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Title: Love, Exes and Ohs (Cactus Creek, #4)

Author: Violet Duke

Release Date: March 17, 2015

Genre: Contemporary Romance

goodreadsSynopsisHe may very well be the perfect ex…

Isaac McKnight has had enough loss in his life to know never to take anything for granted. So when the perfectly-imperfect-woman-for-him puts an end to their relationship out of the blue, it’s Isaac that makes sure they remain friends. Now a year later, whether it’s at his gym or her brewpub, or the dog park they visit every weekend–though neither of them own a dog–he and Xoey are steadily getting sucked deeper into buddy-zone galaxy, with its dangerous proximity to watch-me-settle-down-with-someone-else abyss. It’s a reality he’s resigned himself to. That is…until one drunken confession changes everything.

But she’s looking for the perfect ‘oh’

For Xoey Montenegro, history has taught her that sometimes, it’s Prince Charming who vanishes without a trace. And fairytale love? Highly overrated. Heck, give her a real and perfect ‘oh’ over that fantasy any day. So as far as rock-solid tequila-fueled plans for her love life go, coming up with a match-finding formula based on the qualities of the men responsible for her three most epic ohs seems brilliant. Except for the fact that one-third of her genius little man-quation is all about her friend Isaac. Actually, more than a third if Xoey were being honest with herself–which she’s not. Because full honesty would require thinking not just about how perfect Isaac really is, but also about how perfect the fourth epic oh she’s kept buried deep in her past once was.

An easy enough thing to keep ignoring…until her past isn’t past tense anymore.


Excerpt“The man ate his Caesar salad with a knife and fork, Isaac.”

Isaac McKnight tried—really tried—not to grin over that one but he was wholly unsuccessful. “I’m sure that’s not nearly as pretentious as it probably looked,” he reasoned graciously, before adding without any remorse whatsoever, “Or maybe the good doctor has been hiding a really small mouth under that bushy beard, and he needs to take dainty little bites.”

Yep, just call him Saint Isaac, Patron of Grace.

Xoey’s immediate burst of laughter over the phone line, which neither confirmed nor denied his guess, instantly had Isaac wondering which of her killer smiles she was wearing right now. He’d bet good money it was the one that lit up those deep mahogany-rich bedroom eyes of hers with pure mischief—the one that hinted her own thoughts were at least twice as sinful as anyone else’s in the room. And three times as unapologetic.

God, he loved that smile. For a few quality seconds with that smile, he’d gladly pony up with all the zingers he’d been storing regarding her most recent Mr. Wrong. But he managed to restrain himself. The last thing Isaac needed was to give karma more reasons to run his ass over.

He was, after all, one of Xoey’s Mr. Wrongs as well.

The reminder was an effective buzzkill that silenced the ticker tape parade that had been playing in his head all morning over Xoey’s latest love life development…an extraordinary showing of self-control for him that lasted a whole ten seconds. Maybe eleven.

A personal best.

With that new shoulder-patting record under his belt, he was already reaching up to switch the phone call over to his truck’s Bluetooth so he could listen to Xoey’s deal-breaking grievances from her date last night the way it was truly meant to be heard.

In stereo.

What could he say? The woman brought out all his ruthless, miserable-sonofabitch possessive tendencies. As far as he was concerned, hearing Xoey’s throaty voice take over his truck’s speakers with a list of reasons why the ‘third date’ she’d gone out on last night would in fact not be resulting in a fourth date—aka sex—with the pharmacist she’d met a few weeks back? Grammy-worthy music to his ears.

He simply didn’t see himself evolving any time soon.



Love, Exes, and Ohs (Cactus Creek, #4)

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Love, Diamonds, and Spades (Cactus Creek, #2)

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Love, Chocolate, and Beer (Cactus Creek, #1)

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Abou the author

violet duke

NEW YORK TIMES & USA TODAY bestselling author Violet Duke is a former professor of English Education who is ecstatic to now be on the other side of the page writing wickedly fun contemporary romance novels. Her NYT and USA Today bestselling books have been Top 10 bestsellers across the major eretailers both in the US and internationally. When she’s not writing or feeding her book-a-day reading addiction, Violet enjoys tackling reno projects with her power tools, trying pretty much anything without reading the directions first, and cooking ‘special edition’ dishes that laugh in the face of recipes. A born and raised island girl, she spends her days getting into creatively fun trouble in Hawai’i alongside her two cute kids (daughter Violet & son Duke) and similarly adorable husband.

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~ Lovely Distraction by JJ Dorn Release Blitz ~

Lovely Distraction
By: J.J. Dorn
I met him over five years ago, when I was still going to the University of Tennessee. I was on spring break and having drinks at a local bar called Havens at home in Huntsville. That was the exact moment when my path collided with Jamieson Wellington and my life was forever changed. He was unlike anyone I had ever met before. I knew I would never be able to forget him after that night, nor did I want to. But unfortunately for us, fate was not kind. 
Now as I sit on this airplane about to leave for my bachelorette party in Las Vegas, I look up to lock eyes with the one person who continuously haunts me day and night. I fight back a sick feeling in my gut, knowing my life has just forced me to a crossroads. I feel the static electricity in the air between us and I know I’m not strong enough to resist him. I never have been, but this time I have so much more to lose. This time Jamieson may just ruin me.
“Are you totally excited or what BFF?” Olivia beamed at me from the window seat of our first class seats. 
“Yes! I can’t believe we are going to Vegas for my Bachelorette party!” I was very excited for a weekend getaway with my two best friends, Audrey and Olivia. In a few short months I was going to be getting married to my boyfriend of a year, Cain Stratford. We had met in law school during our third year and we had become study partners. It took Cain all of three study sessions before he asked me out with such confidence it stunned me at first. But I knew on that first date that Cain and I were perfectly matched. We had similar passions and goals in life. We made sense.   
“I for one can’t wait to get my party on.” Audrey announced from beside me, shifting my attention back to our ensuing trip. I was looking forward to this vacation. I needed it. I was exhausted between planning this wedding and working endlessly as a new associate attorney at large firm. I was hoping a three day vacation would be the perfect thing to reenergize me. 
“Oh shit.” I heard Olivia say as I was rummaging through my bag on the floor in front of me. 
“What did you forget?” I looked over at her but her eyes were wide and her face was locked on the front of the plane. 
I followed the direction in which Livy was looking and I gasped. I couldn’t help it. The mere sight of him sent my body and my mind into overdrive. It took just a half a second before his eyes locked onto mine and a hint of a grin spread wide across his lips. Fuck my life!
“Oh no, here we go.” I heard Audrey mumble from the seat next to mine but I couldn’t respond to her. I felt like I was having an out of body experience. What are the chances that the one that got away, or in my case the one that ran away, ends up crashing my Bachelorette party?
*  *  *
Five Years Earlier…  Continue reading this story here…..




Abou the author

J.J. Dorn lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and terrifyingly maniacal cat, Pippa Kiddleton. She currently owns three American Paint Horses. She has been riding and competing since she was a very young child. J.J. competes on a national level with her horses. When she isn’t spending time at the barn, she is busy working on her next novel.

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~ Going Against Type by Sharon Black Book Blitz ~

Going Against Type by Sharon Black - 200SynopsisSome would say Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Regan has it all. Beautiful, smart, athletic and a great job working as a journalist – in the almost exclusively male sports department. But Charlotte is not quite as sure as she seems. Recently split from her overbearing boyfriend, she escapes for weekends, surfing in the Atlantic, and spends her free nights watching sports, roaring at the TV.
Derry Cullinane is a fashion writer, gossip columnist and sophisticated man-about-town. The go-to guy for any woman seeking expert advice on what fabulous outfit to wear for any given occasion. He’s also tall, dark, good looking – and straight! So what’s the snag? He has a track record of dating glamorous, vain and shallow women.
Charlie gets an opportunity to write a new column under the pen name Side Swipe, but is soon drawn into a war of words and wit with a rival paper’s columnist The Squire – and their verbal fireworks get readers and editors talking. Yet neither Charlie nor Derry knows just whom the opponent is…
When Charlotte and Derry meet at the Races, the attraction is instant. As their relationship develops, so much more proves at stake, than protecting their alter egos. But a blunder puts Charlotte’s job in jeopardy just as Derry’s past makes front page, and Charlotte begins to doubt her feelings.
When Side Swipe and The Squire are finally forced to reveal themselves, will they revert to type – or confound everyone’s expectations?

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Excerpt‘Ow!’ Charlotte yelled as the man in front of her stepped back heavily on her foot. He turned quickly, scowling down at her from under a Panama hat. Realizing she was clutching her foot in pain, his face cleared to concern.
                ‘I’m terribly sorry. Were you standing very close to me? Is your foot all right?’
Charlotte glared at him in disbelief.
                ‘Yes, that must have been it. I got under your feet! It was completely my fault,’ she countered, massaging her foot. He burst out laughing and regarded her small leather brogues.
                ‘You have very small feet, don’t you? I really am sorry, I didn’t see you at all.’
What was so damned funny? Charlotte drew herself up to her full five foot, three inches and continued to glare up at Panama Hat Man. He had to be at least a foot taller than her.
                ‘You’re as clumsy as an elephant,’ Charlotte replied indignantly.
               ‘Actually, elephants aren’t that clumsy.’ The man grinned as he swept off his Panama hat to reveal a shock of black, slightly curling hair.
                ‘Please accept my deepest apologies.’ He arched one dark eyebrow. ‘Any tips for the next race?’
Charlotte hesitated. ‘I’m not sure if you should listen to me…’
                ‘On the contrary,’ he murmured, a faint Cork accent filtering through, ‘Race looks wide open.’
                ‘What’s your bet?’ shouted the bookie, and Charlotte suddenly realized they’d reached the top of the queue. She nursed her sore foot as Mr Panama Hat muttered to the bookie, before taking his docket and turning briefly around.  
                ‘Wish me luck!’ he said, before disappearing to view the race.
                ‘You betting miss?’ the bookie said.
                ‘Um, sure. A tenner on Green Velvet – to win,’ Charlotte decided suddenly, still thrown by the encounter. Dammit, what had she tipped for this race? She couldn’t remember if it was Green Velvet. But the bookie was waiting. She handed over her money. Once the horses were called to starters orders, the bookies’ pitch cleared fast.
Charlotte pulled out a notebook and asked the bookmaker a few questions about how the festival was going. The sun disappeared and she pushed her sunglasses on top of her head.
No sign of the good looking Panama Hat Man. Good looking? She’d bet her last cent that he bloody knew it too. Who the hell wore Panama hats in Ireland? It had shaded those brown eyes…so get yourself a dog if you like brown eyes, Charlotte.
‘…Penny Farthing and Lucky Dip, nothing between these two. And Green Velvet’s coming with a late run. Green Velvet gaining! And Margin of Error’s dropped out of it altogether. And with a furlong to go, it’s Penny Farthing and Green Velvet drawing clear.
               ‘Yes!’Charlotte shouted, scrambling up on to the bookies’ stand to watch the horses gallop to the finish line. ‘Come on Green Velvet!’
‘Penny Farthing and Green Velvet, stride for stride, it must be a photo. I can’t separate them but I think Lucky Dip takes third. Green Velvet may have got it in the last stride….It’s Green Velvet in first place. Green Velvet wins, followed by Penny Farthing. And Lucky Dip takes third.’

Charlotte grinned delightedly at the bookie as she jumped down off the stand. As an afterthought, she pulled out her column, searching for her tips. Her top tip had been Margin of Error. The horse had been badly beaten. She shrugged philosophically. Nobody got it right all the time.

Abou the authorSharon 254 bSHARON Black grew up in Dublin. She studied history and politics at University College Dublin and then did post-graduate in journalism at Dublin City University.
She has worked for national newspapers, including The Evening Herald and The Irish Examiner.
She had short stories published in U Magazine and won the 2010 Dromineer Literary Festival short story competition.
When she is not writing, she reads, walks and sees friends. She co-founded a local book club 14 years ago. She loves theatre, old Hollywood films, science fiction and good stand-up comedy.
She lives in Sandymount, Dublin, with her husband and their three children.

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~ Dissident by Cecilia London Release Blitz ~

dissidentsmallercoverSynopsisShe once was important. Now she’s considered dangerous.

In a new America where almost no one can be trusted, Caroline lies unconscious in a government hospital as others decide her fate. She is a political dissident, wanted for questioning by a brutal regime that has come to power in a shockingly easy way. As she recovers from her injuries, all she has are her memories. And once she wakes up, they may not matter anymore.

Part One of a Six Part Series. Each part is a full length novel between 60,000-120,000 words and ends in a cliffhanger. For readers 18+. This saga contains adult situations, including non-gratuitous violence, explicit (consensual) sex, psychological and physical trauma, and an oftentimes dark and gritty plot (particularly in part two).

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They had been dragging themselves through the woods for hours, with him holding the flashlight and leading the way, and her faltering through the ice and snow trying to keep his pace. They moved slowly, their injuries hindering their flight. The forest was thick and foreboding and the biting winter wind whistled through the branches in the trees, cutting them to the core. They listened for the sound of flowing water in the hope that the Allegheny River was no longer frozen over and they could follow it up to New York.

They knew their odds were long but held out faith that despite the blustering wind and bitter cold, they could somehow find a way to Buffalo. The Canadian border. Their last, best chance at safety.

The flashlight began to flicker and the man knew that the batteries would only last them so much longer. It had been snowing earlier in the night, but the clouds had been carried away by the wind and the flashlight was supplemented by the glow of the winter moon.  He turned the flashlight off and his wife tumbled into him.

“Jack, why did you do that?” It was hard for her to stay upright without her momentum to keep her going, and even harder to follow him without the artificial light.

“The flashlight’s getting low and the moon is relatively bright. We should conserve the batteries. Do you need to rest?” he asked, knowing the answer was yes.

“No,” she lied. “Let’s keep going.”

He put the flashlight in his coat pocket, feeling it bump up against the gun he had concealed there. He put his arm around her waist and hoisted her up.

“Let’s go,” he said, as he kept his arm around her to steady her as she walked.

Their pace continued to slow until they were hardly moving at all. He could see her grimacing with every step, could hear her labored breathing, and he knew that she was much more seriously injured than she was letting on. Although he himself was in pain he did his best to keep them both going. His ankle was sprained and the weight of two people upon it was almost too much for him to bear. But they couldn’t stop.

He saw a clearing up ahead and knew they were nearing a road. But that wasn’t what they wanted. Roads meant people and people meant danger. Almost no one could be trusted. The soldiers who had run their car off the road were biding their time, waiting, until the moment was right to come after them again.

The two of them weren’t about to make themselves easy prey by following a path trod by others. Their footsteps were not hard to trace because of the snow, but it was better than being out in the open. No, the river was their best bet, their least dangerous path north.

He turned sharply and started to steer them both away from the road, as close to a westerly direction as he could manage. He was a suburban Philly boy and could only depend on his poor instincts to guide him.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“We need to find the river, Caroline. There’s a road up ahead and we have to avoid it.”

The woods grew hilly and she began to struggle. He was practically carrying her as they made their way up an incline and he knew he wouldn’t be able to support her much longer.  Suddenly she broke free of him and lurched into a nearby tree, sinking to the ground.

She pulled off her earmuffs and loosened her scarf with difficulty, her back to the tree. He could tell she was in tremendous pain and knelt down in the snow beside her.

“Sweetheart, we have to keep going,” he said.

Her face was windswept and her eyes were red.  She was sweating in spite of the cold and he could practically hear her heart beating out of her chest.

“Jack, I can’t do this. I’m too tired. I can’t breathe.”

“Yes, you can. We can keep going. I’ll help.”

“You can’t help. You can barely walk while you’re lugging me along.” She began to cry.

He wiped away some of her tears with his gloved hand. “We’ll stop for a minute, all right? Then we’ll start again.”

She closed her eyes and tried to breathe. The tears coursed silently down her face. He let her rest, hoping that she would then tell him they could move on even though they really had no time to waste. She opened her eyes a few moments later and looked at him. His breath caught in his throat. Her brown eyes, which had once been so warm, confident, and loving, were now laced with a fear he’d never seen before.

“You have to go,” she said. “Now.”

We have to go,” he corrected her.

“No. You.”

“No.” He looked at her incredulously. “We.”

“You have to go, Jack. It’s the only way.”

His mind started racing. He couldn’t wrap his head around what she was suggesting.

“No. I’m not leaving you here.”

She closed her eyes again. The wetness on her face was beginning to freeze in place. Her voice broke.

“Tell my girls how much I love them.” She stifled a sob. “Tell them I’m sorry.”

Her children. Their children. Who were hopefully already in Canada.

“This is absurd, Caroline. I’m not leaving you here alone. Are you insane? We’re wasting time.”

“You can move ten times faster without me. You know I’m right.”

Hot, angry tears pricked his eyes. “I’m not leaving you, sweetheart. There has to be another way.”

“This is the only way and you know it.” She took her left glove off and traced his lips with her bare fingers. “My darling. My Monty. I love you so.”

He kissed her fingers and wrapped them in his, trying to warm them. “I’m not leaving you,” he repeated.

Her voice was weak, but firm. “This is bigger than us. You have to go. Get to Canada. Share that information. Stop Santos. Don’t let all our sacrifices be for nothing.”

“I love you.” He took off his gloves and began to caress her face with his bare hands. “I’m not leaving you.”

“Listen to me. You are going to go. You are going to get to Canada. You are going to get this flash drive to people who can do something with it. Please, Jack. Please do this for me.”

He was adamant. “I am not leaving you here!”

“You are. You need to go. They will find us soon and they’ll find us even sooner if we’re moving together.” She tried to straighten up, using the tree for support. “If you don’t leave, I swear to God I will never forgive you. I mean it. There is no point in both of us getting captured or worse. Please. Do this for me.”

He kissed her forehead, still cradling her face in his hands, and the tears in his eyes spilled over. “Don’t make me do this. I can’t. I won’t leave you.”

“Go,” she whispered. “Go before they catch up with us.”

She removed the glove from her right hand and began to slip her wedding rings off her left ring finger. Her large diamond and sapphire engagement ring glistened in the moonlight. She’d thought it was gaudy when he’d first given it to her, and the media had loved speculating about how much it must have cost. But she’d grown accustomed to it. Aside from its sentimental value, it was now almost worthless in the fragile American economy.

She fumbled through the simple task, her hands numbed by the cold. She placed the rings in Jack’s hand and wiped the tears from his face. He searched her eyes for an explanation.

“They’re no good to me out here,” she said. “Take them. They belong to you. I don’t want those bastards to have them.” She closed her eyes and began to nod off.

Jack grabbed her chin, desperate to keep her awake. “Stay with me, Caroline. We can do this.”

“Go now.” Her voice was fading. “Be safe. Be strong.”

Jack brought his lips to hers and kissed her hard, wanting it to last, wanting to breathe life into her, to give her the strength to keep going. He gripped her rings tightly in his fist. The prongs from the engagement ring were prodding into his ice cold palm, but he was oblivious to the pain they caused. He didn’t want to break the connection between them. Caroline brought her hands up to his stocking cap, drew it off, and ran her fingers through his hair. He pulled back, his lips close to hers.

They heard a rustling in the distance and Jack turned his head, not sure of what he would find. He half hoped that a deer would come gliding through the trees but he knew that would be too good to be true. Their luck had run out too many times. Caroline squeezed his hand, the one with the rings in it.

“Go, Jack. They’re coming. Go.”

He pressed his lips to hers again, a long, frantic kiss. She pushed him away and reached into her coat pocket, pulling out her Glock and an extra magazine. “Take these. You might need them.”

Jack dropped the rings into one of the interior pockets of his coat, and heard them clink against the box containing the flash drive he was hiding. He put the gun and magazine in his outer coat pocket and leaned down to kiss her cheek. She very clumsily put his stocking cap back on his head and stroked his face, wiping away the wetness there.

“I will always be with you,” she whispered, so softly he could barely hear her.

He took in a sharp, painful breath and quickly put his gloves back on. The night air was freezing. “I will come back for you, Caroline. Understand? I promise I will come back. I’m not giving up. I will find someone we can trust and I will come back.”

She smiled and closed her eyes.

He heard the rustling getting closer. There was almost no way that noise was an animal. And he knew he had only one choice.

He ran.

Abou the authorCecilia London is my pen name. I am a native Midwesterner who never thought I’d end up in Texas and yet here I am, determined to help Keep San Antonio Lame. I have been known to dabble in the practice of law. I can apply Simpsons quotes to everyday life, and I live for baseball season.  I’ve been writing off and on since I was a kid and the characters in this saga have been in my head for years but I haven’t had a vehicle for them until now. There aren’t many books about how dystopias/totalitarian political regimes come into existence, and I wanted to touch upon that topic while still maintaining a primary focus on the epic romance. Each part of the saga has a number of flashbacks to help illustrate what happened in the heroine’s life before things began to crumble (plus, it was an excuse to add a lot of sex scenes).  Dissident is my first published novel.

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~ Retribution (Deception Series Book 2) by K.A. Robinson Release Blitz + Giveaway ~


RetributionCoverSynopsisWhen Claire walked away from Cooper, she thought she was doing the right thing, the safe thing. Marrying Robert was supposed to solve all of her problems.
Unfortunately, Claire’s view of Robert changes from perfect to terrifying when she sees a new side of her husband—a violent side.
The last person she expects to save her is Cooper. When he does, they form an alliance to bring Robert down for not only hurting Claire, but for the death of Robert’s first wife and Cooper’s mother, Marie.
As Claire digs deeper into Robert’s past, she learns some truths that can never be forgotten. Suddenly, Claire is in danger, and Cooper is the only one who can help her.
Enter the world of Claire, Cooper, and Robert as new alliances are formed, relationships are shattered, and feelings simmering under the surface are suddenly brought to light.
Can Claire survive the truth long enough for Robert to finally face retribution for his past?

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ExcerptChapter One Link

View of a young woman lying on a beach playing with sandDeception SERIES Info


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~ Strictly Temporary Vol 2 by Ella Fox Release Blitz + Giveaway ~

strictly temporary release day blitz two strictly temporary volume 2

Congrats & Happy Release to Ella Fox!  

Strictly Temporary Volume #2 is LIVE!  

Are you ready for the conclusion to Exton & Arden’s story?

SynopsisThe conclusion to Arden & Exton’s story.

Just a Small Towne girl…

Raised on fairytales and dreams of true love, Arden Winger left for college with a smile on her face and a happy, hopeful heart. Fast-forward seven years and that small town is behind her, but not the baggage she’s been carrying since she left.

Just a city boy…

It’s not that Exton Alexander had anything against relationships—he just never had the desire to try. Not necessarily jaded, Exton considered himself a realist. Little did he know, the one woman that would change everything was about to rock his world. This Alpha male knows the second he lays eyes on her that Arden is special– now he just has to work past her defenses.

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strictly temporary tour teaser 3ExcerptOpening the door, I find Dante and Sabrina on the other side.  Swinging it wide, I smile broadly as I gesture for them to come it.

“Exton’s been out all day at a production meeting, but—“

“We need to sit down and talk.”

I’m shocked by the serious expression on Dante’s face, but instead of questioning him, I follow as he leads me into Exton’s living room.  Dropping down on to a chair, I wait for him to fill me in.  As Sabrina takes a seat on the arm of the chair and sets a reassuring hand on my shoulder, my stomach sinks.  Something is wrong.

Raking a hand through his hair, Dante lets out a frustrated sigh.  “There’s no easy way to say this, so I’m just going to give it to you straight.  Exton’s been arrested for assault. He’s in jail.”

Jumping from my seat I cry out in shock. “What the hell are we doing sitting?  We need to go get him out!”

“There’s nothing that we can do until tomorrow,” He answers. “His bail hearing will happen in the morning.  I need you to pack so that we can be there.”

Looking over at Sabrina, I try to comprehend what’s going on. “I don’t understand—what?  Why would we need to fly?”

“That would be because he’s being held at the Small Towne police department.”

Strictly Temporary (Volume One)

ONLY $0.99

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Abou the author
ella fox bioElla Fox  writes like a woman possessed whenever she gets the chance!  She is the author of The Hart Family Series, The Renegade Saints Series and The Catch Series.

When she’s not writing, Ella indulges the gypsy in her blood and travels the country.  Ella loves reading, movies, music, buying make-up, reading Tmz, Twitter and pedicures… not necessarily in that order. She has a wild sense of humor and loves to laugh.  Her favorite thing in the world is hanging out with her family and watching comedy movies.

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~ Famous by Kahlen Aymes Release Blitz + Giveaway ~

FAMOUS by Kahlen Aymes

Famous Amazon GRSWCover design by Sarah Hansen, Okay Creations
Follow Okay Creations on FacebookSynopsis

Caden Carlisle is a world-renowned superstar with good looks, million dollar movie deals and women throwing themselves at him wherever he goes. He has it all… but wants nothing more than a normal life without the paparazzi and glitz.

Brooklyn Holloway is an up and coming starlet with a solid head on her shoulders and her eyes wide open. It’s all about art for her and she isn’t looking to star in blockbuster films. She’s perfectly happy keeping a low profile and doing indie projects with a message.

When fate throws the two of them together on set; both are unprepared for their undeniable connection. Cade is drawn to Brook’s down-to-earth wholesomeness and she can’t help the irresistible pull of his good looks, sense of humor and chivalrous ways… So, when he begins to think he’s in love with her, resisting is next to impossible, despite being committed to someone else.

Only when filming ends and the world’s fascination with celebrity invades their bubble, can they decide if the emotions they felt on set were scripted, or forever.
GR Logo

I felt the walls were crashing in around me. I tried to push against his chest, but he only held me tighter, his arms going around my back.

“Go back to your… girlfriend!” I said the words softly, but inside I was screaming. His eyes were wide, and he was breathing fast when he looked at my tear stained face

“Brook, this is so fucked up! Please listen to me. Until twenty seconds ago, I thought you were with David!” His voice was thick with pain, as he tried to stop my struggles.

My useless struggles quieted, and defeat filled my voice. “Cade, I beg you, please let me go. Don’t make a scene that neither one of us can afford. We don’t need the rags telling the wrong story to the world. Please, I just gotta get out of here.” I struggled against him again, and this time his arms dropped to his sides. He stood in front of me, staring in stunned disbelief.

“Please don’t follow me.” I turned and ran out to the street.Purchase Links

BannerFamousLiveBarnes and Noble ~ Smashwords ~ iBooks

Cade Teaser OneAbou the author

I’m a single mother of one daughter, Olivia. She’s amazing in every way.

I was born in the Midwestern United States and educated at a private university where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Administration.

I’ve always been creative with art, music, theater and writing. I decided to write a story as a way to build a network for a business venture. The reader support of my stories and my overwhelming desire to find out where my characters would take me, soon had the writing morphing the business. No one was more shocked than I. When readers began nominating my work for online awards, it took my breath away and only made me love it more. It soon became clear that writing was, and should be, my links

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~ The Light House by Jason Luke Release Day Blitz ~

Title: The light house
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance 
 ‘The light house’ – A love story.
Art has always been Blake McGrath’s life. Scarred by tragedy, he’s hiding from the world on a lonely beach, struggling with loss and bitter regrets.
Connie is a disillusioned art dealer with troubled relationship issues of her own. Through her sudden mysterious appearance, Blake once again returns to the craft he has mastered to prove to himself that there is hope, that redemption is possible… and that love can last.

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Abou the author
 Jason Luke is an Australian man who lives on the far South Coast of New South Wales with his long time girlfriend. 
Jason publishes a Blog where he posts free snippets of erotic romance fiction every single day. To find out more about Jason’s daily Blog, click link → jasonluke
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There is also a Jason Luke Fan page on Facebook which is run by a team of dedicated fans. The page is not connected to Jason. It has currently around 10,000 likes.