existence, so now she is on her own.

Drew is counting the days till he is finally free, free from the hell he is silently living. He is very dedicated to his swimming career, as that is his ticket to a new start. He doesn’t allow outside relationships to get in the way of his goal.

A chance meeting in the ocean one morning between Ali and Drew changes everything. Both are broken individuals and are leery of letting anyone in, but there is a connection that cannot be ignored. Not wanting to open up to the possibility of being hurt, they agree to just be friends.

But what happens when stronger feelings begin to develop? Will Ali and Drew embrace those feelings and let go of the pain that is holding them back?

This is such a beautiful, emotional story! Ali and Drew are strong, very likeable characters. They have been through great tragedy but work hard to persevere. I love how the full picture is given with both of their POV. I also love some of the secondary characters, especially Beau and Leila and can’t wait for their story! Kathryn Andrews writes about some very serious matters in such a touching and sensitive way. I am now a fan and look forward to reading more from this author!

Abou the authorI was once asked to give a three minute presentation describing who I am and here’s what I came up with . . .

Over ten years ago my husband and I were driving from Chicago to Tampa and somewhere in Kentucky I remember seeing a billboard that was all black with five white words, “I do, therefore I am!” I’m certain that it was a Nike ad, but for me I found this to be completely profound.

Take running for example. Most will say that a runner is someone who runs five days a week and runs under a ten minute mile pace. Well, I can tell you that I never run five days a week and on my best days my pace is an eleven minute mile. I have run six half marathons and one full marathon. No matter what anyone says, I am a runner. I do, therefore I am.

I’ve taken this same thought and applied it to so many areas of my life: cooking, gardening, quilting, and yes . . . writing.

I may not be culinary trained, but I love to cook and my family and friends loves to eat my food. I cook, therefore I am a chef!

My thumb is not black. I love to grow herbs, tomatoes, roses, and lavender. I garden, therefore I am a gardener!

I love beautiful fabrics and I can follow a pattern. My triangles may not line up perfectly . . . but who cares, my quilts are still beautiful when they are finished. I quilt, therefore I am a quilter.

I have been writing my entire life. It is my husband who finally said, “Who cares if people like your books or not? If you enjoy writing them and you love your stories . . . then write them.” He has always been my biggest fan and he was right. Being a writer has always been my dream and what I said I wanted to be when I grew up.

So, I’ve told you who I am and what I love to do . . . now I’m going to tell you the why.

I have two boys that are three years a part. My husband and I want to instill in them adventure, courage, and passion. We don’t expect them to be perfect at things, we just want them to try and do. It’s not about winning the race, it’s about showing up in the first place. We don’t want them to be discouraged by society stereotypes, we want them to embrace who they are and what they love. After all, we only get one life.

In the end, they won’t care how many books I actually sell . . . all that matters to them is that I said I was going to do it, I did it, and I have loved every minute of it.

Find something that you love and tell yourself, “I do, therefore I am.”

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~ THE ALBUM by Ashley Pullo Release Blitz + Giveaway ~



Author: Ashley Pullo

Genre: Indie/Romance/Humor/Drama

Release Date: November 11, 2014



Five Friends.

Five narratives.

One Epic Soundtrack.

Location: New York City (TriBeCa, Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill)
Setting: 1996-2013

Chloe LeGrange – talented musician searching for a purpose
Natalie LeGrange – lovable free-spirit chasing her dreams
Adam Ford – perceptive attorney longing for a surprise
Zach Parker – philosophical Marine defending love
Chris Brooks – charming Texan with perpetual bad timing

Unexpected encounters and brushes with fate construct a web of stories about the journey of love and acceptance.

Fate, acceptance, sex, drugs, and really good music.

The Album is a journey following five friends over the span of two decades. Set against the timeless backdrop of New York City, their story is a classic retelling of what it means to follow your dreams, accept reality, and have a lot of fun in the process.



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Abou the author


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Hey y’all!
The Lone Star State will always be my home, but fifteen years ago, I took the plunge and became a New Yorker. NYC is an amazing place to find inspiration in my daily surroundings–the random and the ordinary that make up reality. My writing showcases inspired ideas, as well as my love for dichotomy, authenticity and humor.

When not sitting in front of the TV devouring my favorite shows, I can be found at a soccer game with my husband and two children.

Coming Soon

The Ballad 12.11.14

The Brat Pack (YA) Spring 2015


Open internationally!

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~ Make Me Forget by Anna Brooks Release Blitz ~

Title: Make Me Forget

Author: Anna Brooks

Release Date: Nov 2, 2014

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One lie can destroy everything…

After enduring years of manipulation and an immeasurable amount of loss, Charlotte Kelly makes one last ditch effort to change her life and try to find happiness again. She knows she’ll see him when she moves back to Wisconsin. She’s planning on it, the connection she still feels to him after all these years is undeniable. But one lie tore them apart years ago, and she’s afraid some mistakes can’t be forgiven.

Travis Parker doesn’t like liars. When he was younger, lies burned him in a bad way. It only took one summer with Charlotte’s innocence to know that she was it for him. When he thought he finally had something to look forward to, one misguided lie shattered everything he believed. Now, Char’s back, but she’s not the same girl he once knew.

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“There’s something else going on with you, though.” 

“How do you know?” I sigh as his mouth trails feather light kisses up and down my neck. The combination of his day old stubble and the whisper of his tongue have me weak in the knees. I grip the edge of the countertop to keep from falling. 

“Your eyes, sweetheart. They tell me everything without you having to say a word, they always did. And you not looking into mine is all the proof I need. Tell me. Let me help you.”

God, I want this man. Everything about him is perfect for me, but I can’t. I’m too afraid of how he’ll react. The longer I hold him off, the longer I can prepare myself. I don’t know if I can lose him when he finds out. I can’t lose another person that I love. “Travis, I can’t,” I reply staring down at the water that is circling around the drain. 

“I know, sweetheart. I’ll wait as long as it takes. But this…” He grips my shoulders and turns me around, forcing me to look at him as he frames my face with his strong hands. Those eyes that remind me so much of the lake penetrate through me and see more than anyone ever has. “This is nowhere near over.” He runs his thumb over my lip and smiles before turning to walk away.


Abou the author

Anna has always had a passion for writing, and is thrilled to have published her first novel. Along with several other projects, she is currently working on the next book in the It’s Kind Of Personal series. Born in Wisconsin, she’s lived in several Midwestern states. Anna enjoys reading, writing, and spending time outdoors with her husband and two boys. 

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~ Night Call (Night Fever #2) by Jessica Hawkins Release Blitz + Giveaway ~

Night Call
by Jessica Hawkins
Night Fever Serial #2
Publication Date: November 11, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, Novella, Romance, Serial


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With their dream within grasp, Johnny and Lola make an offer on Hey Joe–only to discover that a million dollars doesn’t go as far as they’d thought. As the price of the bar rises and expenses pile up, Lola begins to question what she really wants.

Lola knows she can solve their problems with one phone call, but she may risk going too far to have it all. Because she’s not dealing with just anyone–she’s dealing with a master. For Beau Olivier, there’s no such thing as too far. There is only conquest. There is only victory.

Beau and Lola already had their night together, but it wasn’t enough. They need more. And the more they need. The more they have to lose.

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Abou the author

Jessica Hawkins grew up between the purple mountains and under the endless sun of Palm Springs, California. She studied international business at Arizona State University and has also lived in Costa Rica and New York City. Some of her favorite things include traveling, her dog Kimo, Scrabble, driving aimlessly and creating Top Five lists. She is the helpless victim of an overactive imagination that finds inspiration in music and tranquility in writing. Currently she resides wherever her head lands, which lately is the unexpected (but warm) keyboard of her trusty MacBook.

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