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~ REVIEW: Save to Love You (Ink Series – Spin Off #2) by Jude Ouvrard ~



After wasting years of her life to an abusive man, the love Abbie Rylee once felt for him is replaced by fear. One last fight for her freedom leaves her hurt but fulsome after a gentleman saves her from the brutal hands of her evil ex-boyfriend.
Presley Williams has been moping around for too long after being dumped by a beautiful model. It’s not until a chance meeting and an opportunity to be the hero that he starts to feel alive again. Craving the flame who brightens his life, the tattooed photographer sets out on a mission to find the girl who left him breathless.
When Abbie and Presley see each other, their mutual attraction flares first. The unconventional guy seems like an intriguing choice for the still-wounded Abbie, but is he actually someone she can feel safe with? Will she be able to move on, continuing with her life unscarred?

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daniell review 4 stars
Abbie and Presley have both had bad luck when it comes to relationships but when they meet by chance at a Muse concert sparks fly immediately. Abbie is at the concert with her douche boyfriend that she is already planning to break up with so she doesn’t think twice about giving Presley’s friend her number to give to him. Unfortunately, it’s the wrong number but fate is on Presley’s side when his friend runs into Abbie one night and he is able to reconnect with her. From there, things move at a pretty quick pace for the pair but there are bumps in the road along the way. Will these two finally get the HEA they deserve?

Both Abbie and Presley are great main characters and their chemistry makes for a sweet and steamy romance. The secondary characters are equally as entertaining and sometimes the story is told from their POVs, as well as getting both Abbie and Presley’s POV. This story has it all – sexy, swoony males, unconditional love and a bit of suspense and angst to keep things interesting.  This is a good read for anyone that doesn’t mind an insta-love type of romance.

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