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~ REVIEW X3: Agonize (Senses Series #7) by Xavier Neal ~


SynopsisTony Reed has always felt second best. To his family. To his best friend. To every girl he’s dated. But when Lex “Lix” Jones, an indie rock star, convinces him to let go of his inhibitions and have a little fun, Tony quickly has a critical decision to make. Are they meant to live in a world of passion together or should he be left alone to agonize?

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michele review 5 star aHoly hot sex Batman! If you thought Logan Kellar was hot, wait until you read about Tony! You may find that he’s even hotter than Kellar (Don’t tell him I said that though 😉 )

Grab your fans ladies; you’re going to need them!

After waking up married to the smoking hot indie rocker Lex, Tony’s life changes forever (one, he now has an unlimited amount of sex ::fans face:: ). Though Tony decides to stay married to the hot rocker to help her with her situation, he starts to develop some strong feels for her that he never expected. As they spend more and more time with each other, he starts to realize that there is more to Lex then what she lets people see.

With Lex’s insecurities about love, Tony has to find a way to prove to her that he wants her to stay around for good. Will Tony be able to show her that he loves her for who she is and now what she pretends to be, or will her insecurities run to deep for her to believe him?

These two were made for each other, here’s to hoping that Tony can make her see that as well!

As I’ve said before in previous reviews for this series, I just LOVE how Xavier is able to tell the characters story, and involve the reader as well. The characters talk to you as if you were there right with them (I’ve found myself responding to them a time or two 😉 ). Xavier does such an amazing job of building the characters, and ever the sub characters so that you fell like you know them.

If you haven’t started reading this series yet, what are you waiting for? You’re missing out on an amazing group of characters!

christie review 5 star aHoly smokes!!!! I thought my Kindle was going to explode! HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!! I always think Xavier’s books can’t get any sexier, but she always proves me wrong, time and time again! Agonize is Tony’s story; he is Maxx’s best friend and the male version of her. He comes across as somewhat of a nerd, but he proved me wrong! Who knew underneath he was a hot sex god???

Agonize was somewhat different than the other books in the series. Readers are introduced to a new character, Lex. Let me just say Agonize starts off with a bang and doesn’t let you out of its clutches until the last page was read. Without spoiling anything, Tony wakes up in Vegas married. It’s a marriage of convenience, but Tony has a hard time remembering that as he begins to develop deeper feelings for his new wife, Lex. She is the polar opposite of Tony. She is a major risk taker and is the life of the party. Can marriage between two opposites turn into something real? Read on to find out!

Xavier is a genius at pulling me into her story by connecting me with her characters. Again, I was the confidante of both characters. This is one of my favorite things about Xavier’s writing, and it never gets old! I like knowing the characters deepest thoughts, feelings, and fears! Readers are always given just even juicy tidbits of the secondary characters in her novels that whets your appetite. Then, when you meet them in their own books, you get to know their deep, dark secrets, and some are explosive! Tony is no different. He comes across as this straitlaced, responsible, average guy who happens to be sexy and hot. But, this average guy persona is an illusion. He’s just as much a sexy, alpha male in the bedroom as Logan and C.J. are! And, Lex, is more than she appears to be too. She comes across as a sexy, confidant, fun-loving woman, yet underneath she’s an insecure girl just looking for love. She and Tony are so different, yet when they are together, they’re just perfect!

Xavier Neal just keeps surprising me with each book she writes. She gives me something different in each book and keeps it fresh and new. And, as usual, she keeps me waiting, may I say very impatiently, for the next book in the series!

daniell review 5 star aTony is a character we meet early on in the Senses series but now we get to know him even better and boy is he full of surprises!!

Tony is tired of being second best. Second best son, second best guy to Logan Kellar with Maxx.  During a weekend in Vegas, Tony finds himself married to the sexy lead singer of an indie band.  He doesn’t regret it though because he has finally found someone that is all about pleasing him and making him happy. 
Lex needs a Green Card to stay in the US and marries Tony in Vegas. She knows this isn’t a real marriage, but who says they can’t enjoy the benefits of living together. She is the good time girl, not true wife material.  But when Tony treats her as his real wife, it becomes more difficult to tell her mind that it is only temporary…or is it?  Has Tony finally found someone that will put him first?  Will Lex realize she is worthy of love?
This book is a shockingly hot read and I loved every minute of it!!  I had no idea that underneath Tony’s nerdy exterior is a smoking hot alpha male!  I loved him as Maxx’s best friend but I always believed he was pretty tame.  I was soooo wrong! Lex fit right into the group and is a great addition to the series. As with the other books in this series, Xavier includes the reader in the experience which makes for exciting and entertaining reading. I look forward to more in this series!!! 

**ARCs were provided in exchange for an honest review**

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