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~ REVIEW: Back-Up (The Back-Up Series #1) by A.M. Madden ~



Leila Marino’s biggest dream is to become a rock star. A lucky opportunity has her auditioning with an up & coming rock band named Devil’s Lair. The band hires Leila as their back-up singer, signing her up for months in the studio and touring on the road with the sexy bunch.

Jack is the quintessential rock star…gorgeous…sexy…a walking orgasm. Jack Lair is the lead singer of Devil’s Lair and his dreams are becoming reality as his band climbs the ladder of success. He’s living the perfect life, and enjoying every minute of it. With a steady stream of sexual conquests that satisfies his raging libido, he thinks he has all he needs in life…until Leila enters it.

Jack is not prepared for the sudden pull he feels towards Leila, and struggles daily to deny his attraction is anything more. Leila finds falling for her new boss is constant torment. Both convince themselves friendship is their only option.

An intimate moment causes their willpower to collapse, and their erotic love affair to begin. Finding love was a bonus that neither Jack nor Leila anticipated. As they begin their tour together professionally and personally, life couldn’t be any better for the couple. Until a mistake from Jack’s past threatens their new relationship, and their perfect future together.

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ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BOOK! Wonderful rock and roll romance! Leila is a girl from Jersey who has dreams of making it as a rock star. She spends her time working her bum off singing in bars and private functions (which she hates) with her band of childhood friends which happens to be all guys. Jack is the lead singer of the rock band, Devil’s Lair. The group is on the cusp of making it big. They’re looking for a female back-up singer to give their group a different sound. Leila ends up going to an audition for the group by coincidence. Sparks fly when Leila and Jack meet, but they both know a relationship would complicate their working relationship. Lots of flirting and a friendship develop, but as they spend more time together, it gets harder for the two of them to remain “just friends.” Here’s a hint: pick this one up and read today. You will love the journey that is Leila and Jack.

In my opinion, Back-Up is a very different rock star romance from the plot to the characters. The plot is slow building, no, the book isn’t slow at all. The slow building of their relationship is what kept me scrolling rapidly through the pages. The chemistry, the flirting, and the teasing just added to the fire, almost to the point of freaking combustion! The characters of Leila and Jack were different as well. Leila has such a crush on Jack that she was a total clutz when he was around. She was a gorgeous girl, but was so down to earth. You wanted to be her best friend. I loved her relationships with her father and her bandmates. Jack appears as the stereotypical rock star…his bed full of women and a monster ego. So, yeah, the women part is true. Jack is confident, but he doesn’t have an ego problem. In fact, he can be a teddy bear, especially where Leila is concerned. Plus, he’s smart, he dropped out of law school to be a rock star…intelligence, sex appeal, and hotness…who wouldn’t fall for Jack?

For me, Back-Up is one of my favorite all-time rock and roll romances, yes, right up there with the big one, Reckless by S.C. Stephens. Leila and Jack had me hooked from the very first page. I loved them and their romance. Be prepared for some twists and turns, especially at the end, but it isn’t your typical cliffhanger. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series not only to see more of Leila and Jack but of their family and friends as well. Great beginning to what appears to be an awesome series.

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~ Seduction and Surrender (The Billionaire’s Temptation, #1) by Cali MacKay Book Blitz ~

Seduction and Surrender 
(The Billionaire’s Temptation, #1)
by Cali MacKay
He wants what she’s cooking…

She’s not willing to share.

Landlord and billionaire Quinn Ryker has the one thing that Emma Sparrow wants–the renewal to the lease on her restaurant. But he’s not going to give it up that easily–not without first turning up the heat between them. And after just one taste, Quinn wants a hell of a lot more.

Emma’s poured her heart, soul, and every last penny into The Port Bistro, only to have Quinn hold her lease hostage and put those who rely on her at risk. Emma will do anything to save her restaurant, but it turns out there’s more on the line when negotiating matters involving one’s body, heart, and soul.

Someone may very well get burned…
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Abou the author
Cali MacKay is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She lives in New England with her husband, two girls and their crazy mutt. When not tapping away on her laptop and getting her characters into trouble, she can be found designing book covers for other authors, wrangling her girls, and splicing DNA.She’s also a decent potter, adventurous cook, and horrible gardener. For more information, please go to


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