What happens when the very thing ruining your life ends up saving it?

I was never one to believe in spirits—until six years ago, when a bone-chilling accident changed my life…forever.

My name is Charlotte, but most people call me Char…and I have a special gift.

I talk to the dead.

Make no mistake, I can’t summon them. I’m only able to see and speak to the spirits that linger when they’re unable to crossover. They’re somehow weighted to the world with unfinished affairs. And for the last six years, I’ve relentlessly used my gift to help their lost souls.

But it’s come at a price. My life is dark. Feeling despondent, I’ve begun to give up. And in helping the dead, I’ve realized I haven’t allowed myself to live. With no money, no place to go, and most importantly… no hope, I’ve decided there is only one option—to end it all.

But fate is a funny thing. One minute, I’m about to leap to my death, and the next, I’m saved by Ike McDermott. The strong, striking soldier stopped me from putting an end to my despair. He’s the kind of man that smiles and brightens an entire room.

Sweet and gentle.

He is my savior.

And he’s dead.

We’ve made an agreement. He’ll help me find a place to stay and a new job if I’ll help him with his unfinished business so that he may crossover.

Ike’s unfinished matter involves his twin brother, George. George has been falling apart since Ike’s death and Ike has not been able to compel himself to crossover in peace until he knows George will be okay.

When I agreed to help, little did I know that I’d fall in love with the charming folks of Bath County, and…Ike and George McDermott.

Now, as both brothers own equal parts of my heart, I am faced with a cruel and unfair predicament. In saving George, I must let go of Ike.

But how does one let go of half of their heart?

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christie review 5 star a

Where One Goes is one of the books that is very difficult to write a review for because no words can adequately describe how wonderful it was. It was breathtaking, beautiful, sad, painful, hopeful…basically beyond words. It’s one of those rare books for me in which the story and characters make their way into your heart and never let you go!

I was completely mesmerized from the very beginning of the book. A horrible and devastating accident has left Charlotte broken and alone. Her only company are the dead souls she sees who are stuck on Earth until their business here is finished, and they can finally be free and move on. Some people may think this is a gift, but Charlotte doesn’t, at least not yet. It’s incredibly lonely and emotionally draining. On one rainy night, she reaches her breaking point and doesn’t think she can go on until she meets Ike. Ike will change her life in ways she never could have imagined.

This book was so different than any book I’ve read….yes, it’s a romance with some paranormal elements to it, but that is where the similarity to other books end. I never thought I would see a heroine, yes…she is my heroine because of her incredible gift and her determination to survive, fall in love with a human and a ghost. Yet, she does, and not only does she come to love two men, but they are brothers. Again, not your typical love triangle. It’s special like everything else in this book. I have purposely left a synopsis out of this because I could never spoil anything about Charlotte, George, and Ike.

The characters are flawed, and at times, some can make you downright mad, especially George, but all people grieve in very different ways. I was drawn to Ike for the goodness in his soul, his courage and bravery, and loyalty and love to his family, especially George. I was drawn to George because he helps Charlotte with her pain, and the two of them are two broken souls that have somehow brought light to each other’s darkness. Again, I loved Charlotte for her bravery, her drive to survive, and using her gift to help others despite the toll it takes on her.

This book was magical and will forever remain in my heart and one of my all-time favorites I’ve ever read. Charlotte, George, and Ike will be characters that I can never forget. I highly recommend if you like a book that is unique, and may even change the way you think about life and death. It occupies the top spot on my list for all-time favorite reads EVER!!!