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~ Your Irresistible Love by Layla Hagen Release Blitz + Review + Giveaway ~

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Sebastian Bennett is a determined man. It’s the secret behind the business empire he built from scratch. Under his rule, Bennett Enterprises dominates the jewelry industry. Despite being ruthless in his work, family comes first for him, and he’d do anything for his parents and eight siblings—even if they drive him crazy sometimes. . . like when they keep nagging him to get married already.

Sebastian doesn’t believe in love, until he brings in external marketing consultant Ava to oversee the next collection launch. She’s beautiful, funny, and just as stubborn as he is. Not only is he obsessed with her delicious curves, but he also finds himself willing to do anything to make her smile.

He’s determined to have Ava, even if she’s completely off limits.

Ava Lindt has one job to do at Bennett Enterprises: make the next collection launch unforgettable. Daydreaming about the hot CEO is definitely not on her to-do list. Neither is doing said CEO. The consultancy she works for has a strict policy—no fraternizing with clients. She won’t risk her job. Besides, Ava knows better than to trust men with her heart.

But their sizzling chemistry spirals into a deep connection that takes both of them by surprise.

Sebastian blows through her defenses one sweet kiss and sinful touch at a time. When Ava’s time as a consultant in his company comes to an end, will

Sebastian fight for the woman he loves or will he end up losing her?

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4 stars

While Layla Hagen’s book, Withering Hope, remains my favorite book by her, I really enjoyed this fast paced, sexy read as well! Once I started reading, it went by fast for me!

The cover is what first caught my eye, and after reading Sebastian and Ava’s story, the cover really does illustrate the relationship between the two of them. Ava is hired by Sebastian as a marketing consultant, and sparks fly the first time the two of them set eyes on each other. But, Ava has a strict policy of sleeping or dating with anyone she works with, and she will be fired if her boss were to ever find out she did. It’s never been that hard for her to adhere to the rules until she meets the sexy Sebastian. The two spend time together, and a friendship, one fraught with hot sexual tension, develops. But, their feelings for one another become harder to ignore. I loved the chemistry between them from their very first meeting, and I loved the way Layla Hagen strung us along until the moment they finally give into their desires.

Sebastian isn’t the average sexy, alpha billionaire that is typical in other books in the genre. He doesn’t jump from woman to woman or bed to bed. Actually, he’s pretty much perfect! He’s strong, bossy, sexy, and has a naughty mouth, which I loved! But, underneath all that sexiness is a man with a heart of gold. He’s looking for a woman who sees him…not his money or success, and Ava is that woman. She’s beautiful, yet very down to earth and normal. She’s the girl you want to have as a friend. She sees past Sebastian’s public image and sees the real man. I like that she’s strong, intelligent, and a success in her own right. In other words, the two of them are perfect for each other.

I also loved Sebastian’s family, and he comes from a large family. They are incredibly rich, but they never lost themselves and their values even when they reached the top rung on their ladder to success. Readers who like their books with hot sex, sweet romance, and love of family, will really enjoy this one. Can’t wait to read the second in the series.

Abou the author

I fell in love with books when I was nine years old, and my love affair with stories continues even now, many years later. I write romantic stories and can’t wait to share them with the world. And I drink coffee. Lots of it.

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~ Uncontrollable Temptations (Tempted #3) by Janine Infante Bosco Cover Reveal + Giveaway ~

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by Janine Infante Bosco
Tempted #3
Publication Date: February 9, 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Uncontrollable Temptations Cover

#BeTempted #BrandedByTheBulldog #PropertyofParrish #UncontrollableTemptations


Jack “Bulldog” Parrish

Crazy: Mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way.

I was thirteen when I discovered the definition of the word I’d forever be labeled.

Some used it as a figure of speech but for me it was a scar I’d carry through life.

Or so I believed until I was diagnosed a manic depressive.

I’m the president of the Satan’s Knights Motorcycle Club, a man of power and control.

A man with enemies near and far.

But the truth, my truth, is my biggest enemy— my mind and I live most of my life with no control whatsoever.

I’m just a man who battles his demons, a man destined to live a life full of darkness.

Until her.

She’s the light beckoning me, calling me home, away from the torment.
In a world as dark as the one I live in, sometimes I can’t help but crave Sunshine.

Reina DeCarlo

I was lost, broken and a prisoner of my scars.

A shell of the woman I used to be, who didn’t know the difference between living and merely existing.

Until a stranger found me, fixed and freed me. He breathed life into my soul, reminding me I was a survivor and still had life to live.

My savior is a biker.

A man tortured by his own scars. A man broken like me, maybe even a little lost too.

I want to be his remedy.

I want to heal him.

I want to return the favor and be his savior.

This is our story, a story neither of us knew how to write until we found each other.

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Uncontrollable Temptations Full Jacket Cover


Our eyes lifted simultaneously, glued to one another’s, uncertainty and anticipation pouring from the irises.

“You made me cherry pie,” I spoke huskily. “Really wanted a taste.”

She swallowed hard, visibly pushing down the lump lodged in her throat.

“Gonna have that taste now,” I warned, lifting my thumb and smearing the cherry filling across her mouth. Her lips were soft as they parted just barely, a soft gasp escaping past them as my thumb worked back and forth. She lifted her hand to my wrist and pulled it away from her mouth. I sensed the change in tides, saw the storm roll over in her eyes and knew she was about to push me away but before she did, I took that fucking taste I came here for.

My mouth crashed over hers, my tongue slipped out of my mouth and lapped at her lips, licking all the filling off her. Reina remained perfectly still, holding my wrist as my lips slowly worked hers. I was drunk and not on cherry pie but on Sunshine. My Sunshine.

“Fucking delicious,” I grunted, before I took her lower lip between my teeth. Just a nibble.

Just a taste.

She moaned.

And that was it.

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Illicit Temptations & Forbidden Temptations

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Abou the author

Janine Infante Bosco

Janine Infante Bosco lives in New York City, she has always loved reading and writing. When she was thirteen, she began to write her own stories and her passion for writing took off as the years went on. At eighteen, she even wrote a full screenplay with dreams of one day becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

Janine writes emotionally charged novels with an emphasis on family bonds, strong willed female characters, and alpha male men who will do anything for the women they love. She loves to interact with fans and fellow avid romance readers like herself.

She is proud of her success as an author and the friendships she’s made in the book community but her greatest accomplishment to date would be her two sons Joseph and Paul.

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