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Book: Compassion

Author: Xavier Neal

Genre: Romance



How far will compassion take them?

Jaye Jenkins is dealing with the death of her fiance, an overbearing mother and an awkward social existence when a green eyed stranger stumbles into her life. For some reason she can’t stop thinking about the mysterious man she knows she has no right to be fantasizing about. Suddenly an uncontrollable situation occurs, and in a single moment, one simple act of kindness changes everything.
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daniell review 5 star a

What a beautiful, uplifting story!!

It has been three years since her fiancé passed away, but Jaye hasn’t moved on with her life. She goes to work each day and loves what she does, but all of his possessions/clothes are still in the house they shared as if he will be back at any moment. Her mother has been pressuring her to move on and start dating again but she hasn’t opened herself up to that yet.

Archer is an Army Vet. Ever since he was seriously injured in combat and discharged from the Army, he has faced so many struggles and is now homeless and facing his PTSD all alone. He risked his life for his Country and watched his friends die and now has to live off the scraps of others just to stay alive. All he needs is just a little compassion and help to get back on his feet.

Finally, luck is on his side when he crosses paths with Jaye and she tells him “I think the world’s been kicking you down long enough and maybe it would be nice if someone lent a hand instead.” Will they be able to help each other heal what has been broken inside them?

This is a unique love story but also a very powerful one. Sometimes in life, people need a hand or someone to show a little bit of kindness. Unfortunately, there isn’t always someone willing to do so. But Compassion is a feel-good story about how wonderful life can be when we realize we are all human and have empathy for others and their situations. Xavier did an outstanding job creating these main characters and helping the reader understand their battles. I loved this story from beginning to end and fell in love with both Jaye and Archer. Fabulous job, Xavier!!

christie review 5 star a
Absolutely stunning book that is both at times heartbreaking and at others, simply beautiful! It’s a love story about two individuals that cross paths simply by fate. Jaye, who is suffering from a painful loss, first meets Archer as he is going through her garbage. Instead of running away in fear, she offers him food. That should have been their first and last meeting, but fate had other plans for them. When she sees him again, instead of turning him away, she invites him into her home and opens the door to her heart just a little bit as well. Archer is running from pain and demons as well, but something about her causes him to actually feel something again. Their journey to romance will be a hard one, but it’s one that will be well worth it.
Jaye and Archer are not only great together, but they are equally great as individuals. Each is hurt in their own ways, but each also never allowed their loss to take their humanity and compassion for others away from them. They each have beautiful souls. When Jaye saw Archer the first time, she overlooked how he appeared…he was homeless and dirty. Instead of seeing someone who could be dangerous, she saw beneath all of his defenses, didn’t pass judgement, and treated him as a fellow human being caught in a bad situation. Oh my God, Archer…completely broke my heart. I wanted to take him in my arms and ease all the pain and turmoil he endured. He epitomizes a problem that is plaguing our soldiers who are returning home. Neal did her research…she gave readers a true sense of PTSD. I hope people who read this will see how much our soldiers need care and compassion when they return home.
I adored everything about this book despite the tears I shed. It’s not simply a romance but a life story, and an important one. It opened my eyes to two very important issues. In our world, there is so much anger and hate. If we each just showed compassion to one another like Jaye and Archer, imagine what a wonderful world we could live in. The second issue is the importance of helping those suffering from the very real issue of PTSD. I always love a book that not only entertains me, but one that moves me and changes the way I think. And, Xavier Neal did just that. This writer continues to wow and amaze me with everything she writes, but her last two novels, in my opinion, have put her into a class all her own.
Abou the author

Xavier Neal lives in Texas where she spends her time getting lost in writing, reading, or fandoms she recently discovered. Whether she is enjoying books or movies, she continues finding inspiration at every turn to bring more exciting stories to life.

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