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~ Love’s Riff (Rebellious Youth Book #1) by Jenny Siegel Blog Tour + Review ~



Title:   Love’s Riff (Rebellious Youth Book #1)
Author:   Jenny Siegel
Genre:   Contemporary Romance


Most girls deal with a bad break-up with a pamper session and a shopping trip. Not nineteen-year old Taylor Devlin. With her confidence at an all time low, she immerses herself in music. It isn’t just something she’s good at, it’s in her blood. 

So when her best friend convinces her to audition for an up and coming band, Rebellious Youth, she figures she has nothing left to lose. Only she didn’t plan on catching the eye of sexy-as-sin lead guitarist Cal Jensen. Taylor knows all about bad boy rockers and has absolutely no intention of going there, again. Even if Cal Does make her feel alive, in the same way getting lost in a riff does. But it’s hard to move past her own insecurities, and Taylor isn’t sure if she’s ready to let Cal prove that not all rockers are heartbreakers. 

She knows music can heal her heart, but what if only Cal can make her whole?




Cal pushes my hoody off my shoulders

and I struggle out of it. I shiver, not from the cold but from his fingers running down my arm and his lips kissing up to my jaw line.
“Taylor.” His husky voice forces me to turn to him. His eyes glint in the streetlight as his hands gently cup my face, holding me there, eyes searching mine. Is he waiting for me to tell him to stop? But I don’t want him to stop, so I lean forward, my hands rest on his thighs and press my lips to his. I don’t know who is more surprised at my boldness, especially when my tongue slips past his lips and into his mouth. Cal’s hand cups the back of my head, tilting it so his tongue can explore mine. 
Our heavy breathing is amplified as our kiss deepens and Cal’s free hand slides down my body, over the curve of my breast and disappears under my tank top. My breath hitches as his fingers brush against my skin before he cups my breast in his hand. Then he pauses, as if checking that I’m okay with this. And I am. My god I am. No flinching or feelings of revulsion, if anything I want more. My hands move up his muscular thighs and because I am only able to focus on what his thumb is doing to my nipple they keep moving until I brush against the erection filling his jeans. Cal groans, his tongue and thumb falters in their rhythm. 
The material of my bra is pulled away and his hands push my tank top up my body. Cal dips his head and his hot mouth closes round my puckered nipple, his tongue teasing me with long flicks. The pulse between my legs pounds furiously and the ache becomes so intense it’s uncomfortable. Biting on my lip I try to stifle the moan that is building inside me but I fail miserably.
Cal pulls back and rests his forehead against mine. My lips tingle from our kisses and I press them together.
“I should be apologizing but I won’t. I have wanted 

to do that since Saturday night.”



 christie review 4 starsLove’s Riff was a quick, enjoyable read! I was hooked from the first chapter when Taylor meets Cal after cutting him off in traffic and then giving him the middle finger. Little did she know that was a band member in the group she was auditioning for. I knew from that point on it was going to be HOT between those two, and I was right!

Taylor has changed drastically since a bad break up with her ex. She immerses herself in music, but she has isolated herself from everyone but her best friend, Laura. She’s even pushed her family away, but Laura has had enough and has forced Taylor to audition for the bass player in the rock group, Love’s Riff. Little does Taylor know, her life will drastically change! When she meets Cal, she starts to feel something again, but it scares her. Cal has his own issues, but the two of them together may be what each of them needs if they will just give each other the chance to be happy. But, first they have to learn to trust one another, and that’s a hard thing for both of them. As you might guess, there will be some angst, but just enough to make you really love their story.

The story was quick and kept my attention throughout the book. The characters really added to it. You get just enough information about them in the beginning, but as you continue to read, you learn more about them, almost as if I was also a new member of the band getting to know them. I loved the relationship between all the band members. Siegel does a great job of developing the secondary characters so I am looking forward to reading their stories. The other great thing about this book was Taylor’s relationship with her mother. In the beginning, the two are distant, but as the story continues, the two realize what they are missing and begin to let each other in again. It was refreshing to read a book in which one of the main characters has a great relationship with their family.

There are a lot of rockstar romances, and this one had some similarities to them, but there were also subtle differences that made Love’s Riff stand out. This is the first book I’ve read by Jenny Siegel in which she was the only writer, and I love her writing style. I am looking forward to reading more from her, especially the ones in this series.


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