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Barbie Bohrman
Releasing April 26th, 2016
Montlake Romance
Katy Lewis
has it all: a sports reporting job she loves, a great roommate, and two
brothers who, while nosy, always have her back. But when Conner Roberts, Katy’s
unrequited first crush, suddenly shows up—and shows interest—after nine years,
she reverts to a sweaty, panicked sixteen-year-old once more.
And if trying to read Conner’s
signals isn’t tough enough, Katy’s heart is sending some mixed messages of its
own. When a beautiful blonde coworker starts pursuing Katy’s boss, Dylan
Sterling—her longtime mentor and friend—she realizes she may have a problem
with that. A reunion with Conner is what she’s dreamed of for so long…so why
can’t she stop thinking about Dylan?

For the first time ever, Katy must
fact-check her heart. Should she go after the guy she thought she always wanted
or see if there’s something more with the one who’s been there all along?
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Dylan stays completely still and quiet. If I couldn’t see the steady beat of his pulse on the side of his neck, I would swear that he was dead. It’s bad enough that my heart is jackhammering away inside its cage in my chest, making it nearly impossible to stay as calm on the outside as
I’m trying to be in front of him.
It’s a test, that’s all this is. Get it over with so you can move on.
I’m thinking this while reaching out to take Dylan’s hands in mine. He doesn’t resist, so that’s good. Then he lets me position them on my waist, leaving them there when I take my hands away. I feel a charge of excitement run through me at the warmth of his hands against my body. And it frightens me a little. So I keep my eyes trained on his throat and watch in fascination as it bobs up and then down, as if he is swallowing a breath. Not having to look in his eyes is enough to propel me an inch forward and loop my arms around his neck.
He says this so quietly that I can’t tell if it’s a plea or a question. So I move closer until our bodies are pressed together, like we’re about to start a slow dance. I’ve finally been able to clear my mind of all stray thoughts and focus on this moment, right here, right now, that I know will change everything. But I still can’t gather the nerve to look up at him, because if I do, I already know I won’t be able to stop.
In a voice so low, I ask, “If you were this close to me, like you are now, would you want to kiss me?”
He doesn’t answer, but I can tell that his breathing is becoming more rapid by the way his chest rises and falls. So I ask him again.
It’s then he moves his hand off my waist and underneath my chin to tip my face up to look at him. He skims over my features with his eyes until reaching my lips, where he holds them in his gaze for a moment too long to be considered merely friendly.
Then quietly, he says, “Yes.”
“Yes, what?”
“Yes, I would kiss you.”
christie review 5 star a

I love a great friends to lovers book, and Something More Than This ranks up there with my favorites. Katy has a great job and great friends, but she doesn’t have much of a love life. She seems pretty content with that. However, all that changes. Her old friend, Connor, comes to town; this brings some unresolved feelings to the surface. As we learn in the beginning of the book, she had feelings for Connor that went beyond friendship, but those feelings weren’t returned. She isn’t sure what her feelings are anymore, and she isn’t quite sure what his are towards her either. When a co-worker begins flirting with her other best friend and boss, Dylan, she begins experiencing feelings she didn’t know she had for him. Needless to say, she’s got some deep soul-searching to do, and I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of that!

Something More Than This had some of the greatest characters I’ve ever come to know…yes, I see them as new people I meet, and some even become my friends. None of them were perfect, yet they all came across as people I would want to hang out with. Katy is someone you would want as your best friend. I LOVED the relationships she had with her brothers. I also loved Dylan, what a great guy, sexy with a great personality…just about perfect. I loved Connor as well. I loved the flashback of how he and Katy met and the story of how their friendship progressed. She will have a hard decision to make between these two. I am holding out hope that there may be future novels about the other characters, especially Mimi, Katy’s best friend! Love that girl!!!!

I enjoy discovering new authors, and I am so excited that I found Barbie Bohrman! Something More Than This was a great romance with great characters. I highly recommend reading this if you like a sweet romance with great characters and great humor. I will definitely be reading more from Bohrman!

Abou the author
Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Barbie
 dreamed of becoming an author. Long after she had given up, a
book club’s prologue contest encouraged her to give it one more go. What
emerged were the beginnings of her debut novel, Promise Me. Now she’s living
her dream and writing stories that entice readers to escape and break away from
reality. When she’s not writing, you can find her trying to get through the
books on her Kindle (more than a thousand at last count) or watching Sherlock or Homeland.
She resides in New Jersey with her husband and two children.
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