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~ REVIEW: The Escort: A Shamed Novel by Laura Marie Altom ~

51UPQD6saoL._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_SynopsisIn Laura Marie Altom’s scorching new Shamed novel, perfect for fans of J. Kenner and Tracy Wolff, a broken heart pushes a rugged loner to the breaking point—until a not-so-innocent affair changes everything.

When the woman he loves marries billionaire Liam Stone, Nathan Black swears off dating and playing by the rules. He’s also tired of being broke. His new gig as a male escort isn’t exactly legal, but the cash will help him build a solid future. Then there’s Carol Moore, Liam’s personal assistant. She and Nathan always seem to get paired up at Stone family functions—and always seem to end up in bed together. She’s definitely intriguing. But how could a good girl like Carol settle down with a screw-up like Nathan?
After Carol’s dreamy boss gets hitched, crushing any chance of them getting back together, she finds herself hooking up with the bride’s best friend. Nathan is hot, adventurous, and just a little bit dangerous. But when one of their sexy games goes too far, Carol discovers how out of control Nathan’s life really is. And before long Carol is forced to choose between her safe old life and the bad boy who makes her feel like the woman she’s meant to be.

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christie review 4 starsReally liked this book!!!! Not the book I expected from reading the synopsis, and I mean that in a very good way. The Escort is Nathan and Carol’s book. Nathan has been in love with Ella, and Carol has been in love with Liam, but both have realized it was just a dream as they are witnessing Ella and Liam exchanging vows at the beginning of the book. To drown their pain, they turn to each other for a sexy, passionate tryst during the ceremony. They both mistakenly think it’s a one time thing, but neither one can forget the other. But, many obstacles stand in their way. Carol has a secret she is trying to come to terms with, and her mother isn’t helping. Nathan feels like he has nothing to offer because he works in a grocery store, but his future may be changing. He’s had a proposition to make some money quickly which he thinks can solve all his problems, but is it too good to be true? And, how will Carol react when she finds out?

Again, this book is very different which sets it apart from other books in the same genre…even down to Nathan’s job as an escort. In fact, it was quite intriguing. I thought the characters added to the great storyline. Nathan and Carol are very realistic characters filled with many flaws, and the reader is aware of this from the very beginning. Each makes decisions that left me shaking my head and asking , “WHY?” Nathan, especially, can be very stubborn…at times, it makes things worse for him. Yes, he’s sexy and hot, but I found his sense of humor his most attractive quality. And, Carol, what’s not to admire about her? She came from nothing and worked her way up to a very successful job despite the many obstacles she had to overcome. Each of them suffered pain and loss in their pasts which has affected them now, and there were times my heart broke for both of them. But, together, they made sense and were whole individuals. They were a couple I was rooting for, and I wanted them to have their HEA.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I read the synopsis on Net Galley, but I knew it sounded intriguing, and boy, I am glad I got the chance to read and review it. Sometimes, in this genre, unfortunately, books are so similar because the market is so saturated. So, writers have to make their books stand out, and I thought Marie Altom did a fantastic job of making The Escort unique and memorable. It is a book I won’t soon forget.

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~ A Sanguine Gem (A Marsden Romance #3) by Dawn Brower Release Blitz ~


A Sanguine Gem
A Marsden Romance Book 3
By: Dawn Brower
Release Date: August 14 , 2015
A Sanguine Gem





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Lady Gemma Kemsley is in dire straits. Her cousin Alfie inherited her father’s estate upon his death. He quickly bled it dry of funds and is turning his lecherous intentions toward her. Alfie wants to have complete control over her inheritance. Without Alfie’s approval she can’t marry. She has one option—run away and live with her best friend in America.

When his sister begs Liam Marsden to help Gemma he reluctantly agrees. He has a past with Gemma he’d rather forget—involving a failed attempt at betrothal and her professed love. When he sees Gemma again he realizes he can’t ever let her go. Instead of sending her to America he uses the old betrothal agreement to marry her.

Gemma doubts Liam truly loves her. Can he convince her of the veracity of his love or will he lose her forever?


Liam stepped toward her and caressed her cheek with the tips of his fingers. Her gaze locked with his. Her breathing became ragged as she gulped in air in short fast bursts.

“What are you doing?”

Instead of answering, Liam leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Her mouth opened up as she gasped. It gave him an advantage, and he saw no reason not to take it. The tip of his tongue touched hers as he pulled her tighter in his embrace. Liam coaxed her with his mouth—wanting to fill her with every inch of desire coursing through his veins. She needed to be with him every step of the way. This was only the beginning of his fight to own all of her soul. Her body relaxed against him, and he took it as a sign. She wasn’t as immune to him as she wanted him to believe. Gemma still wanted him. He could use that and he would.

Liam took a step back, pleased with what he saw. Gemma’s eyelids were closed, her lips slightly parted and moist, and her cheeks a pretty pink. Her eyelashes fluttered up, and irises of green fire met his—she looked both a little dazed and well pleasured. They could move forward now. He’d managed to get her exactly where he wanted her—he’d built a craving in her she’d never experienced before. Soon, he’d make sure she got a taste of it all.

“The carriage awaits us outside. I think it is time for us to depart.”

Gemma cleared her throat and sook her head. She looked up at him and nodded. “Very well.”

Liam hooked her arm over his and for the first time that evening believed that they may have a chance. She hadn’t once snapped at him since she walked down the stairs.

“You look lovely, by the way. I love the color green on you.”

Abou the author


Dawn Brower holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Master of Arts in Education, and is currently working on a Master of Arts in Liberal Arts with concentrations in Literature, History, and Sociology. She works as a substitute teacher and enjoys the flexibility it gives her to concentrate on her other endeavors.

Growing up she was the only girl out of six children. She is a single mother of two teenage boys; there is never a dull moment in her life. Reading books is her favorite hobby. There is nothing like a nice glass of wine and a good book to relax with at the end of the day.

There are always stories inside her head; she just never thought she could make them come to life. That creativity has finally found an outlet. Visit for more information.

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~ Blue Hill Blood by Elizabeth Gray Cover Reveal + Giveaway ~


Blue Hill Blood
by Elizabeth Gray
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Fiction, Thriller

BHB Front cover


Henry –
My past is gruesome and unforgettable no matter how hard I try to let go.
Writing is my escape. My only therapy.
When I met my wife, had children, and my career sky-rocketed, I thought I’d never revisit those dark days again.
So, the moment Blue Hill, Maine beckons for me, I go willingly in an effort to write the next big story.
But when a ghost from my past shows up, all of my carefully rebuilt walls come crumbling down hard and fast. My only way of defense is ripped from my grasp as this distraction bounces into my life.
Will I be able to sift through what’s fiction to find reality?

Eli –
I’m a serial killer. A victim of narcissism and the need to satisfy my own urges. I have a thirst to snuff out the lives of those that remind me of her—the woman that ruined me—and I take great pleasure in quenching that thirst.
I have no rules. No parameters. I do as I please.
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Henry McElroy, is my god. His sick, twisted mind constructs the world to which I rule. I would be nothing without him—my dark creator.

What happens when Henry McElroy’s story begins to take a realistic form the moment he sets foot in the sleepy, seaside town in Maine? As soon as he begins sharing excerpts of his book with his fans on social media, including an obsessive one he meets in Blue Hill, bodies begin to stack up in similar fashion to that of which he writes about. Will the blame be placed on the town’s newest and most twisted visitor? Or will Henry be able to prove his innocence and clear his name before it’s too late?

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Abou the author

Elizabeth Gray is the author of the psychological thriller Blue Hill Blood. When not spending time with her husband of twelve years and two adorable children, she’s active on social media connecting with her readers.

Her other passions besides writing include reading and graphic design. Elizabeth can always be found in front of her computer chasing her next idea and taking action. She looks forward to the day when she will see one of her titles on the big screen.

Elizabeth Gray also writes under the pen name K Webster where she is the author of dozens of romance books in many different genres including contemporary romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, and erotic romance.

You can easily find Elizabeth Gray on Facebook and Goodreads!

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