SynopsisDevil’s Lair is on their first world-wide tour. Taking their antics across Europe, Asia, and Australia proves to be hilarious, exhausting, and very chaotic. Most of the time they feel completely out of their element, and they’re right. Tequila, groupies and a endless supply of condoms are replaced with…well, with a whole lot of different.
Join them on their ‘Blow Our Minds World Tour’ and accept this V.I.P. pass to a behind the scenes look at Devil’s Lair as they travel the globe wreaking rock star havoc.

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christie review 5 star a

The Back-Up Series has always been one of my favorite series I have ever read. I knew it was special when I began the very first book, Back-Up. A.M Madden made the series very different from other rock romances in the genre. She not only made me fall in love with one man, Jack, but also with another man, Trey. And, yeah, they may even moved Kellan down to the third place on my book boyfriend list.

In this book, loyal fans, like myself, get to catch up with our favorite rockers and their lovely ladies. I loved seeing how they were doing on their tour. As with every book in the series, Madden adds something to take readers to a deeper level. In the past she has used mystery, and while she always tugs on my heartstrings, she took me on an even emotional place. It made me pause and be grateful for the blessings in my life, especially my family.

As with the other books, it is told from different POVs. I was in for a treat because I got to see more of Hunter and Mandi’s story, and Hunter is a bit of a naughty boy…nice surprise! But, my favorite was the theme of family and friends. Sometimes the best families aren’t just bonded by blood by the heart. And the most surprising, Jen might actually have a heart beating under that cold, beautiful exterior. I would love to see a book about her, and the man that finally breaks past that coldness.

Another great addition to the series! It was great catching up with old friends, and I hated telling them good-bye again. Hopefully, I will get to visit them again. There was closure for the couples, but there was also room (maybe…fingers crossed) that I will get to see them again!