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~ REVIEW: Insanity (Havoc #3) by Xavier Neal ~

8111WljuWtL._SL1500_SynopsisWhen Clint “Grim” Walker left for elite training, he never expected the opportunity that was waiting. Suddenly the only thing he’s ever wanted for his career collides with the only woman he’s ever loved. Will Clint be able to survive his biggest challenge yet, or be left to suffer pure insanity?

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daniell review 5 star aI loved Havoc and Chaos but this book was even better. It was the perfect conclusion to Clint and Haven’s story!

Clint has been focusing on his career as a Marine and trying not to remember the way things went so badly between him and Haven.  He knows that he still loves Haven but isn’t sure that he can forgive her. All he knows to do is do what he does best, be a damn good Marine.

Haven has grown from a scared girl into a beautiful, strong woman. She still loves Clint but he must realize she isn’t as broken as she was the day he rescued her.  Haven also wants his forgiveness but knows she wasn’t the only one to blame for their problems. 

Can Clint and Haven forgive each other for their mistakes and embrace a future together?

I loved this book! I loved both Haven and Clint, as well as the secondary characters in this book. I have to admit, at the end of Chaos, I wasn’t loving Haven but she totally redeemed herself and I understood why she did what she did.  And the healing that goes on between Clint and his estranged father is wonderfully emotional.  I look forward to Clint’s Marine brothers, Glove and Lordy, getting their own books as they are both such entertaining characters.  Xavier, you are a fantastic author and I enjoy reading anything you write!! You write about such engaging characters and I can always expect to experience a wide range of emotions, from happiness to heartbreak, and I love them all!! 

Abou the authorXavier Neal lives in Texas where she spends her time getting lost in writing, reading, or fandoms she recently discovered. Whether she is enjoying books or movies, she continues finding inspiration at every turn to bring more exciting stories to life.

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~ Stay for Me by Megan Smith Release Blitz + Giveaway ~

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Title: Stay for Me

Author: Megan Smith

Release Date: March 16, 2015

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SynopsisEli Sabatino, determined to make a name for himself amid Seaside, New Jersey’s nightlife, has laid out the perfect plan for success. But that plan didn’t include Layla, the hopeful bartender who walked in for an interview. He knows, as an employee, this blonde bombshell is off-limits but he can’t fight the undeniable force of attraction that pulls him toward her.

Layla Del Luca has the weight of the world on her shoulders. With a full course load, a boyfriend, a sister to take care of, and an alcoholic mother, she needs to regain control of her life. Her job at Fierce is priority number one. But a complication she didn’t expect looms behind the eyes of Eli, her handsome new boss.

Emotions collide full force and they can no longer turn a blind eye to what their hearts are telling them.

But, can their passion survive when Eli can no longer promise the one thing Layla asks of him? Will everything change? Will he stay?


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Abou the author


USA TODAY bestselling author Megan Smith is a New Jersey native who creates the memorable characters her fans have grown to adore.

Smith is a wife and mother, who makes time for her family, professional life and the creation of the characters. Fans of The Love Series – Trying Not To Love You, Easy To Love You, Hard To Love You, Let Me Love You, A Christmas To Love You – are captivated by relationships, special bonds and family ties pervasive in Smith’s emotional, energized and engaging work.

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~ Changing Tides by Sarah Darlington Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway ~

CHANGING TIDES by Sarah Darlington
“Nate West. Hollywood bad-boy. Television megastar. Womanizer. Basically everything I hate about the male species rolled into one handsome package. And yet…I want him.”
Ellie Turner is a lesbian. She has tattoos, short hair, and a ‘don’t-mess-with-me-attitude.’ She knows who she is, loves who she is, and couldn’t care less what the rest of the world thinks of her. And since she has the most kick-ass best friend on the planet, Noah Clark, even when family drama gets in the way, nothing can offset her happy-go-lucky demeanor.
Until television star Nate West comes along. All thick muscle and alpha-male testosterone. When Ellie meets him on an airplane the only thing Nate West should be good for is a brand new profile picture on Facebook. Right? Wrong. Turns out he’s good for so much more.
This man is going to flip everything Ellie thought she knew about herself upside down.

***NA Romance. This novel is the second book in the Kill Devil Hills series, however it can be read as a standalone. Recommended for 18+

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christie review 5 star a

“Sometimes in life-very rarely, I might add-you meet someone, and you know instantly they’re going to mean something special to you.” ~Ellie~

What an amazing book about love and self-discovery! I have been a fan of Sarah Darlington’s for quite a while now, but I have to say that this one is my favorite so far!!!! Changing Tides is Ellie’s story, and what a story it is! She is traveling to the west coast with her sister and friends. It’s an important trip for several reasons, but she has no idea how very much her life will change. She meets one of her favorite actors on the plane, Nate West, and it’s a meeting to remember…both for them and for me. Ellie is blown away as she questions so much about her life…like she’s supposed to be a lesbian, but this man makes her feels things she has NEVER felt with anyone, man or woman! This is an incredible journey for both Nathaniel (he prefers to be called that) and Ellie!

I loved the romance between Ellie and Nathaniel; it was sweet and spicy. It developed pretty quickly between the two of them, but after getting to know both of their characters and personalities, it worked for them. There was a little bit of angst between them, but not too much. Nathaniel pretty much knew what he wanted after seeing her for the first time. Ellie was the one who had to wrap her mind around her feelings for him. As I write all the time in my reviews, I love a romance with a deeper depth to them, and Changing Times had both…even down to the title. Changing Tides was perfect for Ellie’s journey of love and self-discovery. It’s a lesson in love, both romantic, love for your family, and love for yourself. Don’t label yourself and limit yourself, just know what makes you happy, and live…everything else will fall into place.

As an added note, there is a hint of a mystery, not really a cliffhanger, just a continuation of the series. Darlington did a fantastic job of setting us up for her next novel, Pulled Under, (again, perfect title after reading the preview). I will be anxiously awaiting this one!!!!!


Other novels in the Kill Devil Hills Series:


Noah is determined to escape his past and keep his life under control. Then he saves the life of his best friend’s little sister, Georgina Turner — who is battling her own demons. He can’t get her out of his head, even if Georgina tears down the emotional walls he so carefully built.

Read chapter 1 and 2 here

Abou the author

Sarah Darlington lives in Virginia with her husband and two-year-old son. She’s a former flight attendant, navy brat, constant day-dreamer, wannabe photographer, and an avid scrapbooker. She loves to travel and is working on visiting all 50 states.

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~ Give Me All of You by F. L. Jacob Release Blitz ~

unnamed (2)
Beth Emmons would not allow herself fall in
love. She’d been burned in the worst way
possible, leaving her with a secret that made her the black sheep of the
Jake Martin wasn’t looking for love. After his ‘true love’ married another, he
kept to himself and lived the life of a bachelor.
When their paths crossed in Mexico, they
couldn’t get enough of each other. Beth
kept to her ‘friends with benefits’ plan, while Jake wanted more. A pregnancy scare caused Beth to run from Jake. Jake gave Beth the space she needed even if
it was going to kill him. Christmas at the Black Hollywood Club reunited them
and made them stronger.
Now, the family Beth wanted to forget pops back
into her life needing her full attention.
All the while, Beth’s secret is busting at the seams causing her to once
again distance herself from Jake. Jake
decides enough is enough and vows to fight for the love of his life, his real
true love.
Will Beth be able to give herself to
Jake? Can Jake’s love give Beth the
strength she needs, or will her secrets cause them to fall apart again, leaving
them shattered . . . unable to pick up the pieces.
*Give Me All of You is book 3 is the Black
Hollywood Series. It can be read as a
authors other books
GMAOYTeaser2Abou the author
I am a mommy of two, wife to an amazing man, and full time employee. Life is crazy and busy! I started writing again during a darker time in my life in a group write in a Facebook group. They brought back my passion for writing that I haven’t felt since high school and helped me through hard times.
Starting this process was tedious and nerve-wracking, but my amazing ladies and my fabulous husband have inspired me to take my love for writing to the next step.
My current books are Have I Told You, I Won’t Give Up on You, A Very Merry Black Hollywood Christmas, all part of the Black Hollywood Series. Coming Soon will be Give Me All of You, book 3 in the BH Series.
Coming later 2015, One in a Million. New Characters, New story, Standalone! More information coming soon.
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~ Invaluable (The Trident Code #2) by Alana Albertson Cover Reveal + Giveaway ~


by Alana Albertson
Publication Date: Spring 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense


SynopsisI’ll be honest with you—I’m no saint. Sure, when I turned down my 3.6 million dollar football contract to join the SEAL Teams, the media had a field day. Selfless, patriotic, an American hero. But the God’s honest truth was that I was bored with that world, the playboy lifestyle, the ass kissing, the lack of integrity. There’s even a line in one of our cadences: “When I go to heaven St. Peter he will say ‘Did you earn your living? Did you earn your pay?’ My reply was with a little bit of thunder ‘I earned my living killing down under.’” You’ve read the tabloids—I’m infallible, invincible, invaluable. But it wasn’t that deep—I just wanted some action.

A one night stand with a San Diego coed, no promise for tomorrow. I picked her out of a steamy nightclub—sexy blonde hair, curvy hips, nice ass. After she rode me all night, I took in the ocean view from my condo, thankful for the blissful moments she gave me to get me through my long deployment—I savored the warm touch of a woman, the scent of her perfume and the sound of her laughter.

As fate would have it, I crossed paths with Miss San Diego again, halfway across the world in Afghanistan. Turns out she was a NFL Cheerleader sent on a USO tour to entertain my Team. Her convoy was ambushed, and insurgents held her hostage deep in the mountains. I’d gazed into her beautiful blue eyes and given her my word that she’d be safe. And my word is my bond.

I’ll never win MVP, never get the Super Bowl ring, but some heroes don’t play games.

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Abou the author


Alana Albertson is the former President of both Romance Writers of Americas’s Young Adult and Chick Lit chapters and the founder of Academe Advantage, a college admissions & test preparation company. Alana Albertson holds a Masters of Education from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Stanford University. A recovering professional ballroom dancer, Alana currently writes contemporary romance and young adult fiction. She lives in San Diego, California, with her husband, two young sons, and four dogs. When she’s not spending her time needlepointing, dancing, or saving dogs from high kill shelters through Pugs N Roses, the rescue she founded, she can be found watching episodes of House Hunters, Homeland, or Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.

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~ The Assassin’s Revenge series by Tara Crescent Cover Reveal ~

AssassinCoversThe Assassin’s Revenge series by Tara Crescent


March 16, 2015

SynopsisI have a mission. Kill the man who kidnapped me. Kill the guards who raped me. I have guns and knives and I’m not afraid to use them. Nothing will stop me.

Then I walk into a bar and I notice him. He is gorgeous.

For four long years, my only response to anything sexual has been revulsion and fear. This time, it feels different.

I could use him. I want to use him. I could sleep with him and make a pleasurable memory as a counterpoint to the painful ones. I’m not a frightened young girl anymore. I’m a trained assassin, capable of killing him with my bare hands. This time, I’ll be in control.

He’s just supposed to be a distraction, this mysterious man in the bar that I have a one-night stand with. But I can’t predict the secrets he is hiding… secrets that are about to intersect my world in painful, unanticipated, and dangerous ways.

Abou the authorHello, I’m Tara Crescent. I’ve always fantasized about being a mysterious spy, leading a secret double-life, and now, I find that that’s come true!

Sort of.

By day, I’m a mild-mannered corporate drone in Toronto, but by night, I’m limited only by my imagination; I sit, and I type, and I am a daring writer of BDSM, erotica and romance.

In my spare time, I write of course. I also read, garden, travel, cook, and almost never clean. I just started watching Walking Dead on Netflix (zombie erotica, anyone?), and I’m impatiently awaiting the next episode of Doctor Who. (I would kill for a TARDIS.)

I’ve scribbled bits and pieces all my life, chiefly inspired by what I’m reading, which tends to be mainly science-fiction and fantasy, with a healthy sprinkling of romance and erotica thrown in.

I’m a huge believer in happily-ever-after, but tempered by real life, where happily-ever-after is possible, but takes work. My favorite kind of romance stories are ones that are somewhat believable; I like strong men and women who know what they want out of life, and are driven to get it.

I love reader email; I can be reached at taracrescent@gmail.com.

Happy reading and writing!

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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tara.crescent
Twitter: http://twitter.com/TaraCrescent
Mailing list: http://eepurl.com/IM0dT


~ Death Row by Sienna Lane and Amelia Rivers Release Blitz ~

TITLE: Death Row
AUTHORS: Sienna Lane & Amelia Rivers
RELEASE DATE: March 16, 2015
Kidnapped on her way to work, Evelyn Chambers finds herself at the hands of Death Deceivers MC. After witnessing a shooting the MC doesn’t want to be held accountable for, Evelyn is taken and held hostage. Kept under guard by a biker that goes by the name of Row, Evelyn finds herself in a world so different to her own. Her survival instinct kicking in, Evelyn does what she has to do, determined to get out of there alive.
And with her heart intact.
As his club’s VP, Row will do anything to keep his brothers safe. Even kidnap an innocent woman. Evelyn is unlike any woman Row has ever met. Learning that she sees everything in black and white, with no shades of grey, Row has to convince her not to testify against the club.
And if she doesn’t agree…
He has no choice but to put her life in the hands of the club.
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Abou the author
Sienna Lane and Autumn Karr are two friends with a joint love of reading, writing, candy, and Disney heroes (and Disney songs, of course.)
When they aren’t scheming against fictional characters, or talking about their favourite books, you can find them ogling tattooed models and trying to figure out how to get them to do a cover shoot for their next book.
Together they wrote VENDETTA, releasing this December, and hopefully many more books to come.They love to hear from readers, so don’t hesitate to contact them through their Facebook page (http://on.fb.me/18TGRU9).
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~ Crushed (Breaking the Rules #5) by K Webster Release Blitz ~


by K Webster
Breaking the Rules #5
Publication Date: March 16, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

Blitz: Crushed by K. Webster


SynopsisJackson and Andi have been through a lot. Against all odds, two broken people found each other and somehow became whole. Life should be perfect for them.

But it’s not.

In fact, life is really hard.

All Andi wants is to grow her family, but failure after failure sends her hurtling into a deep depression. Jackson only wants Andi to be happy. So when their dream of having children starts to become a reality, things begin to look up for them.

Unfortunately, life throws them another curveball and they begin to drift apart. Andi hits an all-time low, and the strength of their marriage is tested.

Will Jackson be able to fix the broken pieces of Andi?
Or will she be too crushed to ever be put back together again?

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Abou the author

K Webster2

I love my husband of 11 years and sweet kids. My passions include reading, writing, graphic design, and shopping! I absolutely love social media and the power of how it connects people all over the world. You can usually find me easily on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads!

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~ Keeping Her by Alexis Noelle Release Blitz ~

Keeping Her Release Day! 


SynopsisJulia Fisher was everything to me. I loved her and would have done anything for her. But the night she walked out of my life, after deciding I wasn’t good enough for her, I got out of town as fast as I could.

After six years, I’m coming home.

Now I am going to make it my mission to rub everything she gave up in her face. No matter how much I still love her, I need to bury it deep inside me because she chose him.

 Brian Evans broke my heart—shattered every piece of my soul when he left. He decided that I wasn’t worth the wait.

Now he’s back in town.

He is a constant reminder of the pain that I endured at his hands. I won’t let him break me again.
A lot can happen in six years. People move on, fall in love again, and forget about the pain from the past. Seeing his face, hearing his voice, brings me back to a time when things were simple and love was enough for us.
I can’t let him know that a part of me still loves him.

 Now that they are brought face to face again, will they destroy each once more or will they discover that things aren’t always what they seem? Are some bonds unbreakable? Are some people worth losing everything you have?

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Twitter – @_alexisnoelle_
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Snapchat – alexisnoelle01
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 Abou the authorAlexis Noelle lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband, and three kids. On top a writing career, she is a full-time student and a full-time mom. She loves spending time with her kids, although she has to hide the computer from them when she is writing! She love being active and being outdoors, especially if it involves any kind of shopping.

She has always been passionate about writing. She loves to read romance books and feels like being able to lose yourself in a book is one of the more exciting aspects. The books she loves to read and write will be ones that make you feel for the characters. Ashley believes that you should have an opinion on every character in a book whether you love them, hate them, or think they are up to something.

She also believes that the most important critic is your reader, so she loves to hear from the readers. She want her fans to be open & talk to her about what they want for the characters in the story, and what they would like to see happen.