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~ REVIEW: Breeze (Southern Rock Lyrics Series #1) by Ashley Hampton ~



Dr. Hannah Walker is starting her first year as a Visiting Professor at Thurston University. A graduate of Thurston, she’s familiar with the town, has friends, and is waiting on her perfect job to open at Wilmington College. She’s run from every serious relationship she’s had in pursuit of her career goals.

Igor Finley recently moved back to his hometown after his last military deployment and discharge because of his PTSD. He’s returning to Thurston University for his degree, so he can provide for his two young children.

There were fireworks when the two met, but will they be able to keep them out of the classroom? Will Hannah stay in Thurston once she realizes her feelings, or will she be carried away like a Breeze towards her career goals?

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christie review 4 stars

Great debut novel by Ashley Hampton! Hannah is a psychology professor who has dreams of becoming a professor in Wilmington, NC at Wilmington College. In the meantime, she enjoys her job, and she has an awesome groups of friends who are like family. Her life goals are moving in the right direction until she meets Igor Finley. Let me tell you Finley is not a hunchback. He’s gorgeous, but he’s had a rough time of it lately. He is a veteran dealing with PTSD after his time at war and is a single father after his wife left him. He’s is a college student trying to provide for his daughter and son. If you guessed that his teacher is Hannah, you would be correct. However, this isn’t your typical forbidden romance between a teacher and student. The two realize they have a lot more in common than they ever imagined, but there seems to be so many reasons why their romance shouldn’t work, but can you ever stop fate when she has you in her sights?

I really connected with Finley and Hannah. Both were incredibly realistic, which is the reason I connected so well with them. I fell in love with Finley and not just for his incredible sex appeal…man was he hot! His integrity and honor added to his hotness. He’s been through so much, but instead of giving up, he works harder to be better for his children. Thank you, Ashley Hampton, for giving us a hero not just on the battlefield but at home too and showing us that fathers are just as capable as women to be incredible parents. I loved Hannah’s character most of the time. She wasn’t just beautiful but intelligent as well. I was irritated at times with her tendency to run when she got scared, but in the end, she redeemed herself. I also loved the secondary characters too. They really added a deeper level to the book.

The storyline was fast paced. The two fell pretty fast for each other, but they didn’t fall straight into bed…I liked that. Don’t get me wrong, there was incredible sexual chemistry throughout the book. The book doesn’t end in a cliffhanger, but there were questions I wanted answers to, especially where Finley’s ex-wife was concerned. But, those answers may be given to me in the next book which is a novella about the couple. I’m also curious to find out about other characters and their stories. I can’t wait to read more in the series. Great debut, and I have to add, I love the reference to Lynyrd Skynyrd concerning Hannah’s nickname, Breeze!

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