When today’s promises become tomorrow’s lies, how can you believe in anything . . . or anyone?

Jaynie Cumberland has no idea how to trust again, so she’s given up on trying. Dumped in to the state foster care system at age fourteen, Jaynie spent three years treading water, just trying to get by.

Still, Jaynie always knew she was broken in some way. After all, why did her own mother abandon her? And following a harrowing experience at her first foster home, Jaynie’s worst fears are confirmed, leaving her feeling worthless and shattered.

Now Jaynie counts the days till she turns eighteen and can go out on her own. All she wants is to be free of everyone and everything. But before that can happen, she must make it through the next few months at one final foster home. There Jaynie meets a gorgeous, albeit rough-around-the-edges, boy who is dealing with the repercussions of his own turbulent past.

Flynn O’Neill is immediately taken with this new, fragile girl. He becomes determined to show Jaynie there is more to life than hurt and pain. Unfortunately, this new home they live in, one that promised to be a haven for unwanted kids, is more like a living hell.

So what do you do when you’re trapped and there’s no way out?

What if you fall in love and protecting the other person becomes the most important thing in your life?

What if something unthinkable happens, testing your love, and the stakes are raised higher than ever? Will you come out unscathed? Can today’s promises be kept? Or will they simply become more of tomorrow’s lies?

Tomorrow’s Lies is a beautiful story of an all-consuming love and broken people building a family out of nothing. It’s about never giving up, even in the face of adversity.

*mature content and possible triggers*

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christie review 5 star a

I’m in absolute awe after reading Tomorrow’s Lies. It is one on of the most heartbreaking yet beautiful books I have ever read! I was pulled into the story from the very first pages of the book.

It is the love story of Flynn and Jaynie, children who are in the foster care system. The two meet in a home months before they turn eighteen and can become free. Despite the horrific conditions they have had to endure in their short lives, they somehow manage to fall in love and create some joy out of their pain. However, one horrible incident threatens to destroy that happiness and tear them apart. Wil they be able to find each other again and finally get the happiness they deserve.

“I promise you, Jayne Cumberland, I will never forget about you. You are burned in my soul.” ~Flynn

I don’t think I’ve ever read such an emotional romance. If I’m being honest, at times, this book was very difficult to read. Have a few tissues around when you are reading, you will need them. Despite all the sadness, it’s amazing how resilient the human spirit really is. Jaynie should be devastated because of what she has gone through, but she isn’t. Flynn somehow was able to break through her walls of self-preservation and show her love and trust that she’s never known before. Flynn, himself, could have turned into a cold, hard person, yet he’s loving and loyal to those he has given his heart to. He, Jaynie, and the other three children, Mandy, Callie, and Cody, are somehow able to form a family amongst themselves despite their deplorable living conditions.

Despite the fact that this book is a work of fiction, I know all too well that there are children who live in the same, if not even worse, conditions as these children did. It’s a romance, but it’s also a story of survival and not letting the past dictate what your future can be. It’s a book filled with hope and promise. I really hope their story will shed light on the darker side of the foster care system and offer possible solutions to children so more of them can be helped and know what true, unconditional love is. I can’t wait for the second book on the series which will be Mandy’s story!