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~ REVIEW: Professor Trouble by Soraya May ~



Emily thinks her new class with a visiting professor is going to be pretty dull: Latin Literature taught by some old British fuddy-duddy. Except Will Spencer isn’t what she expected: he isn’t old, and he isn’t a fuddy-duddy…

Stay out of trouble, they said.   But Emily Masterson, sitting in the front row of my class, was the kind of trouble I didn’t see coming.
I bet I’m the only college professor in all of Britain who’s punched his boss for being an asshole.
But he got up again, and hit back pretty good—he knocked my ass three thousand miles across the Atlantic. Now I’m in exile for a semester, teaching bored college students in New Hampshire.
It’s only a semester, they said. It’ll blow over, and you can come back to your real job.

All I need to do is stay out of trouble.

Especially the kind of trouble that comes in a cute little package, with red lips, and round hips, and little polka-dot skirts.
Especially when that trouble is in my class looking at me as if I’m the most important thing in her world.
Especially when she’s my new student, and all the things I want to do to her are completely forbidden.  

Stay out of trouble. Right.

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daniell review 4 stars

If you enjoy student/teacher stories, this is one you will definitely want to read!

Professor William Spencer got himself into hot water at the university he taught at in England so he has been sent to an American college for a semester. All he has to focus on is keeping himself out of trouble for a few months and then he can return and continue on with his career. But on the first day of class, student Emily Masterson literally falls into his arms and he realizes staying out of trouble just might be harder than he thought, especially when the sparks between the two are off the charts!!  

Will Professor Spencer be able to resist the temptation of becoming involved with a student or will he give in to his taboo desires?

This is a great debut novel by Soraya May! The story kept my interest from beginning to end and both main characters were very likable. I love any kind of taboo story and this one doesn’t disappoint. I certainly would have enjoyed a hot Professor Will in my college days!! I will definitely be checking out future works by Soraya May!

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