~ The Darkness Series: The Complete Saga by Cassia Brightmore Release Blitz ~



Title: The Darkness Series: The Complete Saga
Author: Cassia Brightmore
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: November 7, 2016



All four books in this heart-stopping, dark romance series are now available in one boxed set! Prepare to be on the edge of your seat with each one of these mind-blowing thrillers in a series you won’t soon forget.

Darkness has a seductive power, a delicious energy that sinks its claws in deep. Once the devil has a hold of you, true malevolence is born.
Sheriff Brady James has sworn to protect the small town of Durham Heights, his current priority to ruthlessly hunt a sadistic killer on the loose. With lives at stake, his focus is split between two beautiful women – one dark, one light. The clock is ticking, the threat palpable; crawling closer at every turn. Once death has you in its sights, there is no escape.
If your soul has been plunged into the dark depths of despair, how hard would you fight to claw your way back to the surface? Can the life you lost be restored, or is it destined to be forever phased out of existence? Fated to dissolve into a distant memory.
A sinister criminal ring has descended on the small town of Norton Springs, instilling fear in the residents. A vicious wave of disappearances coupled with the gut-wrenching horror of infants being ripped from the arms of their helpless mothers has the town quaking in terror.
The past and present collide in the final book of the Darkness Series. Old enemies return and unlikely allies are formed when a serial arsonist targets the small town of Stockton Crossing, Louisiana. Working together with the surrounding towns of Durham Heights and Norton Springs, firefighter Lieutenant Weston Hunt is forced out of his reclusive tendencies to help apprehend the madman.
When Aubrey Sinclair, the sexy librarian he’s always had a thing for becomes the next target, they are thrown together in more ways than one. She needs his protection and he’s powerless to deny her. With the chaos closing in around them, will they solve the puzzle before it’s too late? Or is their destiny to go down in a fiery blaze?
Obsession is a passionate emotion. A dark blend of desire and longing; it distorts reality into twisted fantasies. How far would you go to ensure the object of your infatuation is forever in your possession?
Two people thrown together in a twist of fate. One running from his past; the other chasing a brighter future. Can they be each other’s salvation? Or will any happiness they find be ripped to shreds by the deadly obsession of another? Redemption comes at a high-staked price no one is willing to pay as the Darkness Series returns for one last mind-blowing trip into the depths of despair.


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Abou the author
Cassia Brightmore is a Canadian dark romance author. She loves writing dark stories with twisted characters that she hopes will thrill the reader as well as make them fall in love.

She loves hockey, video games and online shopping. If she’s not writing or editing, you can usually find her doing one of these things. Writing is her passion and publishing her first book as an indie author is truly a dream come true.

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~ Twice Upon a Time (The Black Angel #1) by Hope Irving Book Blitz ~

Once upon a time, I was Morgann, a 9th century Irish calligrapher-monk.

Deirdre was my assignment, my forbidden love, a witch with whom I wrote a coveted book.

Unfortunately, our story didn’t get a chance to become a fairy tale, it turned out as a famous urban legend referred as The Black Angel Book. 
In order to protect the book from getting in to the wrong hands, Deirdre cast a spell. One where I remember and she forgets. Under her spell, our souls travel from body to body until we find each other again. Eventually.
My quest is to find Deirdre, in whatever body her soul inhabits and trigger her memory. Only, the woman I find 1200 years later is not what I was expecting. 
Rose is not my type but my soul yearns for her. Every sign tells me that she is my Deirdre. How do I convince this broken, quiet and unbelieving woman that she is my twice upon a time?



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Centuries ago I was Morgann. Albeit I am neither immortal nor
a supernatural creature of any kind, I am now an urban legend. For I am
something else.
I am a soul that gained awareness of its existence; a
wandering soul inhabiting various bodies throughout their mortal life.
A soul longing to be reunited with its soulmate.
Like the fairytale, you know, “Once upon a time…” And the rest
of the story unfolds, sometimes with torments, but always with a happy ending.
Only that is not how it turned out for us.
So maybe we should try another story line that would end
better this time. Let’s say, “Twice upon a time,” maybe?
Anyway. This is what I am.
Centuries later, this soul eventually ended up in my body. Now
I feel I can speak on Morgann’s behalf, for I’m him and he’s me. We’re one.
Fearless and hopeful, when Morgann’s body died, his soul began
its journey. His body was no longer of use but his soul had lived on, intact,
searching for her frantically. Her? Well, that would be Deirdre, a powerful
medicine woman accused of being a witch.
Some witnessed my encounter with Deirdre and what followed,
back when I was still Morgann. I, Morgann, a monk working on the now infamous Book
of Kells
. Witch or medicine woman, I couldn’t care less because right from

the start I had that gut feeling she was the one for me, even as I had simply
stared at the river of shiny black hair falling down to her back. It was meant
to be.
Yes, we were undeniably soulmates. Twist of fate? I have no
idea but that was how connected our souls were and still are, somehow.  What was Deirdre doing there that day in the
monastery? I didn’t dare ask. After that, I was already too involved to search
for more explanation. My fate was sealed and so was hers. When we were
introduced, we grasped at once that we were made for one another as long as we
lived. Too bad we hadn’t foreseen our time together would be shortened by
greedy people. Hopefully she was resourceful and found a way to escape our
Let me tell you about us.
What did we do wrong?
Well, when you’re a monk, there is no such thing as falling in
love and breaking the vows of celibacy but I did. When you’re a medicine woman,
there is no such thing as engaging in a passionate relationship with a man, and
not just any man but a monk.
So the medicine woman was accused of being a witch for her
medicine involved plants, charms and casting spells as well. Truth be told, she
was a witch. There was no doubt about it.
Morgann was born in Ireland in the 8th century.
When exactly? Not sure. Nobody was good at keeping track around that time. For
some reason, though, centuries later I had a dream about the encounter that
changed everything; it happened in the year 813.
Shameless, Deirdre and I broke all the rules. Deirdre had been
paid to write what she knew about strong medicine and spells. I was one of the
chosen script monks who wrote the book in calligraphy with her, for years.
That meaningful book didn’t belong to us. It was theirs. So
meaningful they ended up referring to it as poisonous when I’d rather call it
visionary. Who were they? The sleeping partners; narrow-minded judgmental
people who started to get scared of her. Of us. They needed to destroy us.
Deirdre didn’t realize their attempt until it was almost too late.
But we had to stop them once we had apprehended their genuine
intentions. Their goal was plain and simple, yet we were too blinded by our
love to see it right from the start. They were seeking eternal life. But it
didn’t work that way. None of them ever figured out how to cast the right spell
at the right time on the chosen person.
When it got out of hand, people’s imagination was already at
work. At once, word-of-mouth spread the tale that soon became legendary. Why?
Well…who could believe in our true fate? A soul that lived on until reunited
with its soulmate, come on!
Soon enough, our legend started. Our peculiar story and the
supposedly poisonous book were referred to as the Black Angel Book.

Abou the author

Hope Irving is the proud mother of a lovely and witty young lady, and the lucky wife of a loving and supportive husband. She’s a debut indie author who lived in Paris, France, most of her life and also in the US, where she graduated with a master degree.

She loves Nutella and Camembert cheese (not together), carrot cake and cinnamon Altoids. 

Her favorite fictional characters are Eric Northman (Sookie Stackhouse series, Charlaine Harris) and Sean Bateman (The Rules of Attraction, Bret Easton Ellis). 

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~ Duplicity by Lisa J Hobman Cover Reveal ~

 photo banner_zpsgy6xzpca.jpg

Book: Duplicity
Author: Lisa J Hobman
Estimated Release: December
Cover Designed by: JC Clarke of the Graphics Shed
Hosted By: Francessca’s PR & Design

 photo Ebook Cover_zpsd73dydco.jpg


Fin Hunter has spent his life striving for his father’s elusive love and approval by following a life path set out for him and not of his own choosing. However, when he is yet again blamed for something out of his control, he snaps. Deciding to stand on his own two feet, he chooses to follow his true passion – music. But will he find real happiness?

Star Mendoza is living her dream in Edinburgh, a place she discovered in British novels while growing up in a small USA town. Now working in a city coffee shop, the tattooed, pink-haired young woman fantasises about the handsome businessman she serves on a daily basis. He’s totally out of her league but a girl can dream. Suddenly he stops calling in only to show up again in the most unlikely of places. Could her fantasy now become a reality? Or is the attraction of opposites doomed to fail?

 photo Teaser2_zpsqf9jt0ge.jpg
Abou the author

 photo Lisa J_zps6tmcotow.jpg

I’m a happily married mum with two crazy dogs and a thing for men with tattoos! In May 2012 I relocated from Yorkshire to my favourite place in the world, Scotland. The time since then has been a rollercoaster!

I love writing, singing and I’m very passionate about music. My tastes are quite eclectic.

My debut novel Bridge Over the Atlantic was shortlisted in the 2014 RoNA awards and I have written many more since!

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~ Living Without (Hawks MC #4: Caroline Springs Charter) by Lila Rose Release Blitz ~

“It got my heart racing, breaking and beating so hard I thought I’d die. I honestly… I can’t even put into words how much I enjoyed reading their story. I knew it was going to be good, but this story was epic.”

Title: Living Without

Author: Lila Rose
SeriesHawks MC #4: Caroline Springs Charter
Genre: MC Romance 
For the past four years, Nary May’s heart belonged to Saxon “Vicious” Black. Despite the painful reality of unrequited love, her feelings never strayed, no matter what he did. But there comes a time when surviving means letting go. 
What she never expected was to find herself fighting for her life and trying to survive a new form of torment threatening to swallow her whole. 
Saxon was broken. Never feeling worthy, the last thing he ever wanted to do was taint the woman he loved. But it was easier to push and walk away than leave himself open for more heartache. However, when faced with the possibility of losing Nary to the monsters that invade her dreams, the time to run was over.
To save her means risking it all, but to continue living without his heart was no longer an option.
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