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~ REVIEW: Love and Hate (Book Two: Love) by JJ Dorn ~

81yd4-BKplL._SL1500_SynopsisHe broke me, he lied to me, he used me and then he left me. Physically and emotionally I was broken and not just a little broken, I was obliterated. I was in so many pieces it took a long time for me to even gather enough pieces to even begin rebuilding. But, the important thing is I did. I’m not one-hundred percent yet, heck I probably will never be completely healed but that’s okay because I made it. I’m alive. I use my pain as fuel now. When I want to give up I think of all my hurt and anger and it pushes me to keep going.

A year and half ago I died. It was my mistake and if I could do it over again I would, but I can’t. What’s done is done. All I can do now is move forward and try to forget I ever loved Cutter Daniels.

*Warning contains sexual content and coarse language. Mature audiences only 18+*

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christie review 5 star a“Love is not easy it is tough, but if you can fight through the pain, there is something truly magnificent on the other side of it.”

This quote is a perfect description of the journey that Paige and Cutter take in this book. After hard work and perseverance, Paige has decided to return to college. Although her body is healing, her heart is having a harder time with the process. However, she wants to get back to college to eventually reach her goal of becoming an attorney. She has a new house her parents bought her, and her friend Millie has moved in with her. She has changed a lot, and she is seeing this as a chance to put Cutter behind her. When she hears that Cutter has a girlfriend, Laney, it hurts. But, she decides she isn’t going to let him break her again. She meets her sweet and sexy neighbor, Holden, and feels a bit of a spark. As she and Holden become closer, Cutter reappears and isn’t planning on letting Paige go that easily. Will she choose a new, safe path with Holden? Or, will she put her heart in danger again by giving Cutter another chance?

Sweet Jesus, this book was AWESOME!!!! All the love, hate, and angst had my stomach in knots. I felt every moment of love, anger, regret, and hate in my heart. I thought Paige and Cutter had a hot, sexy chemistry in this book, but they were downright combustible in this one! I times I thought my Kindle was going to burn up at certain points in the book. The sex scenes weren’t graphic, but when these two are together, they are just downright sexy and steamy. I was lost in this book; I started this afternoon and was finished this evening. I hated for it to end! While there is romance, there is a lot of heartbreak. I wasn’t sure who I felt worse for…Paige or Cutter. I was able to see a whole other side to Cutter. Just made him even sexier to me. Again, great character development…not just the main characters but also the secondary characters. I love Tess, Lacey, and Millie. Every girl needs friends like that!

I am having a major book hangover from this series. It was fantastic!!! If you want a fast read that is spicy, sweet, and sexy, give both of these books a try! I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Now, I have to wait until J.J. Dorn comes out with her next book. I hope I won’t have to wait too long!

Abou the authorJ.J. Dorn lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and terrifyingly maniacal cat, Pippa Kiddleton. She currently owns three American Paint Horses. She has been riding and competing since she was a very young child. J.J. competes on a national level with her horses. When she isn’t spending time at the barn, she is busy working on her next novel.

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