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~ REVIEW: The Quest of Perkins Vale (Legendary Rock Stars #3) by LB Dunbar ~




I’m not sure I know what to think of the girl I’ve searched for since I was thirteen; she isn’t exactly how I remembered her.

I’m twenty-five, a guy and a virgin. Yep, you read that right; I’m still a virgin. Why you ask? Because I met the woman of my dreams when she was still a girl and I’ve been searching for her ever since we met. I’ve saved myself for her, as I believe she saved herself for me. Why again? Because I will love her, like she will love me, when we finally meet, again. I’d like to think it was that simple, but I don’t really know if she will love me. I only hope she will. If she doesn’t, she won’t be the right girl for me, because like I said, I’ve been saving myself for the woman of my dreams. I just don’t know where she is…but I won’t stop searching until I find her. That is my mission. My quest.

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I have just one word to describe L.B. Dunbar’s newest book in the series…PHENOMENAL!!!! When I finished the first book about Arturo, I couldn’t wait for Lansing’s book. When I knew Perkins was going to be next, I was even more excited! To me, he is the most intriguing of the guys in the band, and now he is my favorite!

Perkins is the shy drummer of the band. He has been on a lifelong quest to find the girl he met years ago. He has saved himself, yes he is a virgin, because he knows that she is his fate, his soulmate. On the night of a charity fundraiser, he sees her again after all of these years. But, Hollister is very different than the fantasy girl he encountered before. Life hasn’t been as kind to her as it has to Perkins. In fact, she has had to endure things no woman should ever have to endure. So, Perkins has to come to accept Hollister’s reality and not the fantasy he has built up in his mind. And, Dunbar’s title is spot on. It is truly a quest for Perkins to get Hollister to trust him and love him like he loves her. There is so much going on in this book, not just with Perkins and Hollister but with all the characters. Dunbar does a fantastic job of weaving all of this into a perfect story. We have the mystery taking place with the other characters, but it doesn’t take away from their story because their story has many twists and turns as well. The romance is perfectly paced. It isn’t rushed at all between the couple which makes their romance realistic. The most important aspect of the story for me were the characters. Hollister and Perkins are my favorite of the entire series. They both have an innocence and vulnerability to them. While Hollister’s innocence is taken from her early, she still has an innocent quality about her. It’s that part of her that makes her such a giving person which completely endeared her to me. Perkins, what can I say, except he is the perfect example of what a “knight” should be…loyalty, love, and honor. He has all those qualities which made it very easy for me to fall in love with him…yeah, he’s pretty hot too! Their love story was emotional, sometimes heartbreaking, but in the end beautiful!

In my opinion, L.B. Dunbar is one of the most talented writers I have had the pleasure of reading. She writes two completely different series, The Sensations Series and this one, although both are romance, and they are equally good. Each has a depth that a lot of books in the romance genre don’t have. In this particular series, her talent really shines through. She’s has taken the classic tale of King Arthur, modernized in the form of rock stars and completely made it her own. If you are tired of the same old rock star romances, you really need to give this series a try. I guarantee you will not regret it. Each story is unique, and each interconnects with the others. L.B. Dunbar, you rocked this one!!!!

**ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review**

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~ Ultimate Temptation (Book one of the Temptations Series) by K. Anne Blog Tour ~

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Title: Ultimate Temptation (Book one of the Temptations Series)
Release Date: July 14th, 2015
SynopsisElla Wilkins only wants one thing out of life—to graduate from high school and escape her hometown where everyone knows her and the dark cloud surrounding her family.
Everything is going according to plan until two new students show up at her school. Asher and Cain, identical twin brothers, take an interest in her, and she can’t help but wonder why two gorgeous brothers would want anything to do with a social outcast like her.As she gets closer to the brothers, she’s torn between the two. Asher’s kindness pulls her in and comforts her while Cain both tempts and infuriates her with his sarcastic and devious ways.When she learns who they truly are—or rather, what they are—things start to get a little tricky.

Ella might not know it, but she is the key to winning the ultimate battle between heaven and hell. Both realms want her, and neither is willing to let her go.

She’s torn between the ultimate temptations of heaven and hell. Which side will she choose?


I watched as Asher hurried over to where I was standing. Cain rolled his eyes before joining the opposite team. I made room as Asher crowded between me and the boy standing next to me.

“What are we playing?” he asked.

“Dodgeball,” I said.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“Seriously? You’ve never played dodgeball before?”

He shook his head.

“Basically, everyone attacks each other with those balls in the center of the gym. The goal is to hit as many people as you can without getting hit yourself. Once you’re hit, you’re out.”

“Seems simple enough,” he said.

I glanced at the muscles in his arms. I had no doubt that hurtling balls at innocent students would be easy for him. “Just don’t hurt anyone.”

He grinned when he noticed me staring at his arms. “I wouldn’t.”

Mr. Reynolds blew the whistle, and everyone took off at a full sprint toward the balls—that is, everyone, except for Amanda and me. We were both smart enough to stay against the wall as balls started flying.

Over half of both teams were hit within the first five minutes. After they were gone, things got harder for me. Without as many bodies to aim for, I soon became a target. I ducked and jumped out of the way as several students tossed balls at me. One hit right beside my head, and I winced. Whoever had thrown that one meant business.

I looked up just in time to dodge another ball flying right at me. It hit the wall just as hard as the other one. I glanced at the opposing team and noticed Jenny glaring at me. Of course it had been her.

She grabbed another ball and threw it. I dropped to the ground just in time.

The next few minutes passed in a blur as I dodged ball after ball. Almost all of them were from Jenny. Finally, she managed to hit me. Luckily for me, it was in the chest instead of the face. I glared at her before walking toward the bleachers to sit down with Amanda. I winced as another ball hit me in the back.

“Whoops. Sorry, Ella. I didn’t realize you were already out!” Jenny shouted sweetly.

“Skank,” I muttered under my breath as I sat down.

Two seconds later, I heard Jenny shriek in protest. I looked up just in time to see a ball nailing her in the chest. She frowned across the room at Asher before walking to the bleachers. Asher shot me a smile before turning his attention back to the game. I couldn’t help but smile back. He’d seen what she did to me, and he’d gone after her. I was really starting to like Asher.

For the rest of the game, my attention was split between Asher and Cain. I whistled under my breath as Cain nailed another guy hard enough to knock him down. The boy didn’t mess around. I counted my blessings that it was Jenny who’d hit me instead of him.

Finally, it was just Asher and Cain still standing. I looked back and forth between the brothers. They both openly glared at each other.

“This should be entertaining,” Amanda said from beside me.

“My money’s on Asher,” I muttered.

From across the room, Asher turned and grinned at me like he’d heard what I just said.

I rolled my eyes at myself. That’s ridiculous.

He was twenty feet away from me in a roomful of noisy seniors, and I hadn’t spoken very loud.

“Quit standing there, looking at each other, and throw the balls!” Mr. Reynolds shouted at the brothers.

Cain’s glare disappeared, and his trademark smirk returned. He grabbed a ball off the floor and threw it in Asher’s direction. Asher jumped out of the way just in time and grabbed a ball of his own. He threw it at Cain, and I tensed as it bounced off the wall. He’d thrown it with a lot more force than necessary.

“Come on, brother. That all you got?” Cain taunted as he tossed a ball at Asher.

On and on it went.

Both boys were throwing their balls without holding back in the slightest. The class went silent as we watched the epic dodgeball battle in front of us. My mouth dropped open when Cain did a flip in midair to avoid Asher’s ball. As soon as his feet touched the ground, he tossed a ball at Asher. It missed by inches and hit the wall next to the mats. I was only a few feet away, and my eyes widened in disbelief when I noticed the indent in the wall.

That’s impossible.

There was no way he could have thrown the ball hard enough to dent the wall. I was pretty sure the walls were made of concrete.

Cain growled in frustration when he saw that the ball had missed. Asher smirked as he picked up two balls at once. I watched in awe as he launched both of them at Cain. Cain dodged the first one, but the second made contact. It hit his lower stomach with enough force that he flew backward several feet.

Damn. That’s going to leave one heck of a bruise.

“Now, that’s how you play dodgeball!” Mr. Reynolds shouted.

Cain stood back up. Neither brother paid any attention to the teacher. Both were locked in a glaring contest.

Finally, Asher broke it. He glanced over at me and then back at Cain. “That all you got, brother?”

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