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Lauren Baratz-Logsted
Releasing on February 9, 2016
Diversion Books



Daisy Silverman has always been obsessed with His Royal
Highness, Prince Charles. When the underachieving 30-something cleaning lady
wins a million dollars, she follows her lifelong dream to go to London. Once
there, she meets Prince Charles—the real Prince Charles. Through a series of
misunderstandings, the Royal Family doesn’t realize that Daisy’s Jewish or that
she’s spent her life up to the elbows in the wrong kind of toilet water. By the
time they do, Daisy is in love with Charles, Charles is in love with Daisy, and
the Queen’s white gloves are off.
alternate-universe romantic comedy showing the heir to the British throne in a
light quite unlike any he’s been seen in before.
Daisy’s madcap adventure is more comedy than
romance, and her most unusual and unlikely relationship with Prince Charles
will appeal to reads looking for lots of giggles.”
“Lauren Baratz-Logsted has mastered the real life
fairy tale in her explosive and hilarious FALLING FOR PRINCE CHARLES. It’s all
here, lovelorn Daisy Silverman flush with cash and high hopes, Prince Charles
who can’t resist her, and London in all its splendor. Curl up and get ready to
laugh long into the foggy night.”
 —Adriana Trigiani, New York
Times bestselling author of THE SHOEMAKER’S WIFE
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Author Interview

1. What age were you when you started writing?
I was 12 when I first thought, based on my Eight Grade English teacher’s reaction to one of my stories, that I might have something to say that readers would want to hear. But then it was 20 more years before I left my day job as an independent bookseller to start taking writing seriously.
2. I read that at one time, you were an independent bookseller, do you miss it? What was your favorite thing about it?
I do miss it! Picking just one thing I loved about it is hard, but if you’re keeping me to just one, I’m going to have to go with the opportunity every day to put great books into good people’s hands. One day I had a woman come in with dark glasses on. It was clear she’d been crying. All she said to me was, “I just need a good book.” After some mental debate about what to give someone who I didn’t know at all but who was obviously going through terrible times, I handed her Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns. The following week, the woman came back and told me, “You saved my life.” Whether people realize it or not, booksellers and bloggers like you save lives every day.
3. Since you are writing about the royal family, who is your favorite royal?
Prince Charles. I know he’s not the obvious choice – not the most glamorous nor the cutest nor the easiest to understand – but I find him to be an endlessly interesting figure.
4. As a writer who writes for different age groups, is there one group that is your favorite?
I love them all for different reasons. I love writing for adults because you can do literally anything; for teens because the audience is still at the age where ideas can still be new and fresh to them; for children because they respond in such amazing ways. The Sisters 8 series for young readers, which I created with my husband and daughter, has garnered more fan mail than all my other books combined and the letters are truly amazing. When a kid – or her parent, grandparent, teacher or librarian – writes to say that “X didn’t like to read before she discovered your series,” it doesn’t get any better for a writer. You can read more about the series here: http://www.houghtonmifflinbooks.com/features/sisters8/home.html
5. Are there any characters in your books that have been inspired real people?
In FALLING FOR PRINCE CHARLES, the title character, the rest of the Royal Family, some political figures and celebrities – all real people. But beyond that, in my 30+ books published, the characters have overwhelmingly been fictional. I love my family and friends too much to make them turn around and hate me because of something I did for a book. 
Thanks for having me!  
christie review
4 starsFalling For Prince Charles is a fun, cute, quirky, and clever romantic comedy! Daisy is a cleaning lady who is in love with Prince Charles, yes that Prince Charles. Luck finally comes to Daisy when she wins the lottery, and she decides to head to London, a place she has always wanted to go. Not long after being in London, she finds herself at an Embassy function and happens to meet Prince Charles. He is quite taken with her as she is different from the normal ladies he meets at these functions. Thus, begins a wild, funny, and sweet love story between the two.

The book was different from anything I’ve read recently. It’s quirky in the most charming way! I loved Daisy, and I never thought I could feel sorry for Prince Charles, but I did. Daisy is wonderful for him. He yearns for more in his life than the never-ending and sometimes shallow functions he has to attend and the women he meets there. It was fun to get an inside look into the life of being a royal. For me, it was more comedy than romance, but it was just as enjoyable! And, I LOVED the ending!!!!

Abou the author



Lauren Baratz-Logsted is the author of over
25 books for adults, teens (including The Twin’s Daughter and Little Women and
Me), and children (The Sisters 8, a nine-book series she created with her
husband and daughter). Before becoming an author, Lauren was an independent bookseller,
freelance editor, Publishers Weekly reviewer, sort-of librarian and window
washer. She lives with her family in Danbury, CT. Visit her at
http://www.laurenbaratzlogsted.com or follow her @LaurenBaratzL on Twitter.
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