The City’s HOTTEST Cold War is here!
a Love Unexpectedly novel
Lauren Layne
Releasing April 18th, 2017


Sparks fly between a misunderstood New York socialite and a cynical divorce lawyer in
this lively standalone rom-com from the USA Today bestselling
author of Blurred Lines and Love Story.
Pampered heiress Georgianna Watkins has a party-girl image to maintain, but all the
shopping and clubbing is starting to feel a little bit hollow—and a whole lot
lonely. Though Georgie would never admit it, the highlights of her week are the
mornings when she comes home at the same time as her uptight, workaholic
neighbor is leaving to hit the gym and put in a long day at the office. Teasing
him is the most fun Georgie’s had in years—and the fuel for all her naughtiest
Celebrity divorce attorney Andrew Mulroney doesn’t have much time for women, especially spoiled tabloid princesses who spend more time on Page Six than at an actual
job. Although Georgie’s drop-dead gorgeous, she’s also everything Andrew
resents: the type of girl who inherited her penthouse instead of earning it.
But after Andrew caps one of their predawn sparring sessions with a surprise
kiss—a kiss that’s caught on camera—all of Manhattan is gossiping about whether
they’re a real couple. And nobody’s more surprised than Andrew to find that the
answer just might be yes.

~5 + Stars~

Walk of Shame is an absolutely perfect romantic comedy! It has a storyline and characters that will truly warm your heart! Georgie Watkins and Andrew Mulroney are complete opposites from one another. Their first meeting is a testament to that. You would think that they would avoid each other like the plague, but Georgie finds herself getting up at the crack of dawn to see Andrew each morning in the lobby of their apartment building. Andrew finds himself looking forward these encounters. With each one, I could tell there was something magic there, hidden under the sarcasm and cutting remarks. What begins as harmless encounters develops into a romance that I won’t soon forget.

I can always count on Lauren Layne to come up with characters full of personality and quirkiness. Georgie is no exception. She comes across as a socialite who makes a living doing nothing except spending her family’s fortune. WOW, was I in for a shocker. She’s full of life and brings color and joy to those around her…yes, even the straight-laced Andrew. I love how she gets to know each person she comes into contact with, whether it’s the doorman of her apartment building or Andrew’s assistant. What’s not to love about Georgie?

Andrew is completely opposite of Georgie. He’s super intelligent, not that Georgie isn’t. He’s just crazy smart…graduating from college and law school early and becoming the youngest partner in his law firm. He’s a successful divorce attorney with high-powered clients, yet he doesn’t really have much in the social skills department, especially with women. When Georgie comes roaring into his life, all that will change. She brings out some of his best qualities, ones he didn’t even know he had.

The relationship between the two is a slow burn, but oh is it a good one! Sometimes the anticipation is as good as the deed itself, in this romance, it definitely is. Their chemistry is undeniable, and their sarcastic banter just adds to it.

Walk of Shame is one of those books I can see on the big screen as a blockbuster romantic comedy. It reminds me of You’ve Got Mail which is one of my all-time favorite movies. I can always count on Lauren Layne to give me a book that takes me away from reality for just a little bit. If you want a book that is the perfect mixture of sexy and sweet, sprinkled with humor and characters that will find a special place in your heart, you have to give Lauren Layne a try. Once you read one of her books, you’ll be hooked for life.


walk of shame

Lauren Layne is the New York Times bestselling author of over a dozen romantic comedies.

A former e-commerce and web marketing manager from Seattle, Lauren relocated to New York City in 2011 to pursue a full-time writing career.

She lives in midtown Manhattan with her high-school sweetheart, where she writes smart romantic comedies with just enough sexy-times to make your mother blush. In LL’s ideal world, every stiletto-wearing, Kate Spade wielding woman would carry a Kindle stocked with Lauren Layne books.