Born to a King of Chaos patch holder with a case of wanderlust and a self-centered mother, twenty-one-year-old Nevada Weber is used to taking care of herself. She’s spent her life skating by on her wits and pure determination. When she lands in a situation, she can’t haggle her way out of, she’s forced to rely on another brother for help.
Club enforcer Gage “Wizard” Carmody has done his job too well over the years. Icy and numb on the inside, he walks around in a prison of his making. When the bright green-eyed girl he helped raise winds up unclaimed and in need of protection he steps in seeking redemption.
In a life where destruction lurks around the corner, they discover something with the potential to bring healing and happiness. But when you live in Chaos nothing goes as planned.

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christie review 4 stars

Wow! I really enjoyed this book. Honestly, I’m not a huge MC fan. I have only read two or three, but between Shyla Colt and Beth Flynn, I may just become a bigger fan! It’s a fast moving romance and even a bit of a thriller…at least for me!

Nevada is a 21-year-old young woman who has been completely abandoned by her parents. With the help from members of the MC Club her parents belonged to, she has been able to survive and work to make herself independent. Unfortunately, she finds herself staying in a member’s home who has sinister plans for her. She is rescued by Wizard aka Gage who is a friend of her father’s and has always been there protecting and supporting Nevada. Because of her situation, she finds herself bound to Wizard as his “old lady.” Instead of feeling trapped, she feels something she never has before…happiness. However, she’s battling the feelings she has for Wizard, and he is battling his feelings for her. The two have so much to overcome before they find their happiness. The biggest is their age difference, she’s in her early twenties, and he’s in his forties, and yeah, he was a good friend to her father and has never seen Nevada as anything but a young girl whom he’s always taken care of. As they come to grips with their relationship, danger lurks in the shadows. Will they find their HEA? Will they even survive?

As I wrote earlier, I’m not a huge fan of MC romances. The synopses that I have read involve so much violence, and some women portrayed as victims. Colt’s book completely shattered those thoughts I had. Yes, there was violence, and some women were treated badly and were victims, but those were just background aspects that added to the book. Wizard isn’t an angel; he’s done some bad things. But, that isn’t his whole personality. He’s been hurt, and he doesn’t love easily, but when he does, he does it 110%. He does dabble in some illegal business, but he also has some legitimate, successful businesses too. He’s really a walking contradiction that I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know. Nevada has been hurt as well, but she’s determined to not that dictate her life or her happiness. She’s no victim; she’s a fighter! I loved the way their relationship progressed. Colt took her time for them to process the confusing feelings they had for one another. And yes, some parts of the book were tender and soft, especially some of the love scenes. But, there were some hot ones too! I liked the bit of forbidden romance, older man and friend of her father. It was done flawlessly!

Thank you, Shyla Colt, for helping me see there is more than just violence in MC novels. I learned not to judge a book or a genre by its cover. If you are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, give Shyla Colt a try. She thinks and writes outside of the box. As time goes on, this will enable her to stand out among the flooded market of romance. Fantastic book, and I can’t wait to read more.