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Title: Liquid & Ash

Author: E.M. Abel

Genre: Contemporary Romance

  Release Date: March 1, 2016




Love was my weakness. 

In the light of the truth, no one can hide. 

Derek had ignited a spark inside of my heart, a hope for a love I never expected to find. However, our connection lacked the substance it needed to burn. Weakened with resentment, our relationship crumbled under deception, slowly dissolving into ash.

I had sacrificed myself for him and paid the price.

By the time Brandon entered into my life, the longing in my heart had turned cold. But fate was not done with me. His crystal blue eyes and fluid touch revived a wish that had been frozen in time. He gave me hope once again. 

Hope is a dangerous thing, especially when you dare to dream.

**WARNING: This book contains adult content and drug use.

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Abou the author


E.M. Abel was born and raised a Marine Corps brat. She spent a large portion of her life moving and living in her mother’s home country, Japan. As a result, she gained independence and a unique perspective on the world. The youngest of three girls, E.M. Abel spent a lot of time alone in her room writing or sketching in her journals and dreaming up stories. Growing up, she wrote poems, short stories and articles for her high school newspaper. She also fell in love with art and discovered her deep need for self-expression.

Now, a Navy wife with two small children of her own, she still loves being creative and most of all translating her stories into novels. E.M. Abel, now referred to as E or Em by her friends and readers, can often be found with her headphones on jamming out to punk rock, in a chair getting tattooed or cooking dinner for her kids and attending gymnastics practice. No matter what she’s doing in her life, she’s always sure to do it her way.

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~ Deliverance (The Maverick Defense Series #1) by L.A. Cotton & Jenny Siegel Release Blitz + Review + Giveaway ~

Title: Deliverance (The Maverick Defense Series #1)
Authors: L A Cotton & Jenny Siegel
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 1st 2016

Joy Mathers has spent the last three years numb. From her past, her present, and her inevitable future. She was supposed to escape the deadbeat town of Chancing, but now it’s her prison, and she couldn’t leave…even if she wanted to.For the last two years, Dawson Spencer has been holed up in some of the worst corners of the world. He’s seen things no man should ever see, and thought nothing could ever shock him. Until he returns to Chancing and discovers everything has changed in the town he once called home.

He thought Joy was away pursuing her dreams. She thought Dawson was never coming back. And while their connection might still be there, Joy isn’t Dawson’s anymore, and it would be better—safer—for everyone if he walked away. But walking away isn’t an option for Dawson, not this time.

He gave up everything to protect her once … and he’ll do it again




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I was intrigued by the synopsis of Deliverance, and I am a HUGE fan of L A Cotton, so I was excited to get my hands on this one. As usual, Cotton never lets me down. Her books are full of emotion, twists, turns, mystery, and sometimes, they involve some darkness and villains, which always keeps me riveted until the last page is finished.

Joy and Dawson were in love with each other from the time they were teenagers. You wouldn’t think anything could tear them apart, but it did. Dawson was forced to leave Joy, but he never forgot her. She never forgot him, and now he’s come home. But, everything in the town has changed, but Joy has changed the most. She’s a shell of the girl she once was. She used to be happy and carefree, now she’s numb and caught up in a VERY bad situation. Dawson has sworn he won’t leave her again, but can she leave? As you can probably guess their HEA will be a long, arduous battle, but it’s so worth it!!!!

I have read everything by Cotton, and I will say this one is different for her, but I LOVED it! It’s dark, and at times, it was hard for me to read. I hurt so badly for Joy. Some readers may not like her, and they may think she had excuses for her behavior and the choices she made. I disagree….she was devastated when Dawson left, and she was preyed upon by someone who had very selfish and dark motives. It’s a very realistic look at addiction and the guilt of being an addict. Not only is addiction a component of the book but so is domestic violence. Again, it’s a very realistic about the abuser. They are crafty and use insecurities to lure their victims, and it’s a long, hard battle for some women to escape. I loved Dawson…he was a constant support to Joy, but he kept her accountable. I loved seeing Joy becoming stronger every day. And, the both writers have created a villain who has to be one of the most evil and darkest characters EVER! I felt no sympathy for him AT ALL!!! Readers will quickly know who that is when they read this book!

Great book!!! Once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop…even during the hard parts. I am looking forward to the next book in the series. It ended with some questions, but not your traditional cliffhanger in which you want to hurl your Kindle against the wall. Cotton and Siegel make a great team, and I can’t wait for Lex’s story!

about the authors


L.A is author of contemporary
romance novels ranging from sweet with just a hint of steam, to suspenseful
reads full of angst, tension, twists and turns. Home is a small town in the
middle of England where she currently juggles being a full-time mum to two
little people with writing. In her spare time (and when she’s not camped out in
front of the laptop) you’ll most likely find L. A immersed in a book, escaping
the chaos that is life.
Jenny Siegel writes contemporary romance. When she’s not writing (or entertaining two little terrors) Jenny is glued to her Kindle, or plotting (also known as daydreaming) about hot tattooed heroes that will sweep a girl off her feet.



~ Favorite Obsession by Nancy Corrigan Release Blitz + Giveaway ~

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Forbidden is in the eye of the beholder.

As a human living among shifters, Josh Conway is expected to abide by Pride law. But he’s never been very good at following rules. He’d rather make his own. The habit has gotten him in trouble over the years, but it’s all about the endgame. And this time he knows exactly what he wants—the gorgeous feline shifter who’s off-limits.

Mira is his. He knew it the moment he looked into her eyes. Of course, convincing her of the truth involves overcoming a prophecy, her protective family, and the little issue of them being different species. No big deal. He’ll figure out a way to make it work. His mind is made up. He’s not letting his woman go. Ever.

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Abou the author

A true romantic at heart, Nancy Corrigan is convinced there’s a knight in shining armor for every woman (or man), but you won’t find damsels in distress in her stories. She adores pairing alpha heroes with women strong enough to match them and bring them to their knees. She also enjoys flipping the traditional roles in romances because her motto is—love and people should never be forced to conform to anyone’s norm.

She holds a degree in chemistry and has worked in research but now focuses on ensuring quality. She considers it the perfect outlet for her as she’s the first to admit she has some OCD tendencies. It carries over into her writing life too. While engrossed in a novel, she has a habit of forgetting to eat and sleep. Fortunately, she’s married to her own knight in shining armor who understands her oddities and loves her anyway. They reside in Pennsylvania with their three children, dog, snake and guinea pigs. Her other interests include tattoos, animals, classic cars and all things spooky and sexy.

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