Sophia Vasco
Will he ever forgive me? This question haunts me every day and night. He branded me with his touch to the point that no other man will ever compare.
Dominic consumed my life. Until the day he learned the truth about me and everything changed. Nothing is as it seems and it has all spiraled out of control. The weight of the world now rests on my shoulders.
I have to fix this.

Dominic Powers
Some say that Karma is a bitch. I can say from experience that a betrayed Dom is much worse than a bastard ever thought about being.
They think they played me. I denied the man inside me his rightful place and was mistaken for a fool. When I’m done with them, they will feel the lash of her Dom’s lesson.
This isn’t over.

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christie review 4 and a half stars

Her Dom’s Lesson is the second book in the Dominic Powers Series. While I enjoyed the first book in the series, I enjoyed reading this one even more. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down until I was finished. It picks up pretty much where the first book ended with a betrayal…or really is it a betrayal? It might look that way on the surface, but once the layers are peeled away, will Dom really let Sophia go without a fight? Read on to find out! I don’t want to give you readers more…I don’t want to ruin this great series for anybody.

The book is written from both Dom and Sophia’s POVs which I love because I like knowing what both of the characters were thinking. It made me feel like a trusted confidante. The chemistry between the two is still sizzling, but there is a more of a softness to Dom’s hard edges. I really got a glimpse into his heart which yeah he’s a master alpha and dom, but he is a man with a good heart too. I was glad to see more of the spitfire side of Sophia too! Of course, I love seeing my Steele men again from the Steele Series. (On a side note, if you haven’t read the Steele Series, you really should)!

There are some amazingly hot sex scenes, but the mystery and intrigue is just as good! There are so many layers of unexpected twists. After one layer is revealed, I thought I had it figured out, but I didn’t. I truly didn’t see that twist at the end. Her Dom’s Lesson is more than just an erotic read with BDSM elements, it’s an awesome romantic suspense! Another great job from A.D. Justice!