Unlucky for some.
Including me.

The woman I loved left me on the thirteenth.
Thirteen months of living together and she walked out the door without looking back, straight into another man’s arms.
She was kind enough to leave something to remind me of her: thirteen thousand pounds worth of debt.

Thirteen; the day I lost my nuts.
Well, I didn’t lose them, cancer took them from me. Better to be a man without balls than one without life.
Still, thirteen sucked… until it didn’t.

Until her.
Thirteen might just be my new lucky number.

*Thirteen is book #4 in the ‘Love by Numbers’ series. It is interconnected but can be read as a standalone.*

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daniell review 5 star a

Thirteen is an unlucky number for Harry until he has his thirteenth post-nuts date with Lilah.  Even though she seems a bit unconventional; he can’t help but be drawn toward her beauty and charisma. 

“You took my breath that very first day and I don’t want it back.” 

Lilah feels the same strong connection to Harry but her last relationship has made her doubt her worth and feels she must hide her imperfections.  But when she realizes that H has his own missing piece, she feels at peace and that she can finally fully love herself.

They are each other’s extra – that something special that takes their lives from ordinary to extraordinary.  But when Lilah’s past comes back to haunt her, will her and Harry’s relationship be able to survive?   

I absolutely loved this book!!  I enjoyed the laugh out loud moments and the heartbreaking moments and every moment in between.  I have grown very fond of all the Fox family including H. ES Carter has created a truly wonderful cast of characters in her Love by Numbers series and I love being able to live in their world, even for a short period of time.  I can’t wait for the next book in this series!!