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~ REVIEWED: To Hold by ML Pennock ~

Digital Cover To hold



Everyone has them. Some are little. Some are big. Some are harder to hide than others. Stephanie Barbieri had no problem keeping things hidden from the time she was a teenager. An emotionally abusive boyfriend. The popular girl who moonlighted as a bully. The whirlwind romance that landed her in the hospital.
For Stephanie, burying secrets was the only option until she was forced to face her fears.
And him. Eventually she had to face him. The hero. Her savior. The maximum dose of reality.

Max Wyatt has spent the better part of his time as the new cop in a new community keeping his own secrets. He shares very little information about his past, even with those closest to him, because the past taunts him, keeping him up at night until he works himself into an emotional frenzy. It’s filled with a darkness he’s been fighting for years.
It’s a past that simultaneously haunts and motivates him.
A past that convinces him it’s time to stop avoiding her. The girl he saved. The one who has the ability to help him put his ghosts to rest.

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daniell review 5 star a

Fantastic job yet again by M.L. Pennock!!!!
Stephanie had overcome a painful past and was moving forward with her life when her psycho ex-boyfriend turned things up a notch and tried to kill her. Now, nearly a year later she is trying to put the past behind her once and for all and go after what and who she wants.

Stephanie felt a connection to Max, the officer who came to her rescue nearly a year ago but hasn’t acted on those feelings. After undergoing some much needed therapy to regain the control over her life that was violently taken from her, she is ready to pursue him to see if that connection goes both ways.

Max has felt drawn to Stephanie ever since he had to kill her deranged ex-boyfriend but he knew it wasn’t the right time to make his move. He has seen her around town for months but figures he is not what is best for her. Max has secrets about his past that he hasn’t been willing to share yet that may prevent things from even getting started with Stephanie. But he realizes it may be finally time to lay the past to rest and move on with his life and try to find happiness again.
So, when fate puts Stephanie and Max back in each other’s path, both are ready to take a chance on something new.  Can Max and Stephanie help each other heal and learn to love again?
I absolutely loved this story!! Stephanie and Max are both very likable characters and I couldn’t help but hope for their HEA. i loved that they didn’t jump into a relationship, both taking the necessary time to begin the healing process on their own and becoming stronger together. I love M.L. Pennock’s writing style and that she creates a beautiful love story that doesn’t need any major angst to keep the reader’s interest. I love the bond between all the characters in the book, whether it be family or friends, they are so supportive and the type of crew you want by your side. My favorite books are written with both POVs and I love that M.L. Pennock gives me that, too. I was thrilled to see so much of Brian and Stella from To Have because they are such a special couple! I am really looking forward to reading the next book in this series!

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