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~ REVIEW: When Joss Met Matt by Ellie Cahill ~


SynopsisIn the tradition of New Adult superstar Jessica Sorensen, Ellie Cahill’s debut novel is a charming friends-with-benefits story . . . with a twist!
What if after every bad breakup, there was someone to help “cleanse your palate”—someone who wouldn’t judge you, who was great in bed, someone you were sure not to fall in love with? “Sorbet sex” could solve everything—as long as it never got too sweet.
Joss and Matt have been friends since freshman year of college, meeting one night after Joss is dumped by her boyfriend. After a few drinks, Matt humors her with a proposition: that he’ll become her go-to guy whenever she needs to heal a broken heart. In return, she’ll do the same for him. The #1 Rule: They’ll never fall in love with each other. People scoff at the arrangement. But six years later, Joss and Matt are still the best of friends . . . with benefits.
Through a string of boyfriends and girlfriends—some almost perfect, some downright wrong—Joss and Matt are always there for each other when the going gets tough. No strings. No attachments. Piece of cake. No problem. After all, since they wrote the rules, surely they can play by them. Or can they?

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christie review 5 star aWhen Joss Met Matt is one of the best “friends with benefits books” I have read. Joss and Matt meet as freshman in college. They become fast friends, but when Joss suffers a horrible breakup, Matt suggests that they have “sorbet sex.” It will help “cleanse her palate,” and her ex won’t be the last one she remembers having sex with. She agrees, and this becomes a habit for them. In fact, “sorbet sex” seems to happen more frequently over the years. They can never seems to find the right one to commit to. They ALWAYS remain friends, but how long can this last especially as the years pass?

This book was all-consuming for me, from the way in which it was written down to the characters. I was totally invested in the two of them. The story is told from the past and the present. Through the flashbacks, readers see how their friendship/relationship evolves and changes over the years. I really liked seeing how both of them changed over the seven years of knowing one another and being there for each other. Some of their past relationships with others were hysterical! I liked both of them; they were both snarky with each other! I wanted to be friends with them. Whenever Nellie, Joss’s friend, was on the scene, I couldn’t stop laughing. Cahill did a great job of making her characters real and likable. Seriously, she made a character out of Joss’s cat, Dewey!

I will admit I got as impatient with Joss as much as Nellie did! I wanted to slap some sense into her and tell her to open her freaking eyes!!!! I could clearly see how her feelings for Matt were changing, yet she couldn’t. I could see the hints that Matt’s feelings were evolving, but at times Joss was oblivious. However, I always say when a writer can make you have such feelings for a character, she has more than done her job, and Cahill did!!!!

This book was so different and so good! The sex wasn’t graphic, but it didn’t need to be. The sex and chemistry between Joss and Matt was written in a way that gave me butterflies. I have to say that the scene on the observation deck is one of my all-time favorites in a BOOK OR A MOVIE! I won’t ever forget it….it was so awesome and emotional. When Joss Met Matt is more than a sweet, sexy romance, it’s about friendship and growing up! You need to read this one now!!!

**ARC was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

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~ No Way Out (Hawks MC Series, Book 4) by Lila Rose Cover Reveal ~


Title: No Way Out
Author: Lila Rose
Series: Hawks MC Series, Book 4
Genre: Fiction/Humorous/Romance/Erotica 
Cover Designer: Louisa at LM Creations
Release Date: March 23rd

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Trapped in a marriage since the age of twenty-one, Malinda May is finally free. Having lost her biker husband, she is determined to keep her two teenage children as far away from the MC lifestyle as possible, a lifestyle which has brought her nothing but heartache and fear. Life is never that simple. Relentless in their mission to prove to Malinda that not all bikers are bad, the Hawks’ women are determined to support Malinda and her family, whether she wants it or not. In her struggle to keep her distance, Malinda soon battles her desire to keep her family safe or relent and begin to trust the MC.
Tired of women and their mind games, Declan Stoke knows women are only good for keeping his bed warm for a night. Having once thought he’d found the one, he’s no longer willing to put his heart on the line. Even when faced with the temptation of a wounded, sexy woman, he steers clear…well, tries to.
Malinda and Stoke find themselves at an impasse, one seemingly impossible to navigate through. With trouble brewing, life is going to get complicated, and for Malinda, she’s trapped with no way out.

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~ Wait for Me by BJ Grinder and TS McKinney Blog Tour + Giveaway ~

Book: Wait for Me

Author: TS McKinney & BJ Grinder

 Genre: Dark Erotica

SynopsisSusannah is a dominatrix and FBI agent. Jasper is a younger submissive who wants to surrender to her every desire. The dominant side of her wants him badly, but the age gap holds her back. Susannah’s first assignment introduces her to the sickening world of human trafficking. Jasper, a genius with computers, jumps at the chance to do anything that will allow him to spend time with Susannah. When Susannah is betrayed, Jasper is abducted.
Will Susannah rescue Jasper before too much damage is done to his body…and soul? Will she get the chance to prove her love?

about the authorsBJ Grinder was born and raised in a small Tennessee town.  She is the single mother of four children, three dogs and three frogs.  She enjoys hiking, reading, and, of course, writing. With a life this busy, sometimes a girl needs to escape into the fantasy land offered by books.
TS McKinney lives in East Tennessee with her high school sweetheart/husband and all the countless dogs she picks up from deserted country roads.  Her professional career has been in business but her heart has always belonged to the fantasy world found in books.  Creating wicked worlds where one can meet the perfect hero – and then do anything to him that you want – has been a hobby that has brought her plenty of hours of fun and naughty entertainment.  When not working, reading, or writing, she loves to spend time with her family and forcing them (because they don’t really have a choice) to allow her redecorate their houses…and listen to her naughty…sometimes sadistic stories.
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~ Forgive Me by Salice Rodgers Cover Reveal ~


Title: Forgive Me

Author: Salice Rodgers

Release Date: March, 2015

Series: Say Something #2

Published by Entertwine Publishing


It’s been a month since Marshall left Joslynn in the hospital. She’s trying to heal and get through life without him when an old threat comes back in to her life. Will she make it without Marshall? Or will true love prevail?

Abou the author


Born and raised in Alabama, Salice Rodgers is a wife and mother of three. Books are her Passion. She loves to spend her spare time writing or enjoying the works others have created.

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