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Title: SCARED OF EXPOSURE (Scared, #3)

Author: Jacqueline Abrahams

Release Date: December 7, 2015

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Scared Series




There are fairy tales, you know the ones, which end in happily ever after. Where the princess rides off into the sunset safely pinned to a majestic white horse by her gallant knight. Yes, there are fairy tales.

And then there’s us.

New York is my fresh start, my third in as many years. A fresh start; with no assholes in my near future. That’s right, you guessed it, two in as many years, assholes that left me with a very strict aversion to romance.

Then I met a guy, a guy who would force me to stay, not to run. A guy who I first encountered fucking someone else in a hallway. He was everything I wanted, and everything I didn’t. He was beautiful, and beautifully frightening. And I was the princess that would mend his scars, erase them one by one, until he was whole again. Or so I thought.

Yes, ours is a fairy tale, but not one that you might expect…




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I turn the corner, my eyes adjusting to the dim light, trying to navigate my way through the thin, damp smelling corridors.

A figure turns the corner, an unfamiliar face. A beautiful stranger.

The sight before me causes me to stop dead in my tracks.

She stops dead in her tracks when she sees us, me and my latest conquest. I have my conquest by the thighs, propped up against the wall, diving into her. Fucking her to within an inch of her life. At least I was, until the girl came into my peripheral vision.

At the end of the corridor are a couple, a guy and a girl. Her skirt is hitched up around her waist. At first glance, I think he may be kissing her, hard. Until I see the penetration. Until I see the way he grips her thighs, pulling her body against his. The strong and purposeful thrusts. Her back slamming relentlessly against the wall, like a rag doll.

I expect her to turn, to run in the opposite direction. What I didn’t expect, from my vantage point and the corner of my eye, was to see her planted to the spot, watching. Curiosity and embarrassment warred inside her, I could tell by the way she shifted nervously from foot to foot. Curiosity won out. She didn’t turn away.

I should have turned, walked away, done fucking something. But I was transfixed. I was invading their intimate moment, albeit out in the open for everyone to bear witness to. But I’m rooted to my spot. Watching. Coveting.

I don’t want her to know that I see her. I like her there. Watching me. My sexual partner hasn’t noticed our guest. She’s too caught up in her own self-satisfaction to even open her eyes. But the girl’s eyes don’t look at her. They stare directly at me. Undressing me. I can practically taste her lust. A satisfied smile causes the right side of my lip to creep up.

The guy’s mouth curls up in a smile. I can see it from my vantage point. I thought he hadn’t noticed me, but I think he has. A furious blush descends over my whole body, rising to my cheeks. For a brief moment, I close my eyes and replace that random girl’s body with my own. Blessed warmth courses through me as the fantasy unfolds in my mind.

Magnificent heat courses through my body. The rushing blood and adrenaline produced by my body is making a beeline for my dick, rendering it rock solid. I close my eyes and imagine that girl, that stranger, in the place of whatshername, the girl currently riding against me. The fantasy easily plays out in my mind.

He thrusts with finality into the girl, shaking the wall behind her in the process. Probably shaking her to the very core. She lets out a strangled cry. Just before he has a chance to look up, I turn and bolt back into the bar.

Just as I come, I glance to the left, to see if the voyeur girl is still there. She isn’t. I hope she’s a regular at this bar. I want the chance to show her firsthand the skills that she just bore witness to.

I’m more than certain he saw me. My heart is racing, threatening to pound free from my chest. Rock solid muscles and an imposing stature, I watched with wanton lust as he owned her. And God help me if I didn’t allow my mind to conjure up fantasies of the ownership he could have over my body. In that moment, I wanted it. I was exposed.

I liked her there. The heavens couldn’t have orchestrated a more perfect scenario. My mind proceeded to fuck her in a hundred different ways. I was left vulnerable, aching for a taste of her, craving her desperately. It made me feel…exposed.


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Infinite Fear – A Novella (Scared #0.5)

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Abou the author


Jacqueline Abrahams is the author alter ego for an ordinary mum to three children (two human and one canine) and wife to one husband. Born in South Africa, she now calls Sydney, Australia her home.

A collector all things books and bookish, she in an avid reader and has a tiny obsession with filling bookshelves. When she’s not preoccupied wearing her aspiring author or mummy hat, she is working her way towards completing a degree in Primary and Secondary Teaching (with an English major of course!)


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Title: Beautiful Storm

Author: Megan Isaacs

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: December 7, 2015



He was my salvation.

Interviewing the notorious owner of ‘Ignition’ should have been simple. When asked to go home with him, I should’ve said ‘no.’ But Noah Hamilton’s tattooed, hard body and rugged features were impossible to resist. I wanted him to touch me. And I longed to be loved again. I craved the escape and was desperate to know him. Much like his lifestyle, our heated affair took off at warp speed, proving to be stronger than either of us anticipated. Trapped between my past and future, there was only one decision to make. So I ran…

She was my downfall.

From the moment Lizzie Ryder stepped into my shop, I wanted her. Had to have her. A reserved journalist with a body of sin and mesmerising eyes was all it took for me to fall. Hard. The night she let me touch her, taste her, I knew I was done for. I never deserved her, but needed to make her mine. She found the heart I never knew I had, brought it to life, and then crushed it to dust. And just like her storm-filled eyes, I drowned in the flood of her desertion. Reaching my breaking point, I struggled to forget the only woman I ever foolishly fell for and dove headfirst into my dark past, barely surviving her.

And now she’s back.

What happens when our weaknesses become our strengths? Do we reveal and fight…or keep our secrets and run? And can we withstand the devastation left after the Beautiful Storm?

Due to sexual content, possible triggers, and excessive bad language reader discretion is advised. 18+

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“Noah, are you awake?” Lizzie whispers, her voice breathy.

Her daft question makes me smile. I just moved. “Yeah.” I tighten my arms around her and lean in to kiss her temple.

“I love being here with you. Being cocooned in your arms. Held like you fear I might vanish at any second.”

“You planning on disappearing on me?” I ask. My voice’s gruff and my heart squeezes at the thought. But I do hold her like that.

“Never,” she answers confidently. And I feel her smile against my chest.

I let out a relieved breath I didn’t even realise I was holding as she continues.

“I thought I understood what love was, but the dream became battered and broken. I always believed love was a safe place, like here.” She traces the tattoos on my chest. “But did you know love could be twisted and painful? I know it’s really stupid, but I never realised it could hurt, not without betrayal.”

I can’t figure out where she’s going with this so I let her continue, but my chest gets tighter with each word.

“I’m worried because I love us. This.” She peers up at me through her lashes. “But I’m frightened by what I feel for you. It’s stronger than anything I’ve ever felt before, and it could crush me if I let it.” She moves her hand down to rub circles on the forearm wrapped around her waist, her gaze follows it.

Without exact words she just told me she loves me and I want desperately to tell her something she wants to hear, but I can’t.

“I don’t know what to say, angel. I could beg you to let me in, to trust me, and I could promise that I’ll never be that man, that I’ll never hurt you. But—” I shift so I can look into her eyes. “It’s probably likely. I’ve never done anything like this. Never wanted to.”

I keep to myself the reasons why and continue. “You distorted my world, made me view things a little differently. You made we want things I’ve never thought about before. Made me think about a future. But I can’t promise you I won’t mess up, and I can’t promise you a happy ending.”

The warning needs to be out there, no matter what feelings swirl around in me. I’m not relationship material and if we continue down the path we’ve taken she may get hurt, fuck, she will get hurt.

Abou the author


Megan Isaacs lives happily in the UK with her husband and son.

If you asked her about herself she would say she’s completely crackers. Always the introvert with an extrovert exterior. A complete mash up of improbabilities.

She loves her family, but that goes without saying. She loves reading and tea. Lots and lots of tea. She used to be pretty good shot with a shotgun, but hasn’t shot since she was five months pregnant when she beat her husband for the one and only time. Hanging up her barrels seemed like a good idea after that.

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