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 Adrenaline Series
by Xavier Neal
Blog Tour
Contemporary Fiction with Suspense
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Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. They fall in love and live happily ever after, right? That is unless boy is a criminal and girl is the daughter of the man trying to catch him. With circumstances this unforgiving, is there anyway their love story will have an ending that we’ve come to know as classic?
christie review 5 star a
Holy crap, what a freaking adrenaline rush!!!! Once I started reading Classic, I couldn’t stop! Merrick McCoy is a local legend in his town. He’s an illegal street racer and involved somewhat in other things that aren’t quite lawful. He’s also a party boy who can have any woman he wants, but lately, he’s looking for something deeper. He soon finds it in good girl, Jovi. She intrigues Merrick because she’s different from anyone he has ever known. Jovi is trying to grab some independence from her overprotective father who just happens to be the police commissioner who is after Merrick’s family. Can you see where this is going? Nowhere good. But, you can’t deny what the heart wants, and Merrick and Jovi’s hearts want each other!

Again, Xavier has created a cast of characters that draw you into the story quickly! I loved Jovi. She’s the good girl who has done everything right and responsible in her life and wants to do something that involves feeling rather than thinking, and she finds that in Merrick. It’s all feeling and no rational thought. Hey, who could blame her? I wouldn’t be thinking rationally with Merrick around. Who doesn’t remember being young and trying to gain some independence from your parents? Oh Lordy, Merrick!!!! He’s a bad boy with a brain, a body to drive a woman wild, and a heart of gold? Who couldn’t resist that deadly combination? I mean, seriously, the guy loves Van Gogh and reading! What’s not hot about that? The sexual tension between these two is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!! I swear Xavier has cornered the market on sex scenes…just the right mix of naughty and sweet!

Again, Xavier, has outdone herself! She writes several different series, and all are different…sexy military men, a hotter than he$$ fighter, a retelling of Peter Pan, a single teenage dad, and now Merrick. In this one, she even manages to incorporate shades of Romeo and Juliet. And, I love every single one of her series and characters. And, she uses cliffhangers in ways draw you back for the next book. Instead of making me mad or frustrated, she just makes me more excited for the next book! I just want to live inside of her head for just a little while…what a trip that would be. Again, Xavier, you have made me fall in love with a different man! I can’t wait to see how this series develops, not just with Merrick and Jovi, but some of the other characters as well. You should pat yourself on the back again…another smash hit for me!!!!

daniell review 5 star a
This is the start of a new series by the amazing Xavier Neal and it is definitely another winner for me!

Merrick is a HOT bad boy who has followed his brothers into the family business of street racing, working on cars and staying on the wrong side of the law. But he has dreams of something more in life. He hasn’t quite figured out his path to something more but loves creating art in the world around him.

Jovi is the only child of the Police Commissioner. She has always felt like a prisoner due to her father’s overprotectiveness with only one friend that he hasn’t succeeded in scaring off. She has been stuck at home, attending the local community college but dreams of something more. She intends to start truly living her life when she goes away to college in just a few months.

But a chance meeting has these two, from opposite sides of the law, feeling an attraction that neither can ignore. This unlikely pair bond over their mutual love for Vincent Van Gogh and meeting the one person who truly sees them and not where they’re from.

“I was looking for something to get out of bed for in the morning. Something to be the reds and oranges that fill my life…I was looking for you.”

But can a criminal and the Police Commissioner’s daughter really last?

I am really loving this new series!! As warned, this does end on a cliffhanger that has left me anxious for more. As opposite as Jovi and Merrick are, they are great together and I love them both. And the secondary characters in this book are fantastic as well and I can’t wait for more of them. If you loved the writing style of the Senses series, you will love this one. This is definitely another “Classic” from Xavier Neal!!

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When career criminal, Merrick McCoy and the commissioner’s daughter, Jovi Carter, met neither expected to find the only thing in life they had been missing.
However a classic love story takes a sharp turn when choices have to be made and sides chosen. Will these two forbidden lovers find a future or will their love story just become vintage?
daniell review 5 star a
 This is the 2nd book in the Adrenaline series and should be read after Classic.

This book continues the love story of Merrick and Jovi. While the passion and sweetness of their relationship is still there, Merrick and Jovi are starting to feel the pressure of outside forces trying to create distance between them. But Merrick isn’t willing to give up the woman who has finally made him want more for his future besides the family business. And even though Jovi has been raised by an overprotective Police Commissioner, she is willing to risk his wrath to protect Merrick and those he loves.

But decisions will be made that may change everything that Merrick and Jovi have envisioned for their future. Will their love be strong enough to withstand the challenges they face?

I absolutely love this series!! Not only are Merrick and Jovi fantastic but we get more of the secondary characters as well. I love Merrick’s brothers and getting to know them better makes me excited for their stories as well. This book has so many feels that I couldn’t help but be swept up in the story and loved every minute of it. Warning: this book does end on a cliffhanger that is a killer but luckily the wait won’t be long for the next book in this series! 

christie review 5 star a
Oh my stars!!!! What an incredible, heart-pounding, emotional ride with one of my favorite book couples, Jovi and Merrick. I have missed my sexy street car racer with the soul of an artist. He had been gone entirely too long, so I was excited for him to be back.

“Everything about her about us, is permanently painted there. No matter what happens, it’s artwork no one can demolish and there’s a comfort in that like no other.” ~Merrick~

Vintage picks up right where Classic left off with our hearts in our throats about Merrick and Jovi’s future. Would Merrick survive to even have a life with Jovi? Xavier Neal puts our minds to rest with that fairly quickly, but the danger is by no means over! As the book continues, the relationship between the two lovers gets more serious. Merrick is trying to find a way out of his criminal life to have a life not being a “McCoy” but just being himself. He just wants to live a normal life with Jovi. But, that may be prove harder than he ever expected and come with some very painful consequences. Each of their loyalties to their families is also tested. But, when you are in love with the Police Commissioner’s daughter, and you are the man he is after, it isn’t going to be an easy relationship. But, what I really like about this series and what makes it stand out in the romance genre, is there really is no angst between Jovi and Merrick. They are together, they are loyal to each other, and love each other…the angst is with their families, just like in Romeo and Juliet. Neal has done a fantastic job again of making this a somewhat modernized version of the classic love story. There is mystery and action, like in Classic, especially where The Devil is concerned. I want to know who he is afraid of!

Vintage was another winner for me! But, be forewarned, there is a shocking cliffhanger that I didn’t see coming. However, I’m not mad at Xavier at all. I am one of those weirdos that likes a good cliffhanger. It makes me remember the story and the characters, and honestly, it leaves me anxious for the next book! If you love a forbidden romance, that’s sweet and a little naughty, with lots of action and thrills, then hop on in and take a ride with Merrick and Jovi…it’s one heck of a ride.






Abou the author
Xavier Neal lives in Texas where she spends her time getting lost in writing, reading, or fandoms she recently discovered. Whether she is enjoying books or movies, she continues finding inspiration at every turn to bring more exciting stories to life.
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~ The Scheme by Mia Kayla Release Blitz + Giveaway ~

The Scheme Banner

Title: The Scheme

Author: Mia Kayla

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 25, 2015



Brian Benson is the nice guy every girl dreams of marrying.
Too bad he’s off the market—for good.
He’s sworn off women since the last girl he dated broke his heart.
Determined to start over in New York, his sole focus is to climb the corporate ladder—no distractions.

Until one minor collision propels him into the path of small-town-girl but bombshell babe, Kendy Miller.

Kendy walks with a sass she was born with.
Single and ready to mingle, she’s on the prowl.
Moving from her tiny town of Bowlesville to work as a nurse at New York Cornell Hospital, she is introduced to Dr. Hot Pants.
She feels it in her bones—he only belongs to her.

When Kendy formulates a grand scheme to land Dr. Hot Pants and uses Brian to do it, Brian is all in because he could use a little fun.

Things were going to plan, until one night lines were crossed, kisses were exchanged and clothes flew off.

Fate collides, fortunes are tested and plans backfire, but Kendy is still determined to land her doctor.

Problem is… Brian was only there to assist in the plot. Falling in love with the girl wasn’t part of THE SCHEME.

The scheme

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Abou the author


Mia Kayla is a New Adult/Contemporary Romance writer who lives in Illinois. She is the wife to the husband of the year and mommy to three unbelievable cute little girls who have multiplied her grey hairs.

In her free time she loves reading romance novels, jamming to boy bands, catching up on celebrity gossip and designing flowers for weddings.

Most of the time, she can be caught on the train with her nose in a book sporting a cheeky grin because the main characters finally get their happily-ever-after at the end.

She loves reading about happy endings but has more fun writing them.

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marry cover

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The Scheme full

love p



~ The Biggest Stage by Karolyn James Release Blitz + Giveaway ~


The Biggest Stage
by Karolyn James
Brothers of Rock – WILLOW SON
Publication Date: August 3, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

Blitz: The Biggest Stage by Karolyn James

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His first kiss dried her tears. His second rocked her world…

Dropped from the label, desperate to get signed and get back on the road, lead singer of Willow Son – Colby – will do anything to make things right. Looking for some good karma, he gives up his hotel room to a woman who needs a place to crash. It’s only one night, the kind of thing he’s used to. Plus, she’s beautiful, exactly what he needs to take his mind off his rocky rockstar career.

When Tessa travels to the next city, as her sales job requires, she can’t focus on anything but the rockstar that is lingering on her lips. She finds it insane to think anything with Colby was real – and that it could happen again.

That is until Colby and Tessa meet up once more – hundreds of miles away from their first hot kiss.

A third encounter with the sexy lead singer leaves Tessa wondering what’s happening… is it fate? Or something else?

Tessa thought kissing a rock star was crazy. She’s about to find out what happens when one falls for you.

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Abou the author

Karolyn James is the NY Times and USA Today Bestselling author of several romance series, including the Brothers of Rock series and the upcoming Ferry Creek contemporary romance series…

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~ My One Regret by Krissy V Cover Reveal ~

MOR CR Banner

MOR Cover

Title: My One Regret
Author: Krissy V
Cover Reveal: August 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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My One Regret!

Do you believe in soul mates?

Like really believe in soul mates?

They say a soul mate is someone who has the key to unlock your heart… Make you feel safe enough to live as your truest self…

The other half of you…

So, when you meet “the one” take my advice and keep hold of him.

I didn’t do that and now, I regret it every day of my life!

Jordan came into my life and I instantly felt a connection to him. Slowly, I opened my heart to him.

But was I really ready to let my life be turned it upside down, inside and out on life’s journey of love?

Jordan believes that I am his soul mate … but I left his heart shattered when we both made the decision to follow what we believe are our destinies.

After all… True soul mates will always find each other … Right? That is why let he me go the first time.

If you love something, let it go… If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever… If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be… – Unknown

Sometimes though, if you’re not quick enough, fate will step in and intervene, however traumatic the outcome may be…

Follow Cassie on her emotional journey along with all the twists and turns of fate and destiny!

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MOR Teaser2Excerpt


I turn and see HIM, I realise he is the one watching me. I don’t know why I don’t feel creeped out, but I don’t. I put a towel around me and find myself walking towards him. I need to know who he is.

The closer I get to him the more of him I can see. He is in his swim shorts and no top. His body is so beautiful. All I can do is look into his eyes, they are the most beautiful blue colour. They are turquoise and are like pools that are drawing me in.

“Hi” I say, trying not to blush “I’m …”

“Cassie” he says. “I know who you are, I was hoping to bump into you tonight. I’m Jordan,” he says with the biggest and brightest grin I’ve ever seen.

“Hi Jordan. Why were you hoping to bump into me?” I stupidly say to him. He’s making me lose control of myself. I feel really nervous and look down at the floor.

“Erm I wanted to get to know you. I feel like I’m drawn to you for some reason. I know that sounds stupid, but everywhere I look I can only see you.” He puts his finger under my chin and makes me look into his eyes. “Even when I have my eyes closed, all I can see is you. Sorry if that sounds a bit stalkerish.” He laughs, but I can see that he’s embarrassed about showing me his feelings.

I laugh with him because I really don’t know what to say. I have to try and say something though because he is looking at me with those mesmerising eyes. “Yeah it does sound a bit stalkerish,” I laugh. “But I’m flattered and yes, I have seen you around at school and I did wonder who you were too. So we are both a bit stalkerish.” We both start laughing.

“I’m going to go and dry off and get some more clothes on. Then maybe we can grab a drink,” I say really quickly so Jordan doesn’t see I’m waffling on a bit. He is making me nervous but I don’t want to stop talking to him. I turn and walk back into the house, towards the stairs to go upstairs to the bedroom to find my dress. I can feel him following me and I smile to myself. I am a little bit nervous though that I am in the house with him and my friends are outside, but he makes me feel safe.

“That’s sounds great, although I don’t mind if you don’t put anymore clothes on” he says grinning at me. He is following closely behind me, I was right.

“No, seriously I would feel better if I had more clothes on.” I laugh as I’m heading up the stairs.

MOR Teaser1

Abou the author


Krissy V

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~ Denying Mr. Parks by Lilly James Release Blitz + Giveaway ~

Evelyn Banks is her own worst enemy… 

A recovering alcoholic, the key to Evelyn’s continuing sobriety is to remain focused and controlled. She finally has her life on track with a new job at a law firm, but her world is shaken when she meets the firm’s gorgeous, charming, dominant CEO. 

Wade Parks asks for only one thing—to be obeyed… 

Wade’s perfect world is one of discipline and obedience. When he encounters his firm’s new employee, he begins a cat-and-mouse game in his pursuit of the feisty and independent Evelyn, determined to break through her cold demeanor and give her the discipline he’s sure she craves. 

Evelyn is willing to submit to his dominance, 


but her emotions are another matter… 

Both of Evelyn’s parents were addicts, incapable of giving her the slightest bit of affection, and she’s not equipped to deal with the rush of powerful emotions her relationship with Mr. Parks unleashes. So she turns to the only solace she knows—numbing her feelings with alcohol. 

He sees past Evelyn’s flaws, but some secrets hit too close to home… 

Just as Evelyn’s heart begins to thaw, Mr. Parks is reminded of his own troubled upbringing and he pulls away, leaving her feeling abandoned. 

But another very real danger is lurking, and Evelyn might be very wrong about the source of the threat… 
Can she be saved by denying Mr. Parks? 



Or is submitting to him the only way to save them both?


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“Name?” he asked with a one-sided smirk, his tone a little steely. 
“Evelyn Banks. Mr. Parks, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” I don’t know why I used my full name. I hated it. And it wasn’t a pleasure to meet him. I was lying. I then noticed my hand still in midair whilst he waited for me to take his. “Sorry,” I murmured, almost feeling light-headed. He took my hand in a firm grasp, and I almost immediately wanted to let go when my heart tremored unusually. I tried to ignore it. Probably indigestion. Parks held on to my hand as I tried to pull it free. Strangely he didn’t want to let me go. He gave me no choice but to yank it away forcefully. Maybe it was just my imagination. His remarkable eyes didn’t blink as he watched me. Jesus, he owned my gaze by engaging it and keeping it locked. 
“Evelyn.” He said my name slowly, toying with it as he rolled it off his tongue. He was a man who knew full well that women who gazed at his face would stagger back with their mouths hanging open. My mouth was firmly shut. Only just. I looked away in fear of getting sucked in and automatically decided he was as a narcissistic, egocentric, arrogant arse. Yes. That summed him up quite nicely. Carla, however, was spitting feathers. 
“Okay, Evey.” She impolitely shooed me away like I was a dog. “You can go now. I am simply introducing my employees. Nothing more.” If I was a dog, I’d wrap my leash right around her scrawny little neck. I went to turn on my heel, but Parks’s commanding tone halted me. 
“I would like Evelyn to stay a moment. Would you please, Miss Hammond?” With his hand, he gracefully gestured for Carla to leave. 
“Oh?” Thoroughly confounded, she tried to frown, but too much Botox wouldn’t allow it. “I mean, of course.” Carla was devastated and didn’t hide it. She kept looking at me like I was deranged before shutting the door in quite a daze. I began to panic a little, thinking he was going to fire me on the spot. 
“Excuse me one moment.” He turned and causally took a glass to his lips and drank down what looked like watermelon juice. I crossed my arms unconsciously whilst I waited, only to be reminded of how buxom my breasts were when I caught Parks staring at them almost carnally. I uncrossed my arms quickly, and an amused, salacious smirk tugged at the corners of his delicious mouth as his lips pressed against the rim of the glass. Even if he did look like he was put on earth by God and was the founder of the company, I was not going to hold my tongue. He was staring at my breasts, for Christ’s sake. 
“You know, it’s extremely inappropriate to shoot lustful stares towards an employee.” I had already said it in a manner that was meant to offend. And if he hadn’t looked at me that way and I’d just imagined it, I indeed was going to look a twat. Parks stood with his back to the floor-to-ceiling windows with the London Eye behind him. His intense eyes glistened with hilarity as he spoke calmly, oozing confidence. 
“You know, it’s extremely inappropriate to cross your arms, accentuating voluptuous, perfect tits like that in front of the CEO.” 
That was when my mouth fell open.





Abou the author
British Author Lilly James is a woman with a wild imagination that has to be set free into the arms of a keyboard.
Writing gives Lilly that chance to escape the real world and live in a world of fantasy with her characters.
When she’s not writing you’ll find her singing terribly to music, curled up with her kindle, or doing something boring like everyday chores that unfortunately need attention.
Lilly lives in Wales, is a mother of one beautiful little girl, and loves reading, chocolate and wine. All in that order.
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