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~ REVIEW: Fisher’s Light by Tara Sivec ~

I guess this is it, huh? After fourteen years together, starting a life of our own on this island, five deployments and countless letters I’ve written you through it all, I finally go out to the mailbox and see something I’ve always dreamed of: an envelope with your handwriting on it. For one moment, I actually thought you’d changed your mind, that all the awful things you said to me were just your way of coping after everything you’d been through. I was still here, Fisher. I was still here, holding my breath, waiting for you to come back even though you told me you never would. You always said you’d find your way back to me. Out of all the lies you’ve told me, this one hurts the most. Enclosed you will find the signed divorce papers, as requested.
I hope you find what you’re looking for. I’m sorry it wasn’t me.

To get the ending they want, Lucy and Fisher will have to go back to the beginning. Through the good and the bad, they’ll be reminded of why they always made their way back to each other, and why this time, one way or another, it will be the last time.

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christie review 5 star a

“The only way you’ll get to the end is by starting at the beginning. Maybe Lucy just needs a reminder of how it all started.”

Loved this book….even when I was crying my eyes out! It was a bit different from other romances I have read. It opens with the heartbreaking end to a marriage that should have lasted forever, but Fisher, our tortured hero, has pushed his soulmate, Lucy, out of his life just when he needed her most.

Fisher has been to hell and back…his mind is tormented and dark. He is a hero who did several tours in the Middle East. Each time he returned he lost more of his mind and soul, replacing the joy and love with darkness and nightmares. His drinking definitely didn’t help. Without ruining this beautiful romance, Fisher realizes his mistake and makes strides to help himself and return to his hometown to battle for Lucy’s heart again. It may be the hardest battle he’s ever faced.


“To get to the good, sometimes you have to live through the bad.”

Lucy and Fisher, along with us, have a lot of bad to go through to get to any good that might be left…be prepared it’s painful yet beautiful. There were happy tears as well as sad tears. Tara Sivec really knows how to connect her readers with her characters and story. You will feel every tear and every laugh with them.

A good portion of the story is told through Fisher in flashbacks through his journal. It’s the story of how he and Lucy met and fell in love. By doing this, I felt like I was a part of their group of friends. I love when the writer pulls me in so much that I can experience the book through my senses She did just that! I could feel the ocean breezes on my face and taste the salt in the air. My favorite part was the lighthouse. She used so much imagery and really tied everything into that special lighthouse and the special beacon it provided for this couple. You will see what I mean when you read it.

While this is one of my favorite romances, it brought more light and understanding to the issues facing our women and men in the armed forces when they return home. We all need to be aware and supportive to our troops and know that they may have changed, but they still have the same soul we love. Thanks, Tara Sivec, for a beautiful, emotional, and heartwarming story!

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~ BREAKING NOAH by Missy Johnson and Ashley Suzanne Blog Tour + Review + Interview + Giveaway ~

breakingnoah-banner_edited-3 BREAKING NOAHBreaking Noah

By: Missy Johnson & Ashley Suzanne

Releasing May 12, 2015


SynopsisWhat happens when you start falling for your worst enemy? Fans of Abbi Glines and Monica Murphy will relish this addictive novel of smoking-hot seduction—and revenge gone so wrong, it’s right.

I wasn’t always this jaded. I had a clear head, things I wanted out of life, and a concise plan on how to get there. For being only twenty-one, I pretty much had it all figured out. Until the day my cousin died.

I spent months going over all the details surrounding her death, trying to figure out how I missed the signs, and the only thing I could come up with was she would still be alive if it wasn’t for one person: her professor. So I transferred to his college, enrolled in his class, and set my new plan in motion.

First I’ll seduce him. Then I’ll ruin him. I’ve just got to stay strong and not let his charm and my emotions get the best of me. Because someone has to pay for her death. If it’s the last thing I do, I’m going to break Noah.

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ExcerptI stare down at my bland cafeteria lunch, my breathing erratic. It took forever, but I finally found a table away from the prying, curious eyes of the other students . . . where I can sit and eat . . . alone. Not that I’m hungry, though. I’m too anxious to eat . . . too worked up. I’m sure anyone close enough to hear my accelerated breathing and my heart pounding away faster than the drum line would think I’ve completely lost my mind—but I don’t care. Now that I’m here, this whole thing has suddenly become real. I’m more shocked that I was able to channel my inner Karly and remain calm and collected. I send a silent prayer thanking her for the strength to get through my first class with him.

I’m actually doing this. Months of planning and I’m actually at Northwestern, in his class, living out my calculated plan of revenge on the person I hate more than anyone else in this world; the person who stole my best friend . . . my cousin . . . right out from under me without any warning at all.

Noah Bain.

Even his name makes me feel sick. I’m honestly surprised I was able to be so close to him—alone with him—for more than a few minutes without ramming a pencil through his eye. But death would be too easy. He needs to pay for his mistake. I just need to figure out the best way to go about this. There really are a lot of options. Maybe I’ll just sit back and let the situation work itself out, and if he turns out to be the creep I know he is, he’ll play right into my trap and half the work will be done for me.

I push my tray across the table, unable to stand the sight of food right now. I need just a little while to calm down. I hate that he’s being so nice to me. It doesn’t change anything, though. This morning, before I actually laid eyes on him, there was just a small spark. Now, after having heard his voice, I can picture him saying all those things to lure Karly, then trying to break her. Who am I kidding? He didn’t just try, he succeeded. And now that tiny spark has turned into a flame so large it’s capable of engulfing me whole.

I’m going to destroy him . . . it’s the one thing I can do to try to get some justice for Karly. I’ll be sure she comes out the winner. He doesn’t get to live his happy little life while she’s rotting away in a box six feet under. She deserves more.

christie review5 star aHOLY SMOKES!!!! I devoured this book within 24 hours of starting it. Once I read the Prologue, I was a goner….I couldn’t put it down. Breaking Noah is a hot, sexy forbidden romance with some mystery sprinkled in. Zara is completely and totally devastated by her cousin’s suicide. They weren’t just family, they were best friends. She knows that a man is responsible after reading the suicide letter that was left. After uncovering some information, all clues point to her cousin’s literature professor, Noah. Zara is on a mission to make Noah pay for what he did to her family. So, she puts her plan in motion enrolling in Noah’s class. He isn’t what she pictured him to be…yeah he’s sexy as “you know what,” but his demeanor doesn’t suggest he is some creeper that targets young college girls. But, looks can be deceiving. As she gets closer to him, it gets harder for her to maintain her objectivity. How is she supposed to annihilate the man who sets her body on fire and who is finding his way into her heart?

Noah and Zara’s chemistry is off the charts hot and sexy!!!! Noah had me the first time I met him, along with Zara. In fact, there were many times I liked him a lot more than I did Zara. I could understand why she had the pain and hatred in her heart, but she allowed those emotions to cloud her judgment. At times, I wanted to be her best friend and help her, and other times I wanted to slap some sense into her! Breaking Noah was not only your standard forbidden romance, it was deeper. It was a lesson in learning to trust others and lean on them for support when life pulls the rug from under your feet. If you don’t, emotions and pain can take you down a dark path. It was also about trust, forgiveness, and the realization that you may not know those you love as well as you think you do.

I have read books by both authors, so I knew they were incredibly talented. But, together they are even better. I can’t wait to see what these two talented writers have in store for me next!

**ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review**

Author Interview


Ashley Well, some of my characters take on personalities of people I know, but they’re not actually based on real life people. Wait, I take that back. In The Destined Series, Danny is based on my husband’s best friend who passed away and in The Claim Serials, Wendy is based on my friend who died of cancer a few years ago. It was my way of giving Danny and Teresa the happily ever afters they were never able to have in real life.

Missy- I tend to take some inspiration from people who are in my life, not so much basing a character on people I know but some of my characters might possess traits similar to those I know. I tend to use a lot of myself and my experiences in my characters more so than other people.


Ashley – Ummmm I’ve always been a writer. When I was little, I used to LOVE writing stories for my family and I packed my high school schedule with as many English classes as they had. Actually, when I went to go back and get my diploma, the only classes I could take was Physics and Art …so, getting my diploma depended on my ability to cut and paste. So, I got my GED instead. But publishing, I realized in February of 2013 that indie publishing existed and I was so inspired to get my story out, I got right to work.

Missy – I’ve been writing since I was a kid and it was something that never really went away. The few years before I started publishing my writing I wrote to relieve stress and anxiety. Reading a good book is always a good inspiration too. I want to make people feel the same way that book made me feel kind of thing.


Ashley – I have tons of playlists. Music is just as much a part of my life as writing. And I typically stay in the 90’s style of music more than anything, but I love a little bit of everything. Just like my reading style, my musical style is very eclectic.

Missy – Nope, I write in complete silence. I can’t even have the TV going in the background.


Ashley – Snacks? Did you say snacks? I love all snacks. I don’t discriminate. And drinks … PEPSI is life. Chocolate cheesecake is the devil and hostess mini muffins are the antichrist. Again, I love all the snacks.

Missy – Oh definitely chocolate and coffee. Though being pregnant the last few months I’ve had to swap most of my caffeine for decaf tea. I try and convince myself it’s as good.


Ashley – hmmmmm that’s a tough one. I’d love to travel the world. Show my kids the world. But if I had to pick just one place, one place just for me, I’m going to Australia to see Missy. This woman, I love her with my entire heart and have never seen her face. Heard her voice a few times (OMG yes the Aussie accents are ADORABLE … especially when you’re as shy as Missy … YES, she’s REALLY shy)

Missy – Haha, yes I am shy J I’m hanging to travel to the US and meet some of my writer friends. I’ve been to the US once, but it was many years ago and way before I started writing. I’d also love to go somewhere cold and snowy cause I’ve only seen snow a few times.


Ashley – I’m actually in the process of making my own cave. Right now, I’m on my recliner or in my bed. I hate sitting at the kitchen table and I tried making a place in the garage so I could go outside, but my ADD just has me watching squirrels. So, the husband got me a fancy new desk and if (and I really mean IF) I clean my room (I’m worse than a teenager), he’ll rearrange the furniture and make me a little corner just for me. I want it really bad, but I’m far too lazy to actually clean the sty that has become my room.

Missy – I write mostly in the living room with my pets trying to fight for my attention. My dream is to build a nice little outdoor writing oasis but that might be a few years off yet J One thing I do love doing is going away for a few days to a nice hotel or retreat to write.


Ashley – damn, you really have hard questions, don’t you? Okay, if we’re talking TRADITIONALLY published, I’m going to have to go with Sylvia Day, Janet Evanovich (my absolute favorite), Megan Hart, Maya Banks, Gail McHugh, Larissa Ione and Colleen Hoover. If we’re talking INDEPENDENTLY published, I have a LOT more … Madeline Sheehan, Nicole Jacquelyn, SE Hall, Angela Graham, Aurora Rose Reynolds, Erin Noelle, Claire C. Riley, Harper Sloan and a bunch more!!!

Missy I’m a huge fan of Colleen Hoover and Jasinda Wilder (but then again, who isn’t?) Other go to authors for me are Ashley Suzanne, Lexi Buchanan, Paullina Simons, Alessandra Torre and a heap of others I can’t think of at the moment.


Ashley – It depends on the character, I guess. My latest indie book, Rekindle, the hero was a fireman and the heroine was a paramedic. I had a little research to do to make their characters true to their profession. In my title, Calling Card, the hero was from Ireland, so there was a bit of research to make the dialogue of his family true as well.

Missy – Yes, depending on the character. I like to tackle some pretty heavy subjects which often involves a lot of research. I also base most of my books in the US so I have loads of research right there in getting the slang and dialogue right. I’m lots better than I was, but my editor still manages to find a few words or phrases that are so completely Aussie she has no idea what they mean J


Ashley – WOW … Now you want to know which one of my kids is my favorite? Geeeeze, you don’t take it easy do you?!?! Okay, gun to my head, Skylar from The Destined Series. He’s my favorite, but not by much!!

Missy- Wow, hard Q. I’ll always have a soft spot for Jack Falcon from my Beautiful Rose series.


Ashley – I really hate the word “fans”. I have readers and friends. And the thing I love most about them is how much they support me. They have no idea who I am, but they’re all willing to buy my books when they’re available on Amazon, order signed copies from me and ask me questions. Absolute best thing is the messages when they finish one of my books. It’s only happened a few times, but when I can impact someone’s life and help them through something … that’s the greatest gift of all.

Missy – Their support. I still find it hard to believe that there are people out there who love my books. Nothing makes me feel more special than a message from a fan who’s read and loved one of my books. THAT is why I write.

about the authors

Missy Johnson

Missy Johnson is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who lives in a small town in Victoria, Australia, with her husband and her confused pets (a dog who thinks that she is a cat, a cat who thinks he is a dog . . . you get the picture). When she’s not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read.

social links

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Ashley Suzanne

Ashley Suzanne has been writing for as long as she can remember. As a youngster, she was always creating stories and talking to her imaginary friends. Thankfully, her parents also carried this love of fiction, and helped her grow into the bestselling author she is today. When Ashley isn’t coming up with her next story, you’ll most likely find her on the couch, telling her husband all about her new book boyfriend, or spending quality time with her two gremlins . . . er, adorable children.

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~ ‘Til Death Boxed Set by Bella Jewel Release Blitz + Giveaway ~




Title: ‘Til Death Boxed Set
Series: ‘Til Death
Author: Bella Jewel
 Release Date: May 4, 2015



USA Today Bestselling series now together in one complete set.

You met them.
You fell in love with them.
You fought alongside them.
You hated them.
You cried for them.

Now their story is in one place, for a limited time only.

When billionaire playboy Marcus Tandem’s grandfather died, he left only one condition in his will – if Marcus wants to keep the business, he must be married. Determined not to lose everything he’s worked for, Marcus is left with only one option…find a wife.

Enter Katia, beautiful, sassy and totally naive.

She falls for the charming man, believing she has found the one. He sweeps her off her feet, letting her believe the lie. But the moment the ring is on her finger, a monster is born. Determined to stick by his side, Katia fights for the marriage she believes in. She’s in love with him.

Then she finds his Grandfather’s will. And hell is unleashed.

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Abou the author

Bella Jewel is a self published, USA
Today bestselling author. She’s been publishing since 2013. Her first release
was a contemporary romance, Hell’s Knights which topped the charts upon
release. Since that time, she has published over five novels, gaining a
bestseller status on numerous platforms. She lives in North Queensland and is
currently studying editing and proofreading to further expand her career. Bella
has been writing since she was just shy of fifteen years old. In Summer 2013
she was offered an ebook deal through Montlake Romance for her bestselling
modern day pirate series, Enslaved By The Ocean. She plans to expand her
writing career, planning many new releases for the future.

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~ The Road Back to Us by K Webster Release Blitz + Giveaway ~


The Road Back to Us
by K Webster
Publication Date: May 4, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

The Road Back to Us FRONT FINAL

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Caroline Harrison has had enough. After eight long years in an unhappy marriage, she’s ready to throw in the towel. Her workaholic husband, Bentley, is done too—choosing his career over his wife. They’ve met with their lawyers and only need to get through the holidays until their divorce is finalized.

Bentley isn’t ready to tell his family about the divorce, so he asks Caroline to spend one more Christmas at his mom’s under the ruse they are still happily married. Together, they set out on a seven hour car ride in the middle of the Canadian Caribou to put on one last happy show. What could be an opportunity to rekindle their love and spend quality time together turns out to be a road trip from hell.

When a surprise snow storm catches them off guard, Bentley and Caroline find themselves in an accident without any possibility of help in their near future. At one point, their love was all they needed to survive. But now, when all they have is each other against the frigid winter storm, will they find the love they lost before it’s too late? Or will this be the end…in more ways than one for Mr. and Mrs. Harrison?

The road back to us may be a turbulent path, but in the end, it’s worth the chaos because it leads back home.

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Abou the author

K Webster2

I love my husband of 11 years and sweet kids. My passions include reading, writing, graphic design, and shopping! I absolutely love social media and the power of how it connects people all over the world. You can usually find me easily on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads!

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~ FOURTH DEBT (Indebted #5) by Pepper Winters Cover Reveal ~

kdp (8)

Title: FOURTH DEBT (Indebted, #5)

Author: Pepper Winters

Genre: Dark Erotic Romance

Release Date: August 11, 2015



“We’d won. We’d cut through the lies and treachery and promised an alliance that would free us both. But even as we won, we lost. We didn’t see what was coming. We didn’t know we had to plan a resurrection.”

Nila Weaver fell in love. She gifted her entire soul to a man she believed was worthy. And in the process, she destroyed herself. Three debts paid, the fourth only days away. The Debt Inheritance has almost claimed another victim.

Jethro Hawk fell in love. He let down his walls to a woman he believed was his cure. For a moment, he was free. But then he paid the ultimate price.

There is no more love. Only war. Hope is dead. Now, there is only death all around them.




FUNNY HOW LIFE plays practical jokes.

The past few days—that had to be a fucking joke, right?

There was no logical answer that would make sense to what I’d seen, heard, and lived the past seventy-two hours.

My sister.

My best-friend and twin.

This was what she’d been living with? This was how she’d been treated?

This was what she wanted to return to?

Motherfucking why? Why would she ever want to return to this insanity?

We’d been raised in a broken home, chained to an empire that absorbed us right from birth. But we were kept safe, warm, and loved. We grew up together. We shared everything.

But now…I had no fucking clue who my sister was.

But then she came to me.

A woman I never knew existed.

The most stunning creature I’d ever seen.

Only she didn’t come to me on feet or wings of an angel. She rolled into my life and demanded my help.

And for better or for worse.

I helped her.






Daniel cackled like a mad hyena, his fingers stabbing into my bicep. Without breaking his stride, he stole me further away from the parlour and into the bowels of the house.

I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to go anywhere with him.

“Take me back!” I squirmed, doing my best to return to Jethro.

He can’t be dead!

Just because he lay unmoving and bloody didn’t mean he’d left me behind.

That’s exactly what it means.

I shook my head, dislodging those awful thoughts. He’s alive. He had to be.

I couldn’t tolerate any other answer. I refused to live in a world where evil triumphed over good. That wasn’t right—life couldn’t be that cruel.

It’s always been that way.

My mind filled with images of my mother. My father’s desolation. My broken childhood. Evil had puppeteered us from day one. Why should now be any different?

He’s not dead!

I swallowed a sob.

Please don’t be dead…

I fought harder. “Let me see him. You can’t do this!”

Daniel cackled louder. “Keep begging, Weaver. Won’t do you any good.”

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FOURTH DEBT (Indebted #5)

Amazon | iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Google Play

FINAL DEBT (Indebted #6)


Indebted Series

Debt Inheritance (Indebted #1)

Amazon | iBooks

First Debt (Indebted #2)

Amazon | iBooks

Second Debt (Indebted, #3)

Amazon | iBooks

Third Debt (Indebted, #4)

Amazon | iBooks

 Abou the author

Pepper Winters - author

Pepper Winters wears many roles. Some of them include writer, reader, sometimes wife. She loves dark, taboo stories that twist with your head. The more tortured the hero, the better, and she constantly thinks up ways to break and fix her characters. Oh, and sex… her books have sex.

She loves to travel and has an amazing, fabulous hubby who puts up with her love affair with her book boyfriends.


Her Dark Erotica books include:

Tears of Tess (Monsters in the Dark #1) –

Quintessentially Q (Monsters in the Dark #2) –

Twisted Together (Monsters in the Dark #3) –

Debt Inheritance (Indebted Series) –

Her Grey Romance books include:

Destroyed –


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love p

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~ Send Me an Angel (Rock and Roll State of Mind #2) by Christa Maurice Cover Reveal + Giveaway ~

SendMeAnAngel CR Banner (1)

Send Me an Angel
by Christa Maurice
Rock and Roll State of Mind #2
Publication Date: May 19, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

Send Me an Angel CoverPurchase Links

Preorder: AmazonB&NKoboiBooks


She’s perfect. Too perfect.

Angela Carpenter doesn’t want to take the part of Alan Kneis’ girlfriend to make sure he stays on the wagon, but unsuccessful actresses with equally unsuccessful roommates could not afford to turn down six-figure jobs. The fact that he’s so determined to stick to his rehab and get his kids back really appeals to her, but eventually he’s going to find out that she was playing a part. She needs to keep him straight and her heart off her sleeve to make this work at all.

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Abou the author

Christa Maurice

Born in Northeast Ohio, Christa has lived on four different continents (including both sides of Asia)and traveled extensively. She has an extremely elaborate fantasy life and has been known to forget that the bands she made up don’t exist to the extent that she has shopped for their albums on iTunes.

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~ Burning Ember by Darby Briar Cover Reveal + Giveaway ~

BE cover

Title: Burning Ember

Author: Darby Briar

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 2015

Cover Design: Romantic Book Affairs

Photographer: Perrywinkle Photography



The last thing she needs after running from one monster is to land in the lair of the Devil.

Twenty-one year old Ember flees her past with soot on her face, ash in her hair, and a promise. She’ll never let another man take away her freedom and treat her like she means nothing.

But that is exactly what Maverick Gunn, leader of the notorious Harbinger’s of Chaos Motorcycle Club seeks to do from the moment his lethal gaze locks on her. He burns her with every look. Every touch. Every word.

Ember’s only hope is to convince him she’s nothing like the woman who blackened his soul before he drags her down into the darkness with him.

BE teaser 2

 Abou the author
From an early age I was obsessed with fiction, bad boys, and love stories. Over the years, my passion for those three things has never died. I can’t pass up a good paranormal, and God knows I cannot NOT look when a hot guy crosses my path (purely innocent ogling I assure you), and as far as my obsession with love stories goes…well…it’s stronger than ever.

I write what I’m passionate about and right now, that’s leather cut wearing bikers and the women who turn their heads.

Along with being a writer, I work full time, and I’m a wife to an extremely supportive husband, and a mother to three high-spirited kids. I’ve lived in Utah nearly all my life except for 2 1/2 years where we lived in the Land of Enchantment, otherwise known as New Mexico. Which is where my HOC’s call home.

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BE full

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~ Sheer Strength Collection Release Blitz + Giveaway ~


Sheer Strength Collection



Six full length novels all featuring single moms. 100% of the sales will be donated to Single Mom Enterprises, Inc.

Single Mom Enterprises Charitable Foundation was created by a Single Mom whose own struggling and determination to sustain her family, compelled her to realize the burden of other Single Moms. She came to understand that it is your own family that rises and falls with your success, which is why this organization is dedicated to helping you soar. After years of building up her own portfolio for success, she is now devoted to building yours! It is the dream of her heart that Single Mom Enterprises Charitable Foundation would become the avenue through which you find support, success and ultimately satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide Single Moms with opportunities and resources that will help maximize their success. This includes financial, educational and emotional support designed to reduce the stress of raising a family alone.
We aim to champion the cause of Single Mom families by opening a world of promise to women and their children, those same women who have buried hopes and dreams to the sacrifice of surviving.


Collection Includes …


The Rocker Who Savors Me by Terri Anne Browning

Layla has had a hard life. On her own at a young age, always having to do what needed to be done just to survive. Now she has two other people depending on her and she needs a job fast before they get evicted. A job interview introduces her to Jesse Thornton, the delicious drummer for Demon’s Wings. He reminds her of all the mistakes of her past, but is also her hope for the future.

Jesse has never let anyone in. The only real family he has ever had are his band brothers and Emmie—the only woman he has ever loved. But then Layla comes into his life and he would do just about anything to get one taste. Can he move past his own insecurities and allow this woman into his heart?


Merciless Ride by Chelsea Camaron

Mercy is no friend of mine. Karma, she has yet to show kindness to me.

The hits just keep on coming for Tessie Marie Harlow. She has never had an easy life. Her mom disabled, her dad long gone, and a single mom raising a rambunctious little boy, that’s Tessie’s world.

Her childhood aspirations to be a nurse long since disappeared after a college spring fling both blessed and burdened her with a baby boy. Dropping out of school, she returns to her hometown and begins to settle in. Getting the only job she could as a bartender she spends her days caring for her son and nights serving the Hellions Motorcycle Club and their affiliates.

Tired of waiting for Rex to grow up, she’s faced with the bane existence of her life until one night changes everything. In the darkest hour of her merciless ride through life, she’s saved by a quiet, laid back Hellion.

Andy ‘Shooter’ Jenkins has always been around. Too wrapped in Rex she has never really noticed him before. He has never been loud or known to have the girls hanging all over him. He is a mystery. A chance encounter brings him to her rescue not once but twice.

The Desert Ghosts Motorcycle Club are in town and bring their own brand of chaos right to Tessie’s door. Forced into her day to day life, Shooter is doing everything he can to shelter and protect her as lines are crossed and a war between two clubs begins.

Secrets revealed putting two brothers in the Hellions Motorcycle Club at a serious crossroads in their lives.

This is not a ride for pleasure. This is not a ride for safety. This is not a ride for love. This is a ride for endurance. Mercy has never once shined her grace down for these two, but in the midst of the danger and lies can they learn to rely on one another and ride it out together?


Letting Lox In by SM Donaldson

Sloan Foster was always a good girl. An honor student in high school, she had big plans for herself, and then college happened. She thought she’d met the man of her dreams in hometown football star Lucas Smith. Then she had the earth shattering realization that dreams were just that…dreams. She found herself pregnant, right about the time he got drafted for the NFL and dropped her like a bad habit. Now a struggling 25 year old single mom, she works as a massage therapist and is determined to take care of her son, Sage, on her own, without a dime from him. No matter how many times he tries to pay her to ensure her silence.

Loxley Storm was raised by his mom, his dad was a dead beat he never knew. Growing up, he had anger issues and got into a lot of trouble for fighting. Thankfully, a man named Marco took him under his wing and helped him learn to control his anger by fighting…in the ring. Now 26, he is an MMA fighter working to become pro, helping run Marco’s gym along with his best friends, Sly and Huck. To the trio, getting tied down with women is something they don’t need. To blow off steam, they have the “hit it and quit it” motto.

Until an injury in a fight lands Lox on Sloan’s massage table, where sparks fly and neither can deny the attraction. The more pieces of Sloan Lox finds out, the more he respects her and her accomplishments as a single mom. Sloan is hesitant to trust another man, and she sure doesn’t want to risk her son getting hurt, but how long can she keep Lox at arm’s length? Will she let Lox in? Or will she let her past ruin her chances of finding love again?

Wrapped in Silk by MJ Fields

Highly emotional, erotic, sensitive story of second chances at life, and love.
Emma a single mother to seven year old London finds herself separated and on the verge of a divorce. She is not looking for love just a happy life and the ability to take care of her daughter. Emma is faced with making the decision to move, giving her the ability to support her family.
While London is on a visit with her father, Emma visits a college room mate, a publicist in New York City she literally runs into Brody Hines, a British rock star. Emma finds herself attracted to him immediately and does not realize who he is.
Left in fates hands the two meet again and he knows he has to have her.


Hustle Him by Jennifer Foor

After losing his family in a tragic accident, Ramsey Towers has given up on his old life. He moved to a small town in West Virginia, where nobody will bother him about his painful past that he, himself, can’t stop reliving. Still needing to make money, he took a job as the town sheriff. Thinking he can just live out the rest of his life in solitude, he doesn’t associate with anyone outside of work.
No friends…no questions.
It’s how he wants it.

One late night call changes everything. Vessa Jean thought she had a great life. After marrying her high school sweetheart and having two children, they settled into family life. While Vessa was both a mother and bartender, her tattoo artist husband was out sleeping with other women behind her back. The devastation of it all was just too much to handle, so Vessa decides to take the kids and leave her husband.

She had no idea how much her life was about to change.

An accident caused them to meet, but as Vessa tries to know more about Ramsey, she discovers he is haunted by his past. After exhausting all options, she decides to try a different approach. One way or another, she’s going to get to know the secretive sheriff.

Hustle Him is a rollercoaster of real life emotions. Sometimes it only takes a common interest for someone to open up again.


Secret Maneuvers by Jessie Lane

Some mistakes from the past haunt us forever… unless fate steps in with a second chance.

One ‘Dear John’ letter haunted Bobby Baker’s every living moment. It was the letter he’d stupidly written to his high school sweetheart, Belle, right after he had left to join the Army. The letter in which he’d told her that he wasn’t so sure they were ready for forever yet. Before he could let her know that the letter, and his second thoughts, were nothing more than a mistake, she disappeared from the small Georgia town they had both been raised in.

Fifteen years after the letter, Belle unknowingly walked back into Bobby’s life when her job as an ATF Agent forced her to work with a group of men secretly headed by the CIA to help her track down whoever was involved in funneling black market weapons to a drug cartel in Mexico.

Bobby planned to use this mission to try to soothe Belle’s hurt feelings while proving to her that their love was meant to be forever. He would use every dirty trick he’d learned since he had joined the Army to maneuver her back into his life for the long haul. Belle was not making it easy, though, as she continued to keep him at arm’s length in the hopes that mistakes of her own would never come to light.


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