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~ REVIEW X2: Classic (Adrenaline #1) by Xavier Neal ~

51T0bqnAtZL._SX335_BO1,204,203,200_SynopsisBoy meets girl. Girl meets boy. They fall in love and live happily ever after, right? That is unless boy is a criminal and girl is the daughter of the man trying to catch him. With circumstances this unforgiving, is there anyway their love story will have an ending that we’ve come to know as classic?

*Warning: Cliffhanger. This is the first in the series*

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daniell review 5 star aThis is the start of a new series by the amazing Xavier Neal and it is definitely another winner for me!

Merrick is a HOT bad boy who has followed his brothers into the family business of street racing, working on cars and staying on the wrong side of the law.  But he has dreams of something more in life.  He hasn’t quite figured out his path to something more but loves creating art in the world around him.

Jovi is the only child of the Police Commissioner.  She has always felt like a prisoner due to her father’s overprotectiveness with only one friend that he hasn’t succeeded in scaring off.  She has been stuck at home, attending the local community college but dreams of something more.  She intends to start truly living her life when she goes away to college in just a few months.

But a chance meeting has these two, from opposite sides of the law, feeling an attraction that neither can ignore.  This unlikely pair bond over their mutual love for Vincent Van Gogh and meeting the one person who truly sees them and not where they’re from.

“I was looking for something to get out of bed for in the morning.  Something to be the reds and oranges that fill my life…I was looking for you.”

But can a criminal and the Police Commissioner’s daughter really last?

I am really loving this new series!! As warned, this does end on a cliffhanger that has left me anxious for more.  As opposite as Jovi and Merrick are, they are great together and I love them both.  And the secondary characters in this book are fantastic as well and I can’t wait for more of them.  If you loved the writing style of the Senses series, you will love this one.  This is definitely another “Classic” from Xavier Neal!!

christie review 5 star aHoly crap, what a freaking adrenaline rush!!!! Once I started reading Classic, I couldn’t stop! Merrick McCoy is a local legend in his town. He’s an illegal street racer and involved somewhat in other things that aren’t quite lawful. He’s also a party boy who can have any woman he wants, but lately, he’s looking for something deeper. He soon finds it in good girl, Jovi. She intrigues Merrick because she’s different from anyone he has ever known. Jovi is trying to grab some independence from her overprotective father who just happens to be the police commissioner who is after Merrick’s family. Can you see where this is going? Nowhere good. But, you can’t deny what the heart wants, and Merrick and Jovi’s hearts want each other!

Again, Xavier has created a cast of characters that draw you into the story quickly! I loved Jovi. She’s the good girl who has done everything right and responsible in her life and wants to do something that involves feeling rather than thinking, and she finds that in Merrick. It’s all feeling and no rational thought. Hey, who could blame her? I wouldn’t be thinking rationally with Merrick around. Who doesn’t remember being young and trying to gain some independence from your parents? Oh Lordy, Merrick!!!! He’s a bad boy with a brain, a body to drive a woman wild, and a heart of gold? Who couldn’t resist that deadly combination? I mean, seriously, the guy loves Van Gogh and reading! What’s not hot about that? The sexual tension between these two is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!! I swear Xavier has cornered the market on sex scenes…just the right mix of naughty and sweet!

Again, Xavier, has outdone herself! She writes several different series, and all are different…sexy military men, a hotter than he$$ fighter, a retelling of Peter Pan, a single teenage dad, and now Merrick. In this one, she even manages to incorporate shades of Romeo and Juliet. And, I love every single one of her series and characters. And, she uses cliffhangers in ways draw you back for the next book. Instead of making me mad or frustrated, she just makes me more excited for the next book! I just want to live inside of her head for just a little while…what a trip that would be. Again, Xavier, you have made me fall in love with a different man! I can’t wait to see how this series develops, not just with Merrick and Jovi, but some of the other characters as well. You should pat yourself on the back again…another smash hit for me!!!!

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~ Sugar Baby Beautiful by J.J. McAvoy Book Blitz + Giveaway ~


Sugar Baby Beautiful
by J.J. McAvoy
Publication Date: 21 August 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Tour: Sugar Baby Beautiful by J.J. McAvoy


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When twenty-four-year-old Felicity Harper is dragged to a sugar party, an event where wealthy men and women seek “companionship,” she never expects this one simple decision to drastically change her whole life. Her past is nothing but broken dreams and heartache. Her present is detached and dull. And her future? Well, before meeting Theodore Darcy, the famed film director, writer, producer and CEO of Darcy Entertainment, she would have expected more of the same. Love is just a fantasy and she wants no part of it—even if she can’t deny the undeniable attraction between the two of them. So their arrangement is simple: sex with no strings attracted. But as their intimacy becomes more powerful, so do Felicity’s demons. Can Theo really shoulder her past and his own? And could Felicity even let him?

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Abou the author


J. J. McAvoy first started working on Ruthless People during a Morality and Ethics lecture her freshman year of college. X number of years later, she is an insomniac who has changed her major three times, and is a master in the art of procrastination. If you ask her why she began writing, she will simply tell you “They wanted to get their story out.”

She is currently working on her next novel . . . so please bug her on Twitter @JJMcAvoy

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~ Waiting for a Girl Like You (Drawn to the Rhythm #3) by Christa Maurice Release Blitz + Giveaway ~

Waiting For A Girl Like You Blitz Banner

Waiting for a Girl Like You
by Christa Maurice
Drawn to the Rhythm #3
Publication Date: July 7, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

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They could make beautiful music together…

Hoping to dodge a scandal that could destroy her personal life and her career, Alex fled grad school for a summer job in tiny Potterville, West Virginia. She didn’t expect the town cupids to orchestrate a “chance” meeting with Marc—a sexy, brooding rock star who appreciates her love of poetry. But Alex doubts he’ll want anything more if he discovers the indiscretion she can’t forgive herself for…

Marc came to Potterville to get some space from his band and clear his head. But before he knows it, he’s intrigued with the waitress at the local diner. Alex is not only smart and beautiful, she’s inspiring his songwriting and taking it to the next level. Soon he’s falling for her—and then she runs away. For the first time, Marc is chasing after a woman—and giving both himself and Alex a chance to heal past hurts and take a chance on the future…

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Abou the author

Christa Maurice

Christa Maurice grew up with a passion for words and music. Possessing an unrivaled lack of musical talent, she stuck with words. She has been writing stories since she was twelve when her brother stopped playing music trivia games with her. (She kept winning. It bruised his ego.)

When not writing, Christa teaches English both in the US and overseas. She has taught in South Korea, Chile and Abu Dhabi. In her spare time, Christa is an avid traveller. Highlights include trips to Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Jordan, Prague and Venice. Currently, she is living in Ohio.

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~ Relinquish (Embrace, #1) by S.E. Dean Release Blitz + Giveaway ~

Rel rel banner

Title: Relinquish (Embrace, #1)

Author: S.E. Dean

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 7, 2015



Kingston “King” James is THE male supermodel. He’s at the top of his game, yet he’s bored. Money and fame come easy, women even easier — until her.

She’s everything he thought never existed…

For Phoenix Ryan every day is a reminder of heartache, of all the agony that poisons her soul. She’ll go to any length to appear strong, including convincing herself that she’s actually living —
until him.

He’s everything she can’t stand…

As their lives relentlessly cross will they give in? Will they Relinquish?

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Quickly sitting up to hide my half-mast cock is a mistake — all I see are long, tan, athletic legs. They look smooth as silk, muscles tight, and all I can think about is how I want to run my tongue up the back of her calves, behind her knee, around her inner thigh, and up to her short, little, black shorts — cock rock hard. Lifting my eyes to punish myself further, Coop decides now would be a great time to be protector and starts barking at the fuckable tan skin in front of me.

Rubbing my temples as I beg for mercy from the pounding Coop is causing in my skull is interrupted by a deep voice. Above me I see a ripped dude with his shirt off and tucked into the hip of his mesh shorts staring down at me. Man, it must be nice not to give a shit who sees you out and not having to hide to be “normal” for a day. My envy of this shit-brick house pisses me the fuck off, so I ignore his friendly tone and stand up to leave when a set of emerald eyes lock onto me, making my feet heavy as cement.


Abou the author


SE Dean lives in the Midwest with her husband, two small children, and their bed-hogging dog, Harley. To add to the craziness, last year she decided to go back to school to fulfill a dream of a graduate degree in nursing, and is currently striving towards that goal (pass the coffee and antacid please!). Her love of romance novels led her to writing, and she has plans for many more books in the future.

If SE isn’t working, studying, or being a “super-hero mom” (as dubbed by her eldest – no pressure! Thanks kid!), you can often find her gulping down her beloved Starbucks, glued to her Kindle reading a saucy book, offering free sarcastic comments, cheering on her favorite basketball team, or watching titillating movies.

SE is currently working on the next book in the Embrace series, and can’t wait to share the story with you!

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~ Memorized by Alyne Roberts Release Blitz + Giveaway ~

Mem Rel Banner

Title: Memorized

Author: Alyne Roberts

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 7, 2015



The boy who remembers everything.

I heard she is finally going home today. The brain is very powerful. Her mind is unable to handle the memories of what happened, so it blocked it out. As I watch her, I envy her. I wish I could forget, just wipe away all the ugly and the bad. I’m not as lucky as the pretty, lost girl.

I would gladly trade places with her. She has no idea how good forgetting can be.


The girl who forgot everything.

I’m going home today. There is nothing the hospital can do to help me remember the last three years. They say I was attacked, but I can’t help them find who it was. They say I’ll eventually regain my memories but, it takes time. What happens when you run out of time? Regaining my memory becomes a deadly game of life or death.


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I now have Willow against the brick wall. I put my hand on her shoulder to feel how tense she is. Lightly running my hand down her arm, I reach her fingers and loosen the neck of the violin from her grip. I set it to the ground gently and do the same to her bow in the opposite hand.

I lightly massage her palms and she gasps. I’m only inches from her body. Her lips are parted and her eyes are wide. I close the distance so my chest is flush against hers. I feel her everywhere we touch. She’s soft, warm, and giving me a buzz.

“What are you doing?” she asks.

I don’t answer. Instead, I run one hand up the inside of her arm. Goosebumps follow the two fingers I trail lightly over her skin. My hand curves over her shoulder just as her breathing quickens. I stare down at her eyes where the pupils are so large that the green has disappeared.

“Landon,” she whispers.

“Willow,” I tease back. My hand moves over her collarbone and wraps around the back of her neck.

She’s trapped in my hold. Pinned to the brick behind her, she hasn’t made a move to break free. Her eyelids get heavy and her look is hooded. When I lick my lips, she watches the movement. I love the way she looks right now. She’s in a trance, spellbound, and only looking at me. I lean forward, my stare narrowing on her pink lips.

For the first time, I’m imagining a future. Always so busy replaying the past, I never look forward. I’m picturing my mouth covering hers. I’m imagining what she would taste like and the sound she would make when I flicked my tongue against hers. When I see her swallow hard, I see myself kissing down the soft skin of her throat. I let myself play out a scenario where we keep going. I hear her moans, see her squeezing her thighs together. She pants and arches her body into mine.

“Landon. Don’t,” she breathes across my lips. “Please.”


Abou the author


Alyne lives in Ohio with her husband, dog and cat. Working full time in an office all day, she spends her nights reading, writing or watching an entire TV series in a night. She refuses to grow up and loves Disney movies and anything with owls. She couldn’t live without her coffee or her furry “children”.

Alyne wrote her first novel titled “Light to the Darkness” in 2014, followed by the Conflicted Encounters Series.

To stay up to date on what Alyne is working on, teasers and more: Sign up for the newsletter.


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~ Chasing Each Other (Chasing #2) by J.D. Rivera Release Blitz + Giveaway ~

ceo rel banner

Title: Chasing Each Other (Chasing, #2)

Author: J.D. Rivera

Genre: New Adult

Release Date: July 7, 2014


Synopsis(Mature Content)


 I was always the life of the party, the happy one.

Until Preston killed my soul.

When he came into my life, he destroyed me. I was a shell of my former self, pretending to be fine while wishing I wouldn’t wake up the next day. I never dreamed my best friend would come back into my life…and bring Brad Nicholson with her.
I never dreamed the homicide detective with the cocky attitude could show me my worth again. He could show me that my life could be amazing every day.
Until the day he found out about my past with Preston. Then, I was sure he’d see the real Miranda and ditch me for good.


From a young age, I made a decision.
I knew what I wanted to do with my life and from that point on, my work molded me. Everything became routine. Casual. Until Mackenzie walked into my life, bringing her best friend, Miranda, with her.
From the first moment I saw Miranda, I knew she could be someone special. I didn’t have time for relationships, but she was different. She was a piece of the puzzle that could be missing. But she was broken, I could see that. And all I wanted to do was turn her into the girl I knew she really was beneath her perfectly placed mask.



CEO Cover

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I turned and exited the vehicle, almost sprinting to my door. I couldn’t get away from him and my shame fast enough. Once inside, I padded down the hall to my bedroom, a part of me breaking with each step.

I tossed my purse on the floor and threw the covers back before falling into my bed. I clutched the covers and brought them up to my chin as the silent tears fell. Preston was right—I was stupid and pathetic. Why would anyone want me?

I was an addict.

I allowed someone to abuse me for drugs.

Everything that had happened was on me.

It was my penance to pay.

And I would always be paying.

I cried myself to sleep that night and stayed there most of the next day.

I was nothing. Absolutely nothing. I asked myself why I hadn’t given up. Wondered why I hadn’t cut myself open completely and let the vile inside of me bleed out along with my life.

Abou the author
J.D. Rivera lives in Oklahoma with her husband and two boys. Her life consists of school projects, homework, cartoon shows, and little league sports. She loves Diet Mountain Dew, the OKC Thunder, costume jewelry, the beach, and reading.

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~ Quarter Mile Hearts (An American Muscle #1) by Jenny Siegel Release Blitz ~


Title: Quarter Mile Hearts: An
American Muscle Novel

Author: Jenny Siegel

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 7, 2015


Release Day Event:


Following an accident injuring her dad, twenty-four
year old Leigh Storm returns home to the town she was once so desperate to
It is only a matter of hours before she runs into
Max ‘Manwhore‘ Morgan. Dark eyed and
dangerous to her heart, he is the very last person she wants to see. It might
have been four years since she saw him last, but there’s no denying the
chemistry between them is as potent as ever. Max makes it clear he isn’t about
to let her run again, even if he is the one thing Leigh vowed to herself she
would never date: a street racer.
After racing tore apart her own family and left a
path of destruction in its wake, Leigh decided long ago that it is not the life
she wants for herself. But when a wager gone wrong threatens her dad’s
livelihood, Leigh must go against everything she believes in.


This time there’s more
at stake on the quarter mile that just the family business-She’s risking her
heart as well. 

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Abou the author
Jenny Siegel writes new adult
romance. When she’s not writing (or entertaining two little terrors) Jenny is
glued to her Kindle, or plotting (also known as daydreaming) about hot tattooed
heroes that will sweep a girl off her feet.

~ Lie to You (Forbidden #2) by JC Valentine Release Blitz + Giveaway ~


by J.C. Valentine
Forbidden #2
Publication Date: July 7, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance

LietoYou KindlePurchase Links



Book #2 in the Forbidden series…

I thought he was the one. I thought we were headed someplace great. I didn’t know anything.

My mystery man is no longer such a mystery. He’s still commanding and headstrong, playing my body and mind like an instrument, but I’m finding there are layers to him I never could have dreamed. What I’ve learned since that fateful night in his apartment has me reeling. Now, though, the truth has taken a backstage to other, more pressing matters.

While I struggle to make a choice that will determine the direction of my future, lies that I thought had been carefully hidden away are coming to light. My head is such a mess I don’t know what’s up or down anymore. Will I be able to sort it all out, or will the life I’ve worked so hard to build come crashing down in a pile of secrets and lies?

LieToYou2Add to Goodreads


Dance for Me Cover

by J.C. Valentine
Forbidden #1
Publication Date: April 7, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

Synopsis: WARNING: Dance for Me is the first book in a trilogy and ends with a cliffhanger. Due to mature material, it is recommended for ages 17+.

What if the person who stole your heart wasn’t who you thought they were?

When my parents passed away, I grew up fast. Learning to stand on my own two feet has been a challenge, but I’m making it… my way. I make no apologies for the path I’ve chosen. My choices have served me well, but no one knows the real me.

Except one man.

He’s a mystery to me. He’s controlling, demanding, and he has me wrapped around his little finger. Anything he wants, I’ll give it to him. The hours we share together aren’t about love. It’s just sex. Hot, dirty, passionate sex. It was never supposed to be anything more than that.

Until everything changed.

Now, I’m more confused than ever. The more I learn about him, the less I seem to understand. What I do know is that I’m falling, and I have the feeling when I land, it’s going to hurt.

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Abou the author

JC Valentine

USA Today Bestselling author J.C. Valentine is the alter-ego of Brandi Salazar, whose enjoyment of tales of romance spurred her to branch out and create her own.

She lives in the Northwest with her husband, their wild children, and far too many pets. As a university student, she studies literature, which goes well with her dream of becoming an editor. Brandi entertains a number of hobbies including reading and photography, but her first love is writing fiction-in all its forms.

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~ Between Worlds (The Pendant Series #3) by Cynthia Austin Release Blitz + Giveaway ~

Between Worlds Blitz Banner

Between Worlds
by Cynthia Austin
The Pendant Series #3
Publication Date: July 7, 2015
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy

Between Worlds Cover

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 Just when her romantic life was finally starting to settle in, Sidney Sinclair is buried in an emotional meltdown…

Sidney tried to dismiss the mysterious Adrian McAllister once and for all, but instead found herself falling in love with him, despite her relationship with Ray Ryker.

Now, to complicate things even further, her rock star boyfriend has suddenly gone missing.

On the search to find her boyfriend Sidney begins to rely on Adrian even more. Causing her heart to bounce back and forth between the two men leaving her confused and emotionally exhausted.

But there is one question that trumps them all “Which world is real?”

Is it the world of reality where she has comfortably known and understood Ray for years? Or is it the world of the subconscious where she struggles to understand the eerie presence of Adrian’s passion for her?

When the murderer of her beloved friend is finally revealed, Ray is found to be the next on the fatal list causing Sidney to choose between the two men.

In a life or death struggle with the two men who mean the most to her, she’s left having to choose between Ray’s life, or the addictive Adrian who will do anything to possess her forever…

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authors other books

Between Loves Cover

Between Loves
by Cynthia Austin
The Pendant Series #2
Publication Date: July 7, 2015
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy

Buy: AmazonB&N

Synopsis: Sidney Sinclair’s life has gone from dreamlike escapades to the reality of two men who both want her…

Her unfaithful rock star boyfriend, Ray Ryker, may have some competition in a handsome young stranger, Adrian McAllister, who she first only imagined in her dreams.

The thing is, he’s no longer a fantasy. He’s now not only involved in her thoughts but her everyday life as well.

Sidney finds herself in a romantic overload as she tries to choose between the boy she’s known since high school, or the exotic presence with shining green eyes who takes her breath away.

Until, she is attacked in her backyard, and someone’s murdered…

While trying to uncover the identity of the mysterious killer she can’t help but wonder if the handsome stranger may have had something to do with it.

It doesn’t take long for Sidney to realize she doesn’t trust either of the men in her life, not Ray, her adulterous boyfriend, or Adrian, the green-eyed charmer.

Now she finds herself having to weave her way through the web of lies confronting her at every turn.

Or she could be the next to die…

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Between Dreams Cover

Between Dreams
by Cynthia Austin
The Pendant Series #1
Publication Date: July 7, 2015
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy

Buy: AmazonB&N

Synopsis: Sidney Sinclair was living the dream of any eighteen year-old girl…

A handsome rock star boyfriend, a closet full of designer clothes, a limousine service at her beck and call, and a mansion in the hills of Los Angeles.

Even with all that glamour and excitement at her fingertips, she still feels as if she’s been missing something in her life so she decides to leave.

While trying her best to put her dysfunctional romantic relationship aside and tend to her beloved Granny, Sidney unexpectedly stumbles upon an intriguing emerald pendant boxed away in her grandmother’s closet.

Soon she learns it once belonged to her long-lost mother who committed suicide when she was just a baby. Suddenly feeling emotionally connected to the woman who had birthed her, Sidney begins to wear the necklace.

This sends her on a whirlwind journey that alternates between fantasy and reality…

Almost immediately, she starts having dreams linked to the mysterious pendant. As danger begins to seep into her life, Sidney refuses to remove the necklace and instead documents each dream to help her further understand them. However, she soon begins to wonder if they are dreams meant to bond her to a mother whom she never knew?

Or a subconscious warning that threatens her very life?

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Abou the author

Cynthia Austin

Cynthia Austin lives in Northern California with her
husband, two boys, and Olde English Bulldogge named Count Dogula. They love all things horror, gothic, and Victorian which prompts her friends to dub them as “The Adams Family.”

She is an avid reader who may be slightly obsessed with music. She hears music in a way that she believes the artist intended it to be heard: visually, with a storyline that follows. Listening to the songs by her favorite artists, she was inspired to write her first series titled “The Pendant.”

Cynthia has been published twice in The Writer’s Monthly Magazine as well as the online news site, Yahoo! Voices. She currently attends Diablo Valley College, in Pleasant Hill, California, where she is working to achieve her degree in English.

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~ Snake, A Stepbrother Romance by Emilia Beaumont Cover Reveal ~


Snake, A Stepbrother Romance
by Emilia Beaumont
Publication Date: July 11, 2015
Genre: Contemporary, Romance


 Cheating, f*cking, lying Snake!

I thought he was different than all the rest.

My stepbrother, Devan was everything that I longed for in a man: loyal, protective, and strong. After being burned so many times by cheating scumbags, you can understand why. He’s the perfect guy; the standard I hold other men up to. If only I could have a carbon copy of him… tattoos and all.

But then he kissed me. And no matter how much I want him to be mine, I see him for what he really is.

Another snake that can’t keep it in his pants.

He’s married for f*cks sake!

Their marriage is in trouble, but that’s no excuse, and it just happens to be one of the reasons why I’m living with the couple…

I’ve made a deal with the devil and I’m to be their surrogate.

Shit. Why did he have to go and complicate our lives?

Because now I can’t stop thinking about him and the baby I promised to give him.

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Abou the author

Emilia Beaumont

#1 Bestselling Amazon author in Contemporary British Fiction!

Emilia Beaumont is a thirty-something woman, living in Europe, who loves writing steamy and scorching hot romance.

Find out more or join Emilia on Facebook:

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