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~ REVIEW X2: Devastate (Havoc Series #5) by Xavier Neal ~

indexSynopsisWhen Linguistics Specialist Jody “Lordy” Lord is forced back to his southern origins his mission is clear: Protect fellow team member, behavioral analyst, Jazz Wright,from the traitor they know is hunting them. While hiding out Lordy is forced to face the past he is running from and the future he is running towards. Unexpectedly, secrets are exposed and the truth is twisted from those he trusts. Will he be able to survive the destruction or die in the devastation?

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christie review 5 star a

“If this is God’s way of justifying the bullsh** I endured for years from this family, for years of rejection, mortification, and plummet in self-worth, the apology accepted. I’d go through all of it again for this woman.” ~Lordy~

I LOVED this book!!!! I loved it so much that I had to wait a bit before sitting down to write this review because my emotions were all of the place…laughter, tears, and anger! However, all of those things mixed together made for a perfect book. Devastate is about Lordy who is a team member with Grim and Glove. He and Jazz, his boss, are on the run because of a threat coming from inside their team. He decides to take her to his hometown in Georgia to lay low for a while. In the Georgia heat, their feelings heat up for each other. Once they take that step, how will it affect their working relationship and the entire team? But, that isn’t the only obstacle to their HEA, secrets from the past come back that will also threaten their new relationship.

As with all of Xavier Neal’s books, she knows how to suck you in and not let up until the last page is finished. She does this by endearing her characters to you, and this book is no exception. I got to see a completely different side to Jazz. She’s hiding a lot of pain and tenderness under her serious exterior. I discovered as time went on that she doesn’t just see her guys as soldiers, she sees them as human beings and her family. In addition, I found out that she and Lordy share a childhood filled with pain and rejection. Luckily, Lordy had his Pa and Ma who provided him with a loving home because his parents sure didn’t. And oh man, Lordy, you may have taken Kellar’s #1 spot in my heart. But, shh….don’t tell him. Being from the South myself, I can’t resist a man with a southern accent! One other thing I will add is I really liked the secrets and surprises Xavier had in store for me. There were a couple of times I was so shocked, I had to re-read that particular part. It was a fast paced romance that will keep readers on their toes.

Xavier has always been one of my favorite writers, but this one is my favorite, “hands down.” It struck very close to home for me which made me laugh and cry. Yes, it’s a romance between two people, but it’s also a story about coming home and being with the ones you love. For Lordy, that was his Pa and Ma, especially Pa. They had a very special relationship which brought back memories of my relationship with my grandmother. My grandmother, like Lordy, helped raise me. However, my circumstances were different. I also had a mother who adored me, unlike Lordy. Never underestimate the relationship a grandparent can have with their grandchild; it can make all the difference in the world in the life of a child. So, Xavier, thank you for bringing back such wonderful memories for me through Lordy. If you haven’t read anything by this incredibly talented writer, what are you waiting for, get one of her books today!

daniell review 5 star aWhen I first started the Havoc series, I loved Clint “Grim” and then when I read Glove’s story, he replaced Grim as my favorite.  Well, of course, now that I know all 3 of these sexy Marines, Lordy is hands down my favorite!!

Devastate is Lordy’s story.  Due to a threat against Lordy and his Commanding Officer, Jazz, they must spend some time together hiding out in Lordy’s hometown in Georgia.  Lordy has not returned home or spoken to anyone in his family in the 4 years he has been gone.  Other than his Pa and Ma, the wonderful grandparents that raised him, he was always an outsider in his family.

Lordy enjoys spending quality time with his grandparents and getting to know Jazz better, not as his boss, but as the woman who has made him believe in love again.  He has felt the mutual attraction that has always been simmering between him and Jazz and is hopeful the opportunity to explore that attraction has finally presented itself.  Jazz has had her own troubled childhood to overcome and is scared to open herself up to someone else for fear of being hurt and still alone.

Can these two help each other heal their past hurt and heartbreak to find a love that will last?

I loved this book!! Lordy and Jazz have both overcome so much in their lives and it was very easy to love them both. While I loved Lordy and Jazz, Lordy’s grandparents have the sweetest and strongest love everyone strives for.  Pa and Ma made this story entertaining and their relationship with Lordy is just as special as their love.   I felt so many emotions reading this, laughing at times and then crying at other times.  This whole series has been filled with love, laughter, strong friendships, sexy Marines and the knowledge that family is not always by blood.  Fantastic series!!!

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