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~ Falling Fast (Falling Fast # 1) by Tina Wainscott Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway ~

fallingfast-banner FALLING FAST

Falling Fast Falling Fast # 1

By: Tina Wainscott

Releasing June 16, 2015


SynopsisFans of Jasinda Wilder and Colleen Hoover will adore this emotional new small-town romance—a smoldering tale of first love and long-awaited redemption from USA Today bestselling author Tina Wainscott.

Raleigh West works in an auto shop day and night, trying to put his broken past out of mind. It’s been seven years since the fiery crash that landed his teenage sweetheart in the hospital . . . and him in jail. In an instant, he lost everything: his passion for racing, his hope of escaping his father’s shameful legacy, and the only girl he ever loved. Raleigh hasn’t seen her since that awful night. Never got a chance to apologize. And never forgave himself, either.

When brave, beautiful Mia Wentworth returns to the Florida coast for the first time in what seems like forever, it’s not to see Raleigh. Even so, the moment she arrives she can feel his presence like a gust of wind that gives her goose bumps. Opening her heart to him again seems impossible. But staying away? That might be harder still. Lucky for them both, Mia’s never been the kind of woman to take the easy way out.

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ExcerptThe director gestured for everyone to take a seat, and Mia settled onto the chair at the outside edge. She scanned each and every person.

No Raleigh.

He’s not coming. Get over it already.

The director, who knew Nancy from their volunteer work, welcomed everyone and said how touched she would be by the turnout. He introduced Mia and her parents, then spoke at length about the wonderful and sweet and feisty Nancy.

As Mia teared up over his sentimental words, she saw him. She blinked, just to make sure, but her heart knew immediately. The director’s voice faded into the roar of blood in her ears.


He stood behind the last row of chairs next to the thick trunk of an oak tree, in khakis and a maroon button-down dress shirt. His hair was trimmed, and he was clean-shaven. Not an ounce of fat on him judging by the way his shirt lay flat against his stomach. She gripped the edges of the chair as the ground tilted. Or was she tilting? God, don’t let me fall off the chair! No, you’re dizzy because you, uh, forgot to breathe!

Carefully, she pulled in a long, deep breath. Then another. The world was still blurry, and she wiped at her eyes to clear them—and found Raleigh in her sights. Which was even more startling, because she was pretty sure he was looking right at her.

She forced herself to breathe again, to shift her gaze to where it should be. The director invited people to come up and share a story or their thoughts. There was no hesitation as the first person stepped up to the microphone stand positioned in front of the chairs.

Several people spoke from their hearts over the next twenty minutes, and everyone dabbed at their eyes, including Mia. She wrestled with whether to go up, but to put herself on display was more than she could bear. Her father went up and sounded like a politician as he thanked everyone for coming. The director made one last call, and Mia’s eyes went to Raleigh again. He leaned forward, his hand clenched on the tree. He clearly wanted to go up, but he looked at her father. Then at her. Then he rocked back on his heels again, his face tight with the war inside him.

Come up. I want to hear what you have to say. About Grandma. About your friendship with her.

I just want to hear your voice.

He remained in the shade of the tree. Mia certainly couldn’t think him a coward, not when she, too, was afraid to go up and speak. Facing cancer and burns wasn’t as hard as facing people, she mused. Wasn’t that crazy?

But then she stood. Walked to the microphone and fumbled as she adjusted it to her height. Cleared her throat and tried hard not to look at Raleigh. Instead, her gaze skipped across the rows and the ribbons dancing in the breeze.

“Thank you all for being part of her life. I . . .” Her eyes betrayed her, zeroing right in on Raleigh. Her thoughts froze. Time was suspended, everyone—every single person—focused on her. She cleared her throat, heat rising up her neck. “I’m jealous that you all got to spend time with her. To know her as a friend.” Her gaze went to Raleigh again. “Thank you,” she said again, thrashing herself for the impulse as she took her seat.

She would have no regret, though. If all those weeks and months and years of hospital stays had taught her anything, it was to let no opportunity slip by. Especially the ones where you left words unsaid. Important, life-changing words.

She searched through the people all getting to their feet. Raleigh leaned against the trunk now, his head tilted back. As though it were all too much to bear. The impulse now was to go to him.

But the director asked everyone to form a line to pay their respects before the casket was lowered into the ground. Mia had to follow her parents to form a reception line, where everyone offered their condolences before stepping up to the casket. Mia’s heart squeezed so tight that she could hardly breathe. Would Raleigh shake her hand? Hug her? Say in a low, intimate voice how very sorry he was for their loss? Their loss, because it was as much his as hers. Maybe more so.

As she accepted handshakes and hugs, she realized that she was so wrapped up in where he was that she wasn’t worried about anyone seeing her up close. The line was dwindling, and she couldn’t see him anywhere.



christie review4 starsFalling Fast was a wonderful, heartwarming, and emotional second chance romance. Mia has endured more than any one person should ever have to during her young life. She had cancer as a child but was in remission when she was involved in a horrible car accident that left her burned and scarred, not only physically but mentally as well. Raleigh was the boy she fell in love with one summer while visiting her grandmother. He was driving the car that completely changed his and Mia’s life. Not only did the accident almost kill them, but it destroyed their young love and drove them apart for many years. Now, Mia is back for her beloved grandmother’s funeral. Both are anxious and scared to see one another again. Will there be feelings of anger, forgiveness, most importantly, will the passionate love still be there after all this time apart?

The book was fast paced. Readers didn’t have to wait for the inevitable reunion between the characters. They see each other not long after the story began. Yes, the feelings of passion and love are still there, but I enjoyed the friendship between Mia and Raleigh too. Each character was well-developed and not your typical characters in most romance novels. Each is carrying a secret they have hidden from one another that has greatly affected how each has lived their lives and the decisions they have made. Honestly, discovering some of Raleigh’s secrets were incredibly hard to read, but they made me love him even more. I loved seeing Mia grow from an insecure woman to a woman who not only beliefs in herself but one who helps Raleigh believe in himself and move on from his past. Speaking of characters, Wainscott did an awesome job of developing the character of Mia’s grandmother. Even though she was deceased, she was just as vividly alive in this story as all the other characters. I have only read one other writer who was able to do this successfully, and Wainscott was just as successful. There was some suspense and mystery that also made this book great as well. I won’t get into all of that because I don’t want to ruin anything. The only thing I will say is, “Read this book!”

Fallling Fast was my first novel I have read by Tina Wainscott, but it definitely won’t be my last. It was a great romance filled with passion and emotion, and it was also a book filled with love, forgiveness, and the importance of second chances. It also illustrates the important lesson of looking beneath the physical appearances of people and finding out what’s inside…that’s what really matters! Great job, Tina Wainscott. I can’t wait to read more from you in the future.

Abou the author Tina_WUSA Today bestselling author Tina Wainscott has always loved the combination of romance and suspense, because nothing complements falling in love better than being hunted down. The author of more than thirty novels and novellas, Wainscott creates characters with baggage, past hurts, and vulnerabilities. They go through hell, find love, and, at the end, find peace in who they are and everything they’ve gone through. And isn’t that what everyone wants?

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