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~ Sofia (Bittersweet #4) by Melissa Jane Release Day Sale ~



Everyone has a story.
For Marcela Ortiz, hers is not one she wants to remember.
Deceived by those closest to her, Marcela is thrown deep into a world of violence, corruption and trafficking. The dark, sinister world belonging to one Hector Florez, Mexico’s leading cartel boss.
What he wants is control.
What she craves is her freedom.
To survive, Marcela must overcome the demons who promise to destroy her and challenge fate to a story she has only dreamed of.
SOFIA, the final instalment of the Bittersweet series is built on heartache, revenge and redemption.
One unlikely group of people.
One common enemy.
Many stories.

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“I was a fool tonight,” Xavier began, causing me to frown at him in confusion.

“How so?”

“I should have kissed you on the dance floor. That way I would’ve had a whole night of tasting you.”

I didn’t know what to say, the breath had been sucked clean from me. His delicious lips hovered next to mine, a magnetic pull between us becoming too hard to bear.

“I can’t wait any longer,” he whispered.

“I don’t want you to wait.” A tingling sensation roared through my body and I knew I wanted this more than anything. He answered my silent pleas by pulling me against his hard body and lowering his lips to graze mine. It was a tease. A small taster of things to come. But I was already weak at the knees. I wanted him to possess me. His hands formed tighter fists in my hair, his hooded eyes telling me he could wait no longer. Xavier’s lips came crashing onto mine, claiming the last of my strength. I melted into him, responding to his tongue while failing to disguise the gentle moan passing between us. It was everything I had fantasized it to be. It was everything I had craved. He tasted sweet from sugary mojito’s, his passion a fury that couldn’t be tamed.



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~ UnBreak this Heart (Angels Warriors #3) by Dawn Martens Blog Tour + Review ~


Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date- 7/6/2015

 Angels Warriors Series

Cover Designer: Sara Eirew Photography


*WARNING – You MUST Read UnKiss Me AND UnTouch Me BEFORE UnBreak This Heart*

 After she’s betrayed by her husband, Hilary DeVaughn is done. She can’t and won’t stay in a town where so many bad memories haunt her. Years later, she gets a phone call to come back home for Eden, so she drops everything to return to the place where her heart was shattered. Deciding it’s time to completely let go, she hands Mason divorce papers. 

Mason “Reaper” Harris has always loved Hilary, but that love quickly fell apart when she slept with another man – or so he thinks. Then Hilary returns, along with her demands for a divorce again. He realizes that, even though he’s still furious with her for ruining their relationship, he refuses to let her go.

In this conclusion to the Angels Warriors MC Trilogy – will Angel, Zippo, and Reaper get their women back and finally have their happily ever afters? Or will these couples be forever broken? They all had secrets, some more destructive than others, but will their love be enough to make things right? Or will those secrets tear their hearts – and lives – to shreds?

*All books in this trilogy are 50,000 words and will be combined into ONE paperback*

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 michele review 4 starsI’ve been waiting for this book to find out what happened with all these characters and their crazy lives. I have enjoyed reading this series and was very interested to see what Hillary and Mason/Reaper’s story was. I will say that I thought Mason was a major asshole and never thought he’d be able to redeem himself EVER, but there was a point in the story that made me start to reconsider. Don’t get me wrong, I still think he’s a dick, but hey, to each their own. I really liked Hillary though, she’s a no-nonsense woman who will fight for what she believes in. She’s also fiercely loyal to her friends, and that’s where the trouble begins with Hillary and Mason.

 I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll keep my review short. There are a lot of questions that get answered in this story that you’ve been dying to have answered. Some may not like how this story ends, but I really did enjoy the ending. After everything that happens, I think that they all got their own version of happily ever after.

 If you haven’t read this series, I’d say definitely give it a try. Really what drew me in was that it’s an MC series (I’m a sucker for those) but all the twists and turns and surprises is what had me continuously coming back. This is actually the first series I’ve read from Dawn Marten’s, but I’ll most definitely be checking out her other books as well.

Abou the author
Dawn Martens is
a young, spunky Canadian Author.
Being a wife to
Colin, and a mother to three beautiful little girls (Sarah (2007), Grace
(2010), and Ava (2014)) hasn’t stopped this Canadian Firecracker from pursuing
her dreams of becoming a writer!
Dawn’s number
one passion in life is the written word, and she’s extremely thankful that she
has the ability to share the ramblings from the characters inside of her head
with the rest of the world!
She also may or
may not have the hugest girl crush on Author Kristen Ashley, who is her
personal idol and helped inspire Dawn in the beginning of her Indie career.
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#Oneclick Unkiss Me and Untouch Me (Angels Warriors Books 1 & 2)




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